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All My Children Update Monday 2/17/03

By Lori
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A computer screen is shown with a mystery person typing Happy Valentine's Day. The scene transitions to Fusion, where Kendall is surprised to realize that it is Valentine's Day. Explaining to her friends why she's alone, she says Michael had business to take care of. Simone says Valentine's Day is just hype. It's not even a real holiday. They can buy their own candy and flowers, she says, adding they don't need to have fabulous sex lives. Just then Carlos walks in, asking "you need me?" He says he is there to do a repair. Kendall tells Simone that she's quivering at the sight of Carlos. Simone's lawyer walks in and asks to take her to dinner. Simone excitedly leaves with him, leaving Kendall and Greenlee to bemoan their lonely nights. At least they have their work, Kendall says. Kendall gets on the computer and finds an email for Greenlee. It's from someone who says he's admiring her from a distance. Greenlee says it's probably an ecard from some company wanting her to buy a Valentine's card. When she opens the email to read it, the sender tells her she's someone worth more than diamonds and is more precious than gold. The sender wishes her all the love she deserves. Greenlee tells Kendall that it's a message from Leo. He didn't want her to be alone today. Kendall tells her that's crazy. She was so close to moving on and she's using this as an excuse to hold onto Leo. Greenlee realizes what Kendall is saying is true. She says she's just thinking about what she and Leo would have done today. She deletes the email. Kendall tells her she's going home to have some hot chocolate for one. She is greeted at the door by a delivery man with flowers for her. Greenlee comments that Michael didn't forget Valentine's Day after all. Kendall starts to walk out with her roses, and sees Greenlee left behind, working alone. She brings her a single rose and wishes her happy Valentine's Day.

Bianca and Maggie are in Maggie's dorm room talking about Henry. Maggie tells her friend she can't figure Henry out. Maybe he's a jerk, she says. Bianca asks if he's a cute jerk. Maggie admits he is good looking but he is more textbook than human. There is a knock on the door. It is Henry, who is very agitated. He asks Maggie what she's doing. He's not failing organic chemistry, he tells her. Maggie introduces Bianca to Henry, and she says it's nice to finally meet him. So they have been talking about him, Henry surmises. Is Maggie ranting about him? Bianca excuses herself. Henry tells Maggie that he's been thinking about what she's said. He's not a racist, he tells her, but others are. Maggie asks him what's wrong. He tells her all the prejudice in the world can't stop him from feeling about her the way that he does. "What I'm trying to say is I don't hate you," he tells her. He tells her that he knows she's gay and has a relationship with Bianca. Maggie corrects him, saying she and Bianca are just friends and she's not gay. They agree to study while sitting next to each other on the bed. Henry leans in to kiss her. Maggie seems startled and backs away, then kisses him back and they lay back on the bed. Soon Maggie stops herself, looking alarmed for letting her get into this position.

Anna kisses David and thanks him for saving their daughter. David says he has a surprise for her and just as he walks out of her room he sees Edmund arrive. David reluctantly lets Edmund into the room to see Anna. Edmund tells her that Anna had tried calling and he told her he would check on her. David says he's holding all of Anna's calls until she is better. Anna tells David to get her surprise so she can talk to Edmund alone. When they're alone, Anna says she wants to talk to him about Aidan and Maria. She says the police have cleared Aidan from wrongdoing in the death of Fiona. After David returns, Edmund tells them both that he and Maria are over. He tells David he's sorry for pushing him into helping him get Maria back to the way she was. Anna wants David's phone to call the WSB to help locate Aidan. She says he and Maria are in danger with Julian on the loose. Edmund leaves and David gives Anna her surprise. It is a red heart with a picture on it a sonogram of their daughter.

Aidan is tending to Maria's sore ankle, and wraps it with a piece of his T-shirt. She looks at him lovingly. Meanwhile, Morgan asks Julian if he is just going to leave Kingman's body in the hotel room for the maid to clean up. Julian says he'll take care of it. Right now he's just interested in finding Aidan and Maria. He says he wants to kill Maria in front of Aidan then kill Aidan to get revenge on Aidan. Because of Aidan, everyone laughed at him, Julian says. Back at the beach, Aidan tells Maria he needs to get her out of there. She leans on him as she limps and they make their way to a hut. Aidan gives Maria some of his history with Julian. He says he linked up with Julian when he went to London and moved in with Morgan. He started falling in love with Julian's wife Fiona but didn't touch her, because he knew what Julian would do to her. Once, after seeing Julian smack Fiona around, he beat him up and they both landed in jail. Aidan was released but Julian remained jailed. Aidan went to see Fiona to encourage her to leave Julian. She was ready to leave him, and they made love for the first and last time. Aidan tells Maria that Morgan arranged for him to go to Pine Valley. Then she moved in with Julian to help him through his grief and turned on him. Maria thanks Aidan for sharing this with her. She says the fact that she doesn't remember her past helps her be more true to herself. She wishes Aidan a happy Valentine's Day and they kiss. Aidan tells her to come with him. He takes her to the ocean side, where while laying on the beach together they become more passionate.

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