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All My Children Update Monday 2/24/03

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Greenlee, Kendall and Mia are preparing for their big Fusion party. Dressed in slinky white mini-dresses, they are checking their makeup before they make their grand entrance. Mia comments that Jake is not happy about her having to spend the evening with Andrew, the Manhattan department store buyer. Greenlee tells her that they have got one shot with Andrew, and she's it. The world is waiting, the women say. They want to give an entrance no one will forget. As they saunter into Fusion's main room, no party guests have yet arrived. They are stunned. Boyd and Bianca arrive, and Bianca asks "what happened to the party of the decade?" Kendall asks Bianca what she has done. When Bianca says she's done nothing, Kendall says this is the result of her mother's dirty work. Bianca says her mother has better things to do than pull the plug on this party. Liza arrives with Adam. Kendall is panicky about the no-shows, but Adam says maybe everyone is being fashionably late. Liza tries to calm them down. Soon, people arrive and the party is hopping. Waiters and waitresses are walking around with champagne and hors d'oeuvres and people are dancing. The women of Fusion are eating it up.

Jake arrives with Tad and Mia happily greets him. Greenlee, who wants her to meet Andrew, immediately pulls her away. Jake is not happy. Alison arrives.

The backside of a woman is shown wearing a sexy black dress. She puts a Fusion invitation into her evening bag.

Kendall apologizes to Boyd for accusing Bianca, but Boyd tells her to apologize to Bianca. Later, Kendall finds Bianca and apologizes, saying her comments were due to jitters. Bianca asks her what her excuse is every other time. Lena arrives, and Kendall notes that yet another Enchantment spy has crashed the party. She encourages them to have a good time and walks away. Bianca is curious about the arrival of Lena, until she correctly guesses that her mother sent her. What kind of a game are they playing, Bianca asks? Lena says she doesn't know, but she likes being a player. Maggie and Henry walk in. Henry asks Maggie if she wants to talk to Bianca, but Maggie suggests they get food instead. She walks right by Bianca, who doesn't see her.

Reggie calls Trey from the party. Trey is still at home waiting for Janelle, who had an emergency call. Trey hangs up and Janelle arrives. She is excited about going to the party. Outside their door, Luis is waiting with keys to the apartment.

Simone arrives at the party with Kenny. She says this is grovel time. She walks up to Greenlee and tells her she looks fantastic. Greenlee tells her not to suck up to her. They have work to do. The women walk to the stage, where Greenlee welcomes everyone and thanks them for coming. One more thing, she says. "Let's party!"

Jake appears angry to see Mia ignoring him. Mia goes over to him but again is pulled away by Greenlee, who wants her to be with Andrew tonight. Meanwhile, Alison is right there giving her attention to Jake. Alison wants to dance with Jake, but Tad intervenes and drags her to the dance floor. He practically wears her out in his efforts to keep her away from Jake.

JR arrives at the party and sees Laurie, who tells him she has missed him. JR asks if they can go back to the way it used to be. He asks her to dance. Joni watches as the two go to the dance floor.

Carlos sees Reggie acting suspiciously and asks him what the problem is. Reggie asks him what his problem is. After some angry words, Reggie leaves and goes to Trey's apartment. He finds Luis inside. Luis makes Reggie help him steal Trey's belongings. Trey and Janelle, who had gone to the party, return because Trey forgot his wallet. They hear noises inside. Trey calls out, asking if it's Reggie. Reggie is silent. Luis tells Reggie that if they see him there, they are dead. Luis hides with his gun drawn. Trey walks in and Reggie hits him in the back of the head. Janelle calls out to Trey from outside the door.

Boyd tells Kendall he thought she would be celebrating with her new boyfriend. Kendall replies that Michael could not make it. "You got stood up," he says. Kendall explains that Michael has a lot on his plate. Boyd tells her that she must be the desert.

