AMC Update Tuesday 2/18/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/18/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall, Mia and Simone are discussing the upcoming party and they know that it is going to be the affair of the town…it has to be as they have blown a lot of money on it. The women feel that they have been incredibly lucky with their venture and they are sure that nothing can go wrong as everything that they touch, turns to gold. They just have to be more careful of the things that they do in their business to make sure that they don’t screw up big time. If they do the right things, there is no way that they can lose.

A delivery man comes into the office with a delivery for Fusion…

Maggie has disturbing news for Bianca. She noticed that Henry hasn’t been around and that worries her. Bianca was over the night before and she could tell that the two of them were having some problems with their friendship. After Bianca left them alone, they did nothing but hit the books. Then Maggie relates that Henry kissed her. That is a surprise to Bianca. “He what?” She is terribly surprised as she never thought that anything much was going on with Henry and Maggie but apparently she was wrong. Maggie hates to admit it but the kiss was good. She really enjoyed it in spite of being upset with the way that he acts sometimes.

Laurie comes to see Adam, but he is glad to see her as that means to him that she is going to take him up on his offer to let him pay for her college. Laurie is still thinking over Adam’s offer but she will have to discuss it with JR first to make sure that she is doing the right thing. Adam feels that it is unnecessary for her to discuss her decision with JR as Adam is willing to pay for the girl’s schooling whether JR is dating her or not. Laurie has a strange feeling inside, like she is doing something sneaky behind JR’s back and she doesn’t like feeling like that.

JR enters the room and hears the last of what Laurie was saying to his father. He asks Laurie, “What is it that you are doing behind my back?”

Edmund visits with Anna and asks about her health and how she is doing. Anna reports that she is doing just fine and that she has a hard time staying in bed like this doing nothing. She has no choice as she has to follow the doctor’s orders. If it weren’t for the baby’s health, Anna would be out of that hospital in a shot. Edmund is there as his daughter, Maddie gave him a Valentine the night before. Anna knows what it is like to get a Valentine from your child as Robin used to do the same for her. Edmund took the Valentine from his daughter and that was when he knew that he couldn’t give up on Maria at this point.

Bianca is very curious as to why Maggie thinks that Henry didn’t come to class after kissing her. Was it because of the kiss? It seems that he was expecting her to feel more than she did and she didn’t say anything one way or the other so that might have made him feel funny and then he left. Maggie likes him but he is not boyfriend material. Bianca thinks that she should just get to know the guy as he may be the one. Maggie finds that Henry is all work and no play and that makes her weary of him. She would like to work with him as that would ensure that she would get a good mark in class and she needs that class to be a doctor. Bianca thinks that she should just call him. Maggie would like to call him but she can’t as she hasn’t got his number. She will have to go out and find him then. That is the only way.

Jamie comes into the restaurant where Laurie is working and he finds Jonie there. She thinks that he has been following her and tells him that they are over and that there is nothing more that he can do to win her over. Jonie seems irritated that Jamie knows Laurie’s schedule as he knows that she will not be there until later. She thinks that he should find somewhere else to study than there.

JR is angry to see that Laurie has come to see his father and is talking with him. Laurie would like to talk to JR alone and Adam leaves them thinking that she may be able to get through to him as he can’t.

JR is upset that his father was talking to Laurie. She tells him that there is nothing to be worried about as Adam was only going to help her get to Harvard so that they could be together. JR thinks that is ridiculous and he thinks that Adam must be up to something to have made that offer to Laurie.

Flowers arrive at Fusion and Simone and Mia try to figure out who brought them. Mia thinks that the flowers came from Jake, but Simone isn’t so sure. Simone feels that the flowers that came might have been for her from the lawyer that she agreed to date earlier. Kendall knows that lawyers are more famous for sending invoices and not flowers. Kendall is sure that the flowers are for her as Michael has been sending them to her endlessly since he had to leave town. There is a card with the flowers and the girls decide to read it and see who the flowers are from and who they are for. They read the card and find out that the flowers are for Greenlee of all people. That is weird. She hasn’t been seeing anyone. Who is the man that has sent her flowers? He must be a mystery man. Kendall is sure now that the night is going to be magical. So much has been happening for the girls and they can all see it happening for them.

Edmund explains to David that he has been trying very hard to make Maria see that they have a life together and should be together. David is shocked to hear this. The last that he heard from Edmund was that he was giving up on Maria as she seemed uninterested in him. It is clear to Anna that he has had a change of heart on the subject of Maria. He wants her back now and that is that. David doesn’t want Edmund talking to Anna about his problems as she has just had a very trying experience in surgery and none of this really concerns Anna. Edmund isn’t there to bother Anna, he was just accepting an offer that she made to him. The offer was to help him find Maria and he would like her to do that.

