AMC Update Wednesday 2/19/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 2/19/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


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Kendall gets a visit from Michael who has come to her office. It seems that she never knows when this man is going to show up but she likes the attention anyway. She didnít think that he would have come back to see her so soon or maybe ever again but here he is. She is startled and has turned into a workaholic since he has left. She hasnít had much to do since he has been gone. He tells her that he sent her a rose everyday and that was a sign that he was thinking about her. That was a signal that he would be returning to her as soon as possible. He was engaged with a gorgeous German while he was awayÖShe immediately thinks that he is referring to a woman, but he isnít, he is referring to a subsidiary and not a woman. ***It had need of his attention but he had to come and see Kendall again. She realizes that he came to that continent only for her. He seems to be coming on too strong. She walks over to him and kisses him full on the lips.

Jake and Tad talk about the tryst that Jake had with Dr. Alison. Jake tells him that the affair is over with her. Jake hasnít been in contact with Dr. Alison since the night that they got together. Tad thinks that he should have learned from the affair with the woman. Dr. Alison is probably walking around with lacy underwear looking for Jake. The door opens and Alison enters asking Jake to have a word with her.

Edmund asks Isabella to stay with the kids for a couple of days. He has found Maria and she is in the Bahamas and he needs to go there and get Maria. Maddie enters asking her father if he is bringing mommy home.

Erica tells Chris that she would like to go away with him but she has been juggling too much. Chris canít believe that she could resist his offer to go away. The reporter is in the office where Erica works and he has news. The news is that she has a lover on the side. Chris listens to him as he talks. Donald even has the pictures to prove it. Erica is stunned by Donaldís announcement but she doesnít say much as she knows that she very well had a lover besides Chris. Chris is getting angry as he doesnít believe a word of it.

Erica tells Chris that he shouldnít look at any pictures that Donald has. She tries to get them away from Donald, thinking that they are of she and Jackson. She definitely doesn't want Chris to see that of all things the he could find out. Erica threatens to decimate Donald if he doesnít leave her alone. Donald knows that he is a cockroach and nothing can hurt him, so her threats are useless. Chris takes the pictures and looks at them. Erica tells him as he is opening the envelope with the pictures that she was having a very bad time when the pictures where taking. The pictures are not of Erica and Jackson, but of Erica and Michael on a jet. Erica sees that she almost let the cat out of the bag. Chris isnít affected by the pictures at all and makes Donald leave the office. Erica thanks Chris for throwing the man out. Chris demands to know what the hell Erica was thinking when she went off with Michael.

Kendall and Michael go off into another room in the offices and the other ladies show up for work. Liza shows up asking Mia how long she has been working in the office these days. Mia has been overworking herself and Liza finds that she hasnít been treating Jake very well then. Liza thinks that Mia should spend some time with Jake as Mia has been meaning to. Mia has to leave and deal with some things that she has forgotten.

Jake tells Tad that he should leave and they will meet later that night for dinner. Tad walks by Alison and leaves. Jake thinks that the woman is there because she would like to change her schedule but that is not her problem.

Trey shows up at the emergency wing of the hospital and finds Reggie talking to a very sexy looking Janelle who has a date. Trey has pizza for Reggie as he got a B on his test. Janelle is happy for him and hugs him. She goes to the phone and cancels her date saying that something important has come up. She returns to Trey and grabs a slice of pizza. She is overdressed for the pizza party but that is okay. Reggie leaves to get them some sodas. Janelle is impressed with Trey. He has done wonderful foster parenting. Reggie is opening up and that is a new beginning for him. He is starting a new life.

Reggie goes out to get sodas and is pulled to the side by a thug that holds a knife to the boyís neck. He knows that Reggie has keys to his white daddyís crib and he would like the keys handed over.

Edmund takes time out to talk to his daughter for a moment. He would like to get going to the Bahamas but he sees that he has to talk to her first. She has many questions that have to be answered before he goes. She would like her mother to return home and he has to explain more to her about that. Sometimes, Maria acts like Maria and talks like Maria, but Edmund has to tell her the truth. She tells Maddie that Maria is the pretty woman that looks like mommy and talks like her but the truth is that she is gone. Maddie shouts out that isnít true. Why else would her father to going out to find her.