Simone is dismayed to see Carlos working at the party. He's her guest tonight, so she asks Greenlee why he's working. Greenlee says it's because he offered. Kenny brings Simone two drinks. She thanks him and promptly makes a bee-line toward Carlos and hands him a drink.

Andrew is complimenting Mia, telling her that their company is sure to be a hit if it's as hot as the women of Fusion are. Jake interrupts, and Andrew notices that this is the man on the poster with Mia. Andrew tells him that Jake makes the heat look so real in the poster. "It is," Jake responds. Mia interrupts, telling Andrew that Jake is a natural. That's why he was selected to be on the poster. She pulls Jake aside. Jake demands to know what that was about. He's her fiancÚ, he reminds her. "Not tonight," she says, explaining that Greenlee wants Andrew to think she's unattached. Since when does Greenlee dictate their relationship, Jake protests? Mia says she can't talk about this now.

Boyd pulls Kendall outside. He wants to apologize for his comments about Michael. He praises Kendall, telling her that Fusion exists because of her. She deserves a lot better than this guy. "Like you?" Kendall replies. Boyd asks her what she sees in him. She says Michael is too good to be true. Boyd says when something is too good to be true, usually is.

The elevator opens and Michael has arrived. Following him are three prostitutes from Simone's jail cell. Greenlee approaches them and tells them that this is a private function. The prostitutes say they were invited. Greenlee wants to know who would invite them. They say Simone invited them. Greenlee tries to get them to leave by giving them each goodie bags, but the women barge in. "Let's show them how to party!" they say. Greenlee can't wait to get her hands on Simone. Finding Simone, Greenlee tells her that "those creatures" have arrived at the party. The women see Simone, exclaim "girlfriend," and rush to her.

The woman in the sexy black dress is shown. It is Opal, transformed into a sophisticated and glamourous woman. Opal is talking to Petey when Palmer arrives. With Opal's back to him, Palmer tells Petey he is not to talk to strangers, especially beautiful ones. Opal turns around and Palmer is stunned to see his former wife with her new look. Palmer asks her why she's parading around like this, all tarted up thinking she fits in with this younger crowd. A young man approaches them and tells Opal she is hot. He asks her to dance.

Lysistrada corners Adam, and he asks her if she is trying to find new customers at the party. She sees Tad dancing with Alison and says he is the kind of person she'd like to meet. Later, Lysistrada snags Tad and dances with him. Tad obviously is not amused with this, and ditches her.

Boyd gives Kendall his jacket because she is getting cold. He asks her for a dance, and they seem cozy as they dance a slow one. Meanwhile, Michael asks Bianca if she has seen Kendall. Bianca says she has not. Later, Michael finds Kendall outside dancing with Boyd.

Knowing that Jamie kissed Laurie, Joni asks Jamie if he has noticed seeing JR and Laurie back together. Jamie doesn't want to talk about this with Joni. He asks her why she's even at the party. Aren't people here violating five of the ten commandments? He asks her why she's even talking to him. Isn't she afraid he'll get drunk and make a scene? He walks away. Later, Joni approaches JR and asks if he's back together with Laurie. He tells her he hopes so. Joni says she thinks it's great that he doesn't care that his brother kissed Laurie.

Jake is disgusted, and tells Tad that Mia is more successful in business as a solo. He prepares to leave. Alison stops him, but he tells her the party is over. "It's just getting started," she says.

Andrew asks Mia about Greenlee. Mia says until recently Greenlee had been all work. Andrew asks her what's happened recently. Mia says that Greenlee's been getting these mystery emails. Mia realizes that Andrew is the man sending Greenlee the emails. Mia tells Greenlee that she is the one Andrew wants, not her. Greenlee looks at Andrew with a look of disappointment. He is not what she expected, she says. Greenlee tries to avoid him, but Lysistrada tells her she needs to talk to him and not "play dead." Greenlee reluctantly approaches Andrew.

Mia asks Tad where Jake is, telling him that she's free now. Simone, meanwhile, is looking for Carlos. Opening a closet door, she is stunned to see Alison and Jake, half naked and making out.

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