AMC Update Tuesday 2/25/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/25/03

By Suzanne
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Kendall is surprised when she is dancing with Boyd outside of the Fusion party and turns around to see Michael there.  Kendall introduces them again and says she and Boyd worked together at Enchantment.  Michael asks politely if Kendall is trying to steal Boyd from Enchantment, but he says he's happy where he is.  Michael learns he's a chemist from Kendall.  Boyd says bluntly that he's a friend of Kendall's and he doesn't want to see her get hurt by Michael.  Michael says he has no intention of hurting Kendall, so Boyd asks what his intentions are.  Before he can answer, Kendall ushers Boyd away.  Michael says he glad he was able to reschedule some appointments and make it to the party after all.  She wonders if he cares that there might be some competition. He says he cares more than he can say.  They exchange banter about their relationship.  Michael swears he will battle Boyd for her if he has to.  They banter some more.  He thinks Boyd has staked his claim on her.  She wonders why he would care.  She asks him not to be too good to be true, echoing Boyd's words.  He wonders why she doubts him.  She says he's not an ordinary guy.  He wants to whisk her off someplace.

At the hospital, Anna worries about her baby.  Dr. Clader tells David, Aidan and Maria that they were able to stop her contractions.  But he says that Anna has to remain free of stress.  Anna calls David in; worried that the baby's heart monitor went flat for a second, but he tells her that is normal.  He urges her to relax and has her take deep breaths. 

Outside, Maria talks to David.  She says she's never seen him looking so helpless.  She expresses sympathy but he wonders if she means it, thinking she might want to see him suffer.  She says incredulously that this isn't about him; it's about the tiny little baby fighting for its life.

David asks Aidan to chat with Anna and keep her mind off the baby, so he does.  He talks about Maria and says that they all have limits (meaning Anna has reached hers).  She says she can't let her guard down about the baby.  He suggests that she pray or meditate, something like that.  She says she'll try.  He says she can't control anything.  Then she starts having severe pains and gasps that he should get David in there, quick.  Dr. Clader tells David and Anna that she's in labor.  Anna worries that it's too soon but David says they will have to do an emergency C-section.  Dr. Clader says, "Your amniotic fluid isn't at a sufficient level to sustain your baby, and I'm concerned about fetal distress."  David tries to comfort Anna with his words but she's very scared as they wheel her into surgery.

Petey thinks the glamorous girls at the Fusion party (the hookers) are actresses; Opal is afraid of him finding out more.  Later, one of them says she's heard that he's doing a movie.  He says, "Yeah, Surfer Chicks Undercover".  Naturally they think it's their kind of movie.

Lysistrata continues to hand her card out to people at the party, especially the hookers.

Maggie and Henry enjoy the party, dancing around.  Later, they go outside and dance, even though there is no music, and end up kissing.

Lena and Bianca seem to enjoy the party, flirting?  They leave after the party to go to the Valley Inn for more drinking.

At the party, Greenlee can't believe that Andrew is the one who's been sending her cyber-messages.  She questions him suspiciously and he avoids answering.  He keeps trying to get her to come back to his hotel room instead.  She fends him off by asking him to go get her a drink.

Simone is stunned at seeing Jake and Alison half-naked in the closet.  After a shocked moment, she shuts the door and starts to walk away, but Mia is there and she asks if Simone is hiding her fiancÚ.  Simone doesn't know what to say.  Mia thought she heard Jake's voice.  After a bit, Simone recovers enough of herself to lie that there's a big dead rat in the closet so Mia doesn't want to go in there.  They walk away but Mia gets the idea from how Simone is acting that it was really a human rat that she was seeing.  She mistakenly thinks that Simone saw Carlos with another woman.  Simone is nervous but doesn't say anything.  Kenny comes up so Simone snaps at him, hurting his feelings.  She is on edge from what she saw.  When Mia says that Kenny reminds her of Jake and that she feels bad for Jake, Simone snaps at her to not do that.  Mia feels guilty for neglecting Jake but Simone tells her to stop and that she doesn't know the real Jake.  Mia doesn't really get what she's saying.  Simone says she needs air so she goes outside.  Tad tells Mia they should go look for Jake.  Later, Tad finds Simone and questions her about Jake's whereabouts.  She gets suspicious and realizes that Tad knows about Jake and Alison and that it's happened before.  Tad tries to make excuses for Jake and they argue.  He asks her not to tell Mia.  She says Mia is her friend and she doesn't have many.  Tad says that if they break up then Mia may hate her. 

Mia keeps trying to phone Jake.  Kendall wants to leave with Michael; Mia reminds her that Greenlee wants to have a meeting after the party.  They wonder where she is.  Boyd thanks Kendall for inviting him.  Kendall asks Michael where they're going, so he tells her they are going to his villa in Tuscany.  She says she can't go because of her meeting with Greenlee.  She is just using the meeting as an excuse because she is scared about going away so far with him. Michael doesn't buy her excuse but doesn't push and says goodnight. Mia keeps trying to find Jake.

Carlos finds Greenlee locked in a closet and unlocks the door.  Grateful, she jumps out and hugs him frantically.  She rushes back to the party and runs into Andrew again, who still insists that they should spend the night together.  She makes breakfast date instead.  Greenlee gets an email on her pager that says, "You are the song in my heart, and I'm sorry we didn't get to dance tonight." so she knows it wasn't really Andrew.

Trey is unconscious on the floor of his apartment; Janelle tries to wake him up.  Reggie worries that he really hurt him.  Later we see that Trey is awake and has a bandage on his head.  The cops and paramedics are there.  Trey doesn't want to go to the hospital; he just wants something for the pain.  Reggie confesses that he did the whole burglary, everything.  No one believes him, but he won't change his story (even with Janelle yelling at him to give the other person up), so the cops arrest him.  Later, Trey posts his bail.

At the party, Jamie tells Laurie that Joni was looking for J.R. to tell him something.  J.R. can't understand why Laurie would kiss Jamie.  Joni doesn't know but she tries to insinuate that Laurie is treating J.R. badly.  Adam asks J.R. where he's going, so J.R. says he's going home to study.  Adam says he overheard and that Joni was just looking for him.  J.R. yells at him angrily to stop spying on him and runs off.  Laurie confronts Joni about what she did and calls her a liar and a hypocrite.  She gives Joni a hard time for not being honest with Jamie with who she is and what she's been doing, as well as her feelings for him.  She finishes by saying that Joni is as "hot-to-trot" as the hookers.  LOL!  Tad goes by and asks Jamie if he's seen Jake and notices the two girls fighting.  He says to Jamie sympathetically, "Wow, I certainly hope that isn't over you".  Later, Joni sees some champagne glasses sitting there and is about to drink one but stops herself.  Jamie tells her that was a smart move.  Embarrassed, she says everyone should mind their own business. He retorts, "I bet Laurie was thinking that same thing."

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