Edmund explains that he is going to find Maureen to make sure that she is okay. Maddie doesnít understand how Maria can be happy without them. Edmund hasnít the answer to that. The only answer that he can provide is that the accident that Maria has had, has had an effect on her. She tries to remember but she canít. Maddie thinks that they should try harder to make Maria remember. Edmund knows now that it is wrong to force people to do things that they donít want to. He still loves Maria but he has to let her decide for herself what to do. She may decide to leave him and he will have to accept that. Edmund knows that Maureen is Maureen, and not mommy. They have to let her go. Maddie gets angry shouting no to her father. She runs off to be with her grandmother who will never give up on Maria.

Edmund answers the door to Jackson who has come by unannounced. There is something that he should know. Something has happened to Maria who is in the Bahamas. While she and Aidan were in the Bahamas, Maria was hit by a shot for Aidan and now she is doing fine. Aidan and Maria are on their way back to town and Edmund needs to know that.

Chris is telling Erica that she dresses too skimpy. He worries about her and the men that she works with and has to deal with. She was off with Michael, but how did Erica know what the man was working on? She thinks that he was in Pine Valley to get Enchantment. Erica thinks that she is in control of her life and she is an American Icon. That means that she isnít safe. She was pushing it again. She was doing her moth to a flame dance. She was pushing a man off balance with her charm and things spun out of control and she didnít plan things right. Getting together with Michael alone was a stupid, avoidable risk. She is sorry for what she has done. He loves her but she keeps making it hard for him. She makes it damn hard.

Simone tells Liz that she has been working on some marketing for them. Petey has questions about a girl that has more of a commercial look. Petey should be watched by Kendall but she has paid the boy to spend time with the other women in the office. Suddenly, Kendall and Michael appear from nowhere. Simone canít believe that she is seeing Michael with Kendall after earlier discussion that the women have been having about this guy. She asks Kendall what Michael is doing there. Liza too has to wonder what a corporate bigwig like Michael is doing there at tiny little Fusion.

Erica can Lena discuss Michael Cambias and his plans in the town. Lena would like to speak. She thinks that they should keep a close eye on Cambias Industries. Lena would like to go to a function that night in order to keep closer to Michael.

Michael explains to Liza and Simone what he is doing there. Michael knows that they are suspicious of him. He and his father are the most ruthless in the business world. Michael is in town for Kendall but Liza isnít buying that. Kendall reminds the ladies that they only have one product in one store and that isnít enough to get Michael to want to buy into their company. Michael would like to see Kendall happy as that would make him happy. Kendall offers to finish giving Michael the tour of the offices. Petey would like to get some money for being left alone in the office and Michael pays him handsomely. Kendall and Michael walk off.

Simone thinks that Michael wants only Kendall, at least that is what it looks like.

Reggie is being mugged. Reggie finds that the man is crazy to do this. Carlos comes into the alley and finds Reggie with the thug that is holding him. He asks if Reggie is okay. The thug says that they are fine. Carlos leaves and the thug warns Reggie to behave or he may get hurt. He lets Reggie go as Carlos isnít out of the area yet.

Jake tells Alison that she said that she understood that the one night thing was only that. It turns out that he has been avoiding her because he loves Mia and would like to forget about Alison. She can sense that he has been having trouble being around her. She has been good, keeping his secret for him. She hasnít told anyone of the mind-blowing sex that she had with Jake and she will keep quiet still. It doesnít mean that they canít partake again though. She moves over to the other side of his desk and she sits on the desk in front of him. He instinctively moves back in his chair to make room for her, or get away from herÖ She would like to lose control with him all over again and relive that night that meant so much to the both of them. She leans towards him and starts kissing him passionately.

Mia has arrived at the hospital and is in the hall outside of Jakeís office. She is digging around in her purse as she walks over to Jakeís office.

