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All My Children Update Thursday 2/13/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita 

Dr. Schwartz is in a hammock swinging as Greenlee talks to her. They have a session and Dr. Schwartz proves to be very unconventional as she lounges while her patient talks to her. Greenlee has been seeing her and talking about her life to sort things out. They have had many sessions in which Greenlee tries to see what her life is all about. Dr. Schwartz knows that Greenlee liked it when the handyman held her in his arms. She pretends that she didn’t but Dr. Schwartz knows better. Greenlee denies that she enjoyed the man holding her at work. Dr. Schwartz thinks that she should paint the room eggshell instead of pretending to listen to Greenlee. Greenlee finds it offensive that the woman isn’t paying any attention to her. If Greenlee isn’t going to talk to her then she is going to talk about herself and fill up the time responsibly. Dr. Schwartz wants her to admit that she liked talking to Carlos and the fact that he had his hands on her.

Jackson comes to the hospital to learn that Anna has had her operation. David suspects that Jackson is there to put him behind bars. David would have done the same thing over again if he had to and he doesn’t give a hoot if Jackson wants to go after him for having performed the operation that day. Jackson agrees with David and would have done the same thing if he had the opportunity to save his family.

Aidan and Maria are dancing in the islands and the bartender that is a friend of theirs gets a call that he takes in private away from the dancing and the crowd. Aidan sees that the man has gotten a call and he and Maria leave to see what has been going on. Aidan and Maria are ready to set their trap. They are going to use Maria as bait. Things are going to be fine with the plan. Aidan and Maria leave to set things up.

Brooke enters the offices at work and she finds Edmund lying back in his chair with his hand over his heart. Brooke thinks the worst right away and goes rushing to the man…”Oh! Edmund…!”

Greenlee makes great decisions everyday but she didn’t make a good decision on the day that Leo died. She knows that she should have done something different from what she did in order to help and save the man that she loved. She was frozen and couldn’t move or scream or anything. Until she decides that she wants to move on, she will not get better. The doctor has a way for Greenlee to get over this. It is a way for her to get in touch with the negative feelings that Greenlee has been feeling towards the accident and her part in it. It is pretty out there and Greenlee is going to have to cooperate to make this work. The doctor wants Greenlee to tell her what she should do to get over this. She has to find the answers if she wants to get better.

Jackson is trying to pay David a compliment but David is making it hard. Jackson thought that he was going to lose his daughter and Jackson couldn’t do anything about that. David was able to do something for his family and Jackson is glad about that. David has been humbled by what he did for his daughter. There were a lot of complications and there still are. If something goes wrong, David will blame himself for that. Anna is wheeled in and she hears what her husband is saying and she doesn’t want to hear that.

Edmund isn’t hurt, he is just resting. Brooke wants to look at Edmund’s hand as he has hurt himself. He tries to get out of the office but she will not let him out. He sits on the chair and she laughs as she tries to help him. He has made a mess of the office. Brooke applies medication to the wound on Edmund’s hand. She knows that he is frustrated at having tried to get Maria back but sooner or later, Brooke knows that he is going to get his wife back. Edmund has faced the truth and he knows that his wife is dead to him.

Morgan is at the bar in the islands and she wants a drink. She comes across the man that is an associate of Aidan and Maria’s and he hears her wondering what she has to do to get a drink. He tells her that if she wants a drink, all she has to do is ask. She is wearing a killer bikini on the beach there and it has gold studs on the cups of the bra of the bikini. She looks gorgeous, and if looks could kill…

Mia has an errand to run and Simone jokes that it better be work-related. Carlos walks by Simone and she stops what she is doing to go and talk to the man. Simone asks if he is okay. She saw him with a call earlier and he seemed upset. He says that he is okay. Simone has to wonder if it was a woman that he was talking to. He admits that he has no girlfriend. Simone is glad to hear that. That means that he hasn’t had a lover’s quarrel. Mia returns to the office and Simone lets the man go back to work. Mia is there to say that Greenlee has forgotten to sign the invoices for the supplies. They have to wait for her to return. Greenlee is at a shrink’s office. She has been overworking herself and that has been working a little thin on the people at the office. Simone has to wonder about Mia and Jake and how they are getting along. Simone has just been making observations about them. Mia tells her to stick it. Simone is sorry for butting in. Simone has just been a little nosey as she will soon forget what it was like to kiss a man. Mia warns her not to practice kissing on the help. They both look over at Carlos longingly.

Dr. Schwartz has an idea. She wants to try it out on Greenlee. She has to let whatever happens…happen. The Dr. Schwartz waves her 2 fingers in front of Greenlee trying to get her to answer questions. As she waves her fingers, she tells Greenlee to remember the incident the day of the big event. She hated that Leo went over the falls. Greenlee was scared and helpless…weak…When she puts those words together with the picture in her mind, she feels…no negative feelings. She feels nothing. Dr. Schwartz picks up a pitcher of water and throws it on Greenlee. “What are you feeling now?”

