AMC Update Thursday 2/27/03

All My Children Update Thursday 2/27/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Maddie and Isabella rush home and ask an unshaven Edmund why he didn't call them about Maria being home.  Edmund gets Maddie to go into another room.  He tells Isabella that he's given up on Maureen.  He loves her enough to set her free; she wants to be with Aidan now.  Isabella is very upset and doesn't accept it.  Maddie comes in, also upset, so Edmund sits her down and tries to explain that Maureen doesn't remember bring Maria so they have to try to forget about her and just have Maureen as their friend.

Aidan pampers Maria with breakfast in bed; they are both half-dressed.  Maria wishes they didn't have to go back to the real world.  He says they don't, but she reminds him that she has kids, and a job at the hospital.  He wants to spend 24 hours with just the two of them.  But Isabella interrupts.  Aidan makes himself scarce so they can talk.  Isabella yells at Maria, giving her a big guilt trip about abandoning her children.  Next we see that Maria is at Edmund's door.

Greenlee and the other women read about their party in the newspaper and are thrilled.  Mia is the only one bummed because Jake didn't come home last night and he's not returning her calls.

Tad goes into Jake's office even though his secretary says he's not coming in today.  Tad has a key but when he lets himself in, he finds Allison sitting there.  He makes innuendos but she doesn't jump to the bait.  She's looking for Jake, too.  Tad finds two notes on the desk addressed to him and to Mia.

Greenlee gets another email from her mystery man.  She wants to delete it but Kendall won't let her.  She gives her a pep talk.  Kendall reads it, and another one later.  She phones Chris and pretends she's scared.  When he gets there, he can't see anything threatening about the emails, so he realizes that she just wants him to use him to find out who it is.  She admits it and so he says he will see what he can find out.

Lena and Bianca start to fill Erica in on the Fusion party but are interrupted by Michael's arrival.  Michael wants to discuss the joint venture that they had talked about on his jet.  She invites him to lunch at the Pine Valley Inn, and he can't really refuse without making it seem like he doesn't want to be seen in public with her.  They go out and sit in chairs very close together (not across a table).  She reads his proposal but is suspicious about why it favors Enchantment so much.  He says that he hopes that by doing business with Enchantment, there will be more opportunities down the road.  She wonders why he's in town so much.  He confesses that it's because of Kendall.  He says he's kept it a secret because Kendall's told him that there are hostilities between the two of them.  Kendall comes in and sees the two of them together.  She spies on them but Erica sees her.  Erica moves closer and takes his hand in hers to make Kendall think there is something more than business between them.  Erica assures Michael that all of the hostilities are from Kendall and she is pleased to see her daughter happy.  Then Kendall comes up and yells at Erica for doing her usual job of destroying her life. Michael tries to get Kendall to calm down and sit with him, but she refuses.  She insults Erica and him, asking how he could be taken in by her act.  Erica excuses herself, pretending to be embarrassed.  He asks Kendall to go somewhere to talk, but she's so angry she can barely see straight.  She accuses him of coming there to go after her mother because Kendall wouldn't go to bed with him.  That makes him angry and he tells her that if that's what she thinks, they have nothing more to say.  She tells him to get into his jet and fly away back to where he came from.  Running out, she runs into Aidan.

Bianca wonders how Lena found out that Michael invited Kendall to his villa in Tuscany.  Boyd chats with them about the party, lamenting that he went home alone.  Lena makes a date with Bianca and then after Bianca leaves, tells Boyd that she'd like to go out with him.  Later, Bianca asks Boyd if he thinks Lena is gay, and he tells her know and says Lena hit on him.  Bianca thinks that's strange. They make a joking bet that whoever finds out first will get a complimentary day at the Pine Valley Inn Day Spa.

Simone goes to Jake's office and finds Tad sitting on the edge of the desk, reading the letter.  She starts tearing into him about Jake and after she finally lets him get a word in edge-wise, he tells her that Jake's left town for good.  Mia is even more incensed at Jake.  Tad points out that obviously neither Mia nor Jake was ready to get married.  Simone doesn't know what to tell Mia.  Tad thinks she should just let the letter speak for itself.  Mia comes in and wonders where Jake is.  Tad leaves Simone to tell Mia the news.

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