Tad sees Mia going into Jakeís office and he stops her knowing that Alison is in there. He isnít sure what is going on with Jake in the office, but he knows that it might not be good. Mia goes into the office and Tad follows. Alison is back on her side of the desk and Jake is sitting in his chair. Alison knows Mia from the time that she spent working in the hospital. Mia would like to invite her to a function that she and Jake are having.

Jackson explains about Maria to Edmund and he canít believe that Edmund is giving up hope on getting Maria back. He is doing that because he has to look at the face of someone that he lovesÖthe face of someoneÖshe has no feelings for you and she loves you with her soul but she wonít even try to find those feelings. Can Jackson imagine what that is like? Jackson can imagine that. He has experienced that himself.

Erica and Lena discuss her going to the function that night in order to get a handle on Michael. Erica finds that very noble. Lena thinks that Erica would like to know more about MichaelÖmaybe something personal about him.

Kendall and Michael are back from their tour and they end up at her desk. They are holding hands now and it is like no one else matters. They have found each other and they are glad of it. Everyone is gone as they are going to get ready for the party that night. It is a very important party for their business. Her associates are worried that she will get hurt and that is the only reason that they treat Michael the way that they do. They will do anything to protect their business and her heart. He would like to see her over dinner at his favourite restaurant that night. He has a restaurant that he likes in town and that surprises her. He tells her that they could go to a function that is very important and high-profile, and get photographed that night. She isnít ready for that yet. Dinner with him sounds great in Puerto Viarta but she needs to be at an important party instead. She has blown off a lot lately and she would like to keep her word and show up for this shin-ding. She would like to show the town that she is done being Ericaís daughter and that she is going to be a self-made somebody. He understands.

Donald enters the office. What do we have here? Kendall tries to shoo the man out but he will not leave. He tells Kendall that she is dullsville and he is not there for her. Donald goes to Michael knowing that he likes to seduce and then kill in his line of business. Who is he there to chew up and spit out this time?

Trey is sorry that Janelle gave up her date to be with he and Reggie. Reggie isnít even there. She didnítí have a date and was only going to see her sisters. Trey would like to make things up to her by taking her to a party that night. Janelle didnítí hit it off with Kendall before but they donít have to see her that night. Janelle tells him that one thing has to be made clear. Is he asking her out on a date? He is. She accepts.

Reggie returns to Janelle and Trey and apologizes for being back late. He has no sodas as he didnítí have the money to buy them. He is very nervous. Trey tells him that they are going to kick back and relax so he isnít to worry.

Jake tells Mia that they canít go to the Fusion party as they are having dinner with his parents that night. Mia forgot about that dinner. Jake would like her to show up but she canít as she is promoting the company. They are the couple on the poster and they have to show up. The party is really important. Mia will call his mother and apologize for this. She finds that this isnít a big mistake. Jake agrees to go to the party. Tad and Alison is going to be there too. They will have a lot of fun. Alison comes up behind Mia and fondles her scarfÖshe wouldnít miss the party for the world.

Seems that Maria is with Aidan and Edmund isnít surprised by that. Edmund should just be happy that Maria is happy. Jackson has to agree that seems to be the best thing to do at this point. Could Jackson do this? Could he step away from a woman that he cared so deeply about? Jackson couldnít.

Lena knows that Michael seems to be developing a relationship with Kendall. Erica thinks that Kendall is trying to threaten her but Erica is not worried, but she has to see that Kendall is trying to make time with someone of Michaelís calibre and that worries her. Erica tells Lena to go out and buy herself an ensemble that she can charge to Enchantment. Erica will never forget her loyalty to her.

Donald is going to do a little digging on Michael Cambias and get news. Michael would like to throw Donald out. Kendall gives him permission to do just that. Michael puts his hands on the man and ushers him out of the room. On his way out, Donald asks Michael if he will be taking Erica out that night and if they enjoyed their little tryst on his plane the other night. Kendall has heard what Donald has said and she is smart enough to know that when the reporter says something that pointed, there is usually something solid behind it. Michael stops on his way out the door with Donald and doesn't look back at Kendall as he knows that she has heard what the man has said and he also knows that he is going to have some Ďsplainingí to do.

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