AMC Update Friday 2/21/03

All My Children Update Friday 2/21/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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The women of Fusion are preparing for their party but Simone is missing. Greenlee is upset that Simone is not there, because she is to bring their dresses for the party. Simone, dressed in a flashy white dress with a feather boa, is being thrown into a jail cell with a group of prostitutes. The officer putting her in jail claims she solicited him. Simone says she was merely asking him to attend the party. As Simone claims she is innocent, the prostitutes laugh at her and taunt her. Simone tells them to shut up. The bigger woman approaches Simone and speaks to her in a man's voice, saying "make me." Simone tells the officer that the dress she's wearing is a designer original and she is to wear it at the Fusion party, where she works. She asks the officer to make a phone call, and she calls Kenny to tell him she needs him. After she is returned to the cell, she asks the officer to call her friends and tell them where her car is and that the dresses are in her car. Kenny arrives, and Simone tells him the officer misunderstood her intentions. Kenny manages to pull some strings and get Simone arrested and the charges will be dropped, but she must be released to his custody. He has to bring her to court tomorrow morning. He tells the prostitutes that he has gotten them released from jail as well. Meanwhile, Greenlee is upset that Simone hasn't arrived with the dresses. Kenny calls Greenlee, who is appalled that Simone is in jail for prostitution. She says she wouldn't pour bottled water over Simone if she was on fire. While Kenny is on the phone, Simone is giving the prostitutes a makeup lesson. When Kenny returns, Simone is released. The prostitutes say among themselves that they plan to go to the Fusion party that night.

Back at Fusion, Joni sees Laurie talking to Carlos and asks her if she knows how old he is. Laurie tells her that she's not after Carlos and is not after Jamie. Laurie says if Jamie is looking for someone else she better ask herself why. Joni says she can't believe she once considered Laurie her best friend. The boy that harassed Reggie arrives at Fusion and demands Reggie get him the keys to Trey's car. The boy shows Reggie a knife in his pocket and threatens the "hot doctor at the clinic." Reggie tells him to leave Janelle alone and hands over the keys. Carlos sees the boy leave and later asks Reggie if he's all right. Reggie warns him to stay out of it.

Chris asks Erica and Jack what he has walked in on. He tells Erica she looks like he just caught her shoplifting. Erica says Jack is there to discuss Bianca's trust fund. "Why don't you tell him the truth," Jack tells Erica. Chris demands to be told what's going on. Erica tells Jack to enlighten them. Chris says he knows a cover-up when he sees it. He tells Erica he realizes she and Jack share something special and he can't compete with it, so he won't even try. He says Jack is the only man he trusts Erica with, and that's because he trusts Jack. He tells Erica he's fed up and walks out. "How dare you," Erica tells Jack. She tells Jack that he was baiting her in front of Chris. She's not going to let one little mistake ruin her future with Chris. Jack says their lovemaking was not insignificant. He says it can be better now than it ever was and he wants to prove it to her. Erica says she won't go along. "So you don't love me," Jack says. "I hate you," Erica replies. Jack tells her to be honest with herself. Erica then admits that yes, she loves him, but not in the way he wants. Jack says if they just had pitty sex she should tell Chris. She says she will not. Jack says she won't because Chris will see through her and know she still has feelings for him.

David is by Anna's side in her hospital room. He tells her she's going to need a lot of sleep. He plans to get something to eat and will be back to check on her. Anna asks if he's gotten any word from Aidan. David says no, but as soon as he walks out of the room he sees Aidan and Maria walk toward Anna's room. Aidan asks him if he should thank him or put his head through the wall. Maria (Maureen) tries to calm Aidan down, saying they should just be glad they're back and are safe. Aidan goes into see Anna, and the two give each other a big hug. Anna asks him how Maureen is and Aidan tells her he's crazy about her. Anna tells Aidan she wants him and David to get along. She loves David, and she wants people to put what he's done in the past. Outside the room, David tells Maria that Anna cannot know that Edmund gave her his serum. Maria says she's trying to put that behind her, but she wishes she knew what drove Edmund over the edge. David assures her that her illness was from the flu, not from the serum. Maria says she will keep his secret but he can't count on Aidan. David, realizing Aidan is with Anna in her room, bursts in. After realizing Aidan hadn't said anything about the serum, he apologizes. He takes Aidan out of the room, leaving Anna alone with Maria. David tells Aidan not to tell Anna about the serum, because that could upset her and cause problems with the baby. Anna asks Maria about her relationship with Aidan, and Maria says that she is happy it has gotten stronger. Anna asks her about Edmund, and Maria says her future with Edmund is over. Suddenly Anna has pains. Maria calls David inside, and Anna says she thinks she's going into labor.

Lysistrada is laying in her hammock counseling Adam and Liza. She asks for the outcome of their scarf experience. Adam says he's not going to discuss his sex life with her. Lysistrada reminds him that she's their couple's therapist. Liza tells her that it was the best sex they ever had. Adam says it was odd. It turned into a game with props. Adam talks about his date with Liza, saying it was a disaster. Telling Lysistrada about his days growing up, he says he never spent time going to bad movies. As he's talking, he realizes that the sex with Liza was good because he gave up control. Lysistrada says he has had a breakthrough. Adam agrees to take Liza to the Fusion party and will do whatever she wants. Lysistrada says a few more sessions like this and they won't need her anymore.

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