Edmund admits that David’s serum didn’t work on Maria. Edmund knows that the woman that he has been after isn’t his wife. She is Maureen…a total stranger. Edmund hates the house now as Maria isn’t there. He hasn’t heard from her as she has run off with Aidan. Maria believes that Aidan is innocent. She doesn’t want to remember. Brooke knows that this isn’t like Edmund to give up. Edmund has been trying to make her feels safe and loved but all that he did was push Maria into the opposite direction and then he did something stupid that he thought that he wouldn’t ever do. Brooke knows that he was so close and he shouldn’t blame himself. Maria blames him but Brooke knows that she won’t in the future. Edmund has to let the woman go. Brooke will not be fooled. Edmund hasn’t let her go and he may never let her go.

Anna is put in to her bed and David tucks her in. Things are going well for Anna and the baby. David is tired and needs to sleep but he will not leave. He will sit with Anna and if he is tired, he will sit on the couch. Anna worries that he hasn’t been eating. Anna would like him to go and get a sandwich and come back. He will do that while she talks to Jackson. David kisses his wife and heads out to get something to eat. Anna is happy to see Anna. He tells her that her daughter is going to be just fine. Anna thinks that her daughter will be fine. David is a genius and seems to be able to perform miracles. It kills Jackson to say anything nice about the man but he does. Jackson says that he has heard something about Aidan. He has gotten a communication from London and he would like to relate that to Anna.

Off on the island, Aidan and Maria are resting on the beach when their associate, the bartender arrives running as fast as he can. Aidan takes one look at the man’s face and knows that someone has come to the island looking for them. The associate only nods his head in confirmation of the educated guess.

Greenlee is soaking wet and she is angry that the doctor has gotten her all wet. Dr. Schwartz only wants her to get back to her feelings. Vanessa was there with a gun to her side and Leo was there. Greenlee now has to do what she wanted to the day that Leo died. Dr. Schwartz stands behind her with something in her side, simulating a gun. Greenlee turns on her and grabs the doctor by the throat. “…you died knowing that Leo loved me more…” Greenlee could have killed the woman herself. The doctor feels the anger in Greenlee’s voice and hands which are around her neck. The session is over now. Greenlee feels…she feels…better, but there is more that she has to do to get over this. Greenlee has taken a very important step. The doctor has been hurt but she will get over it. That is the message that the doctor has for her. Greenlee has to live.

Simone apologizes to Carlos for listening in on his conversation earlier. She didn’t mean to be nosey. The man talks Spanish to her and she understands and talks back to him in his native tongue. She knows a little Spanish but not much. She heard his phone call and didn’t understand all of it but she caught some of it and she could tell that he wasn’t happy about the call or whatever was said in it. He thinks that she should study the language more as it is a beautiful language. She would like him to teach her the language and she will pay him but he is not a Spanish teacher and thinks that he wouldn’t do a very good job of it. She turns to leave and he calls to her telling her that he could teach her a little Spanish for free if she would like that. He is willing to help and he wouldn’t want to be unsociable to someone as kind as she has been to him. She would be fine with anytime that he has to give her. They set about making a date to meet to have a lesson when Mia calls out to Simone to come and help with some work. Simone would like a little phrase from Carlos right now that she could use on her to get her to back off a little.

Edmund knows that he has to stop this obsession with Maria. Brooke knows that he is never going to stop wanting Maria. He will never stop wanting to get her back. Edmund would do it all over again but he wouldn’t let himself get sucked in. Maria isn’t the cause of this, Brooke is.

Aidan and Maria learn that Morgan has shown up at the bar. Aidan will have Maureen taken back to the bar and Aidan is going to find Julian and end this once and for all. He walks off.

Greenlee shows up for work soaking wet and she has champagne. They are going to throw a party that day to celebrate being alive. She removes the bottle and glasses from her bag.

Edmund tells Brooke that she was right in what she did and he was wrong. He wishes that she hadn’t found Maria. They would be happy right now.

Anna learns that Aidan hasn’t really committed murder. That is a relief. Aidan should be the first person to be told but he has been running from the law and has been hard to find. They have to find Maria Grey who is now calling herself Maureen. Maria knew were Aidan was and has followed him to his next hiding place.

Aidan goes to Julian’s home to find him. He walks on the grounds by the house and heads to the steps that lead up to the door. He takes out a tool to pick the lock and he enters the house. He walks through it to the patio where he finds a picture of a young woman on a chess game with a knife through it. Aidan leaves the house the way that he came and he goes running away.

Maria is being brought home by the associate. Maria feels that she should be with Aidan but she is brought home to her room. Morgan and Julian are waiting in the room. Morgan has a gun on Maria and the bartender. Julian tells Maria that he is going to enjoy every moment of this.

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