AMC Update Wednesday 2/26/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 2/26/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

As Anna is wheeled into the operating room for a C-section, David gets permission to get sterile so he can join them. First he fills Maria and Aidan in. Maria supports Aidan while he hopes that Anna comes out okay. They talk about Fiona and Morgan. Maria forces him to deal with his grief. Maria says she doesn't even remember giving birth to her own daughter, which saddens her. She misses her children but doesn't know how she can be around them without hurting them. He says she has a beautiful family, husband and castle. She says they're not hers. He wonders what would happen if she got her memory back, so she knows he's really asking if she would dump him and go running back to Edmund. She doesn't know. She only knows what she feels for him now. They kiss.

David tells the anesthesiologist that they can't give Anna general anesthesia because she had such a bad reaction last time. He assures David that it's just a light dosage. David talks to Anna when she suddenly flatlines; then she comes to. The baby was cutting off her blood supply so Dr. Clader tells her that they have to get the baby out now. They operate and both Anna and the baby come out fine. Both Anna and David are awe-struck about the baby. They ooh and aah and giggle over her while a pediatrician checks her out. Anna says they have to call Robin and tell her that she has a sister. She wonders where Aidan is. The doctor says she has to take the baby to neonatal ICU now. David goes to call Robin and find Aidan, whom he runs into. He fills Aidan and Maria in on how Anna and the baby are. Aidan wants to see her but David asks him to come back tomorrow so they can rest. Aidan thanks David for what he did. Maria is amazed that Aidan had a civil conversation with David. They leave.

David goes back to Anna and tells her how happy Robin is and tells her about seeing Aidan. Anna really wants them to get along now. He agrees. The nurse asks them what name they picked. Anna tells him that she thought of a name: Leora, after Leo. He is touched and thinks it's a great name.

Aidan and Maria go back to her room at the Pine Cone Motel. They reminisce about their first meeting. Aidan tells her that he loves her and has since they first met. They make love and are happy to be in the Pine Cone.

At Fusion, Simone, Mia and Kendall try to figure out who Greenlee's secret admirer is. They can't believe that Andrew Miller lied to her about being the guy who sent her the emails. Mia confesses that she probably gave him the idea by mentioning them. They start talking about how the makeup biz is basically about selling yourself, the way Erica does. They think Greenlee should kiss up to Andrew, but not sleep with him, to get them shelf space in New York. They chat about various ways they've handled men who've cheated them or done them wrong. The make a vow to stick together. Greenlee has a plan.

Next we see that Andrew shows up. Greenlee reads one of the emails to him. She tells him that she hasn't been able to think about anything else but the shelf space since he mentioned it. They have a toast and Andrew keeps coming on to her in a sleazy way. She gets him to spell it out: If she doesn't sleep with him, she won't get her shelf space. The other girls come walking out and tell him that he's busted. They taped what he said. Greenlee tells him that they want him out of business for this and all of the other sexual harassment he's done (yeah, right, that's realistic). He threatens them and says this is not the way business is done. Simone wonders if he was right about them killing their company. They push doubts aside and proclaim that they will only sleep with men that they want to sleep with. Kendall notices that Simone seemed to dis Mia's taste in men as if she doesn't like Jake. Simone covers by just saying she's jealous of Mia's happiness. Kendall tells Greenlee that she made her proud for what she did tonight. They talk about her secret admirer. Greenlee doesn't think she will ever love anyone the way she did Leo. Kendall says she didn't think she could ever love anyone like she did Ryan, but then she met Aidan, Boyd, and Michael. Greenlee wonders which one she's in love with, so Kendall replies that she thinks it's Michael.

Reggie can't figure out why Trey would want to bail him out. Jackson walks in the jail and starts giving Trey a hard time (because he didn't go to jail for his own crimes). Jack wants to have Reggie moved to another home, but Reggie tells Jack that he wants to stay with Trey. Trey and Reggie leave. They go home and Trey suggests he go to bed and get some sleep. Reggie can't believe that Trey still wants him there. Trey says he knows that Reggie wasn't the one behind it. Reggie is suspicious wondering if the only reason Trey bailed him out was to find out who the other person is. Trey says he's just trying to help him. When he says that Reggie should just tell the truth, Reggie throws Trey's lies back in his face (about burning down Erica's house). Trey gets a phone call from David to tell him about the baby. Reggie still wants to know the truth about the fire. Finally Trey tells him that he did it and he has to live with it the rest of his life.

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