A man approaches Aidan. “Are you Aidan Devane?” Aidan is suspicious of someone asking him that question. “Who wants to know?” The man has a message from Kingman. The man has left something for Aidan and wants him to come for a meeting at the dig at Atlantis. He is to come alone. Maria doesn’t want him to go to that meeting alone. That might be dangerous and she doesn’t want to be split up from him. Apparently, Kingman thinks that it might not be safe for Maria to come to the meeting. Aidan tells Maria that she can come with him as far as the pool but then he will have to go on alone. She thinks that will make others a target as well for trouble. Aidan feels that she will be safe in a crowd, and the others will be too. Julian doesn’t want that kind of scene. Aidan convinces her that this has to be done his way. He will meet her later and they can discuss this afterwards. Maria isn't really worried about herself, she worries for Aidan and his safety.

Jonie doesn’t understand Jamie being a close friend to Laurie at this time. She thinks that he is confusing matters and may be thinking of Laurie as more than a friend. He finds that Laurie needs her friends and he has no problem being one to her. Jonie is sure that Jamie is moving in on Laurie now that JR is finished with her.

Laurie can’t believe that JR is more worried about his father winning a round than going to college. She finds that Adam is trying to make things right by helping them both get to the goal that they want in life. JR is only concerned that Adam is trying to run their lives. Laurie thinks that he is wrong. Adam in her eyes wants to help them get things going and make things better. She can’t deal with JR anymore and wants to go back to work now. This talk is now over for her. She will not have anything more to say to him now.

Adam appears. JR shouts to him. Adam asks where Laurie is but JR feels that he really doesn’t care about her. Adam promotes that he really is trying to help the situation with JR and Laurie but JR is doubtful. JR feels that he is being manipulated and he will not stand for it. He will claim his own life and not let anyone take that from him.

The ladies of Fusion are discussing the party that is to come and how it is to define the company that they are building. Kendall take the whole thing personally thinking that there are people out there that want to see her fall on her face. Kendall won’t let that happen. She is going to be the golden girl of Fusion that night and nothing will go wrong, she will not let it.

Donald the reporter shows up and asks Kendall how it feels to be the new face of cosmetics. Donald feels that Erica is passé and Kendall is the here and now. He wants to know what Kendall is feeling at this time about there coming success. He knows more than anyone else that there are those in town that think that she will amount to nothing. What does she have to say to those people? Kendall knows that everything is possible if you believe and it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you believe. Mia…too knows that she has come a long way too. She was just a lonely girl from Brooklyn when she first hit town.

Jake is feeling lucky as he has a girl that knows what she wants and knows how to get it. He is glad for Mia’s success.

Simone can see from looking at Jake and Mia that someone is going to get some that night. Kendall sees that Simone is talking horny again. Is that all that she thinks about? That isn’t all that she thinks about, but she knows that fate could smile on her and she could meet that man that is right for her and he would be tall and handsome and dark…

The singers start singing to the crowd at the party.

David knows that Aidan is out there and that if he doesn’t want to be found, he won’t be. That is sad for Edmund. Anna has a lot of contacts and thinks that she will be able to help with finding Maria and Aidan. David hates to hear her talk this way. She should be worrying about her baby and getting well after her surgery and not about Edmund’s lost love. Anna will not listen to him. If Edmund needs her help, then she will be there to help him. Edmund worries as Maria’s life is on the line as Aidan’s is and they could both be hurt. Edmund really needs her help. David feels that this is a waste of time as Maria doesn’t want to be found. He feels that Maria should be left alone now. Edmund has tried everything that he can to win her back and it is clear that he can’t. Edmund insists that the only reason that he wants to find Maria is because of her children and the fact that she might not be safe. David would like to talk to Edmund alone outside of Anna’s room. He didn’t risk Anna and the baby’s life to have her worrying about all this stuff now and getting her all stressed out. Anna would like to help but David is firm on this and wants Edmund to stop his probing for help. Edmund feels that everyone is deserving of a second chance and since David has had one with his family, he should allow Edmund to have his second chance.

Aidan shows up for his meeting but all he finds is Morgan. She has been waiting for him. She tells him that Kingman is with the fishes. Aidan tells her that she still has a chance to get out of this but she isn’t interested in anything that he has to offer her. Aidan would like her to know that Julian is using her. She doesn’t believe it. She feels that Julian has made her a part of his life…more than Aidan has done for her. Even though it wasn’t Morgan that Aidan was looking for, it was she that he has found.

Jamie finds Laurie and asks her what is wrong. She tells him how JR acted when he found out that Adam wanted to pay for them both to go to Harvard. Jamie can see right away that the offer that Adam made to Laurie and JR was a great opportunity. Laurie found JR to be very selfish and to be only thinking of himself as he thought that the offer was something that was meant to control him. Laurie knows now that Adam only does things to control him. He doesn’t feel that his father cares for him at all. It is all about Adam he thinks. Laurie feels that JR has been using her as he knew that Adam would never approve of her as his girlfriend and is using that as an excuse to fight with his father.

Adam tries to show JR that he is only trying to help he and Laurie get a better education in life. JR finds that he is a liar that has been trying to buy Laurie and him. Adam made that offer to Laurie as he thought about JR pushing him the other day at the theatre and that disturbed him and he decided to help his son. JR was sorry for that and has told his father that. Adam knows that his son is sorry and he was trying to make things easier for the boy. He didn’t grow up with a father and that has made him think of a way to make things better for his son in the process.

Henry is playing the guitar. Maggie who has found him finds the playing soothing. He is really good. He only plays the guitar to fight stress. She guesses that he is distressing because of what happened the night before. Yes, that is true, but there are a lot of other things in his life that he has to deal with too. She is interested in his guitar playing and he shows her how to do it.

Mia comes in announcing that she has saved their butts again. After all, they can’t go on making cosmetics in Kendall’s kitchen now can they? Anyway, Mia has talked to someone in Philly who heard about Fusion and the fact that they are selling off the shelves and there is interest. The guy is wiling to help them produce their product and will even extend them a line of credit. Kendall finds this cool as they will have product to push at the party that night. Simone finds that this is a sign that things are going to work out good for them after all.

Simone bumps into Carlos who can see that she has had good news. She wonders what he is doing that night. He isn’t doing anything much and she asks him to the party that night.

Edmund wouldn’t want to hurt Anna but she offered him help and he is going to take it. David finds that this is a waste of time as Maria wouldn’t come back to him anyway. What is he going to do? Bring her home kicking and screaming all the way? David finds him foolish for being this way. He has to face facts. Anna announces that she has called the WSB and she has some news. They know where Aiden and Maria are.

Julian is throwing Maria around and she doesn’t like it one bit. She shouts at Julian for treating her this way. He must like pushing women around or he wouldn’t do it. Maria knows that when Aidan finds Julian he is going to make the man pay for treating her this way. Julian isn’t concerned about that. Julian feels that he will find Aidan first but he is wrong. Aidan is already there. Aidan would like to bargain with Julian but he is not in the mood. He has Morgan and Julian has Maria and Aidan would like to make a trade. Morgan tells Julian to do the trade, but he isn’t interested. He tells Morgan that he doesn’t give a damn about her.

Adam wants JR to think about the offer that he has made to him and Laurie. He shouldn’t’ give up the education that he can get because of pride. Adam knows a lot about pride. He has a lot of it himself and wouldn’t like to see JR lose out on account of pride.

Laurie apologizes to Jamie for her outburst earlier. Jamie understands. JR should understand as he will be able to hang out with Laurie at Harvard and have a great life and that should be all that he should be worried about. Laurie wishes that JR could see things the way that Jamie does. Jamie really seems to understand her somehow.

Simone pushes Carlos a little further on the idea of going to the party as her guest and he accepts gladly. She promises him that he will not be sorry for coming with her to the party. He excuses himself to go back to work.

Petey comes up to Carlos telling him that he was made for close-ups and that he has a part in his play for him. Carlos plays along with the boy.

Mia asks about Carlos coming to the party and Simone confirms that he will be there. Simone is sure now that she will have the most fun of all at the party as Carlos is going to be there with her. Kendall hasn’t heard a word from Michael and that seems to be a bother to Kendall who is dying to hear from him. She is determined to have a good time with or without the guy. Mia and Simone think that they can do without Michael at the party. He has already proven himself to be a liar anyway. The girls decide to go and get some samples for the party.

Edmund wants to learn more about Aidan and Maria being found. Anna relates that Aiden and Maria have been using false ID and acting like a married couple on their trip. Anna thinks that this may be the right time to let Maria go as she has taken a room with Aidan on the trip and seems to be settling in with him.

Julian has Maria and Aidan in his control. Aidan begs that Maureen be let go as she really has nothing to do with this. Julian is the one that will decide what is going to happen and he orders Aidan to put his weapon down. Aidan puts his weapon down in order to cooperate with the mad man. Now Julian has everything in his control and he is going to make Maureen watch Aidan die before she goes. Aidan isn’t going to let anyone die. This is just like Tora Bora to him. “Huh?” Aidan starts the countdown…”one…” Maria calls out, “Aidan!”….”two”… Julian has no idea what is going on and he tells Aidan to shut up. Maria is freaking out too. Aidan!@!!…..”three…” Maureen is hurt. Aidan sees that and loses his mind over that. He calls out for a doctor. One is needed right now. He is going to help her and he promises her that nothing is going to happen to her…”you are going to be okay…you are going to be okay…”

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