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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/12/03

By Glynis
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Joe comes to get Tad thinking that he will need help. Tad tells him father that he is sure that he wants to marry this woman. Whether Joe likes this or not, the woman is his destiny.

Opal loves the woman dearly but she doesn’t want him to marry Tad. Tad will not listen to reason. The woman is blowing around in the wind. The two of them are talking about destiny like they are lovesick teenagers. Myrtle knows that you can’t get in the way of love. Tad will not learn. It is like watching a train wreck. The heart is the half of a profit! Myrtle has no idea what that means. Here comes the bride. Kendall enters in her robe saying that the wedding is off. Erica comes in behind Kendall shouting that she can’t marry Tad. Her hair is all over the place. “I can’t marry Tad, I am having a bad hair day!”

Joe wants to be Tad’s best man at the wedding. He just thinks that Tad needs to think about it. Tad needs no help. Tad ushers his father out of the room so that they can get the show on the road. Tad is happy to marry the bride. He hugs his father and pushes him out the door. Brooke comes out from the back door. Tad tells her again that he is going through with this. The woman that he is about to marry is his destiny. Brooke will let him go on with this but first…She grabs his head and kisses him fiercely on the lips.

Anna and David have arrived at the wedding and call for a waiter. It is Adam dressed as a waiter. This is his new job and he is there to serve them. He used to be Adam Chandler.

Maria tells Edmund that she has her memory back. She is as happy as a lark because now she remembers everything. She remembers the wedding, her medical skills and she could even perform brain surgery right now if she had to. She is glad that he has stuck by her and waited for her to get her memory back. They have really shared a special love over the years even though they have been apart. She is so sorry that she has put him through everything that he has had to deal with. She is going to make it all up to him now that she feels their love again. She remembers how much she loves him and how he loves her and it was perfect. She can’t believe that she almost lost all of that. He nods his head at her and then asks her what her name was again. It seems that he has lost his memory now. She can’t believe her luck.

Brooke and Tad have a little fling before the ceremony and they are ready to go again when someone comes to the door. Tad picks up her things and pushes her into the back room. He opens the door to Simone. She wanted to see him before it was too late. She rushes into his arms and slams the door behind them.

Bianca is at the bar having drinks. She is getting wasted and Jackson comes to see her. Bianca requests another drink. She is fine. It is her mommy’s wedding day and she is celebrating. Jackson says that weddings can change the way that people look at things. Bianca knows that Erica and Kendall are so close and that there is no room for her. Bianca is at the bar as she has gotten her mommy a little surprise for her wedding.

Erica has no idea why her hair is frizzy the way that it is. She has been using her usual shampoo and conditioner and there is no reason for her hair to look the way that it does. It is actually trying to stand up into an afro. Opal will fix everything she says. She is the salon owner and knows how to fix things of this nature. Myrtle remembers her first wedding. She had a case of hives and the veil couldn’t be lifted for a week. Should Erica wear a veil? Was that story supposed to make Erica feel better? I think not! Kendall says that her mother looks as fabulous as always. She sits as the dutiful daughter beside her mother, loyal to the end. The parents take care of the children and then the children take care of the parents it seems. Erica wants Myrtle to go and find Tad and tell him what has happened so that he will understand. Myrtle thinks that it is bad luck that the groom and bride communicate in any way. She is going to be honest with him about the wedding. She knows that Tad will be honest with her in the marriage. What kind of marriage is that? Opal gets to work on Erica’s hair to try to make her presentable.

Chris comes to find Jackson at the bar, and he needs some help from the man. Jackson has to wonder what it is exactly that Chris needs from him. Chris needs Jackson so that they can do a job. He wants him for surveillance…undercover. The both of them will be working together if Jackson will only agree. Jackson will not do that…he will not do drag even for justice.

Adam has lost all his money and that is why he is a waiter now. He stands before them all in a waiter’s outfit and a towel draped over his arm. David and Anna order two drinks and David even tip Adam. Anna can’t believe that David has done that. How rude! How could he give the man a tip like that, making him feel smaller than ever? David must have been trying to humiliate Adam and that isn’t right. David feels that he deserves that as he has treated people very badly in the past when he had the chance. He has humiliated a lot of people in his life. Anna tells David that the same thing could happen to him if he doesn’t watch it. He shouldn’t be so highhanded. David is a surgeon for unlimited power and not the money he says. Anna leaves telling him that he is so full of himself that there isn’t room for her there as well.

Maria tries to make Edmund remember how much he loved her. She has suddenly gotten her memory back and wants Edmund to know that she loves him and that they can finally be together. It was more than nice. The love they shared was amazing. She remembers how they fell in love and everything has come back to her. Edmund tells Maria that he is already married. Brooke walks in. Edmund tells her that Maria seems to think that he was married to her once. Brooke has something to tell Edmund.

Joe calls Erica but he gets her answering machine. He would like to talk to her before she marries Tad; what he has to say can’t wait.

Bianca comes to see if her mother needs anything. She sees Erica’s hair and asks what happened. Erica looks like the Bride of Frankenstein. Bianca feels that Frankenstein would be lucky to have a bride like Erica.

Brooke has something to tell Edmund. She tells him that the woman that thinks that she is his wife was his wife. Edmund feels that he would have remembered that. Edmund’s pain at her death was so great that he blanked out everything. He feels that is impossible. Brooke has researched it and it isn’t all that impossible. Brooke thought that it would be better that Edmund not know about her. A year ago, Brooke found out that Maria was alive. She married Edmund knowing the truth. Edmund declared Maria dead and so technically, Maria isn’t his wife anymore. Brooke didn’t want anything to get in the way of their happiness. She is worried that he will go back to Maria and there will be no one for her. Edmund doesn’t hate her at all. He takes her hand and tells her that he loves her. He rubs her shoulders. He loves being married to Brooke and he is glad that he didn’t know about Maria. She is just too weird.

Simone and Tad have been rolling around in the bed before his wedding. They have done it and done it and done it. Simone really has to stop having sex with inappropriate men. Tad has been waiting for someone like Erica for his entire life and now he has had an affair twice. Simone doesn’t understand what he means by twice. Someone is at the door. Tad tells Simone to go out the back way. She hates that. He gets all of her stuff and he reminds her that he is getting married, so she has to go. He kisses her and pushes her out the back way. He opens the door to Mia. She is there looking for Jake. He is in the ER and not there. Mia knows that Jake is at the ER. She has only come to see Tad and she made up that excuse in order to … She grabs Tad and kisses him. He brings her inside and slams the door behind them.

Mia loves the sex that they have had. Tad is exhausted now. Mia wants him to promise that he will not breathe a word of this to Jake. He reminds her that he is getting married. They have to keep this a little secret. She leans to him again and they start kissing. There is someone at the door. He tells her to go out the other way. He sounds like he has done this before. She hurries to get out of there. He throws her clothes at her and she catches them and leaves. Tad opens the door to find Maria there. She is glad that she got there in time. She jumps into his arms and they fall into the bed together.

Tad opens his door to Myrtle who greets him with a “…Hey there!” She has a coy smile on her lips.

Someone comes to Tad’s door and he shouts to come in. Anna shows up and Tad is on the floor on his back totally exhausted. Anna puts her boot on his chest and then she picks him up and kisses him.

Bianca doesn’t seem very surprised that her mother’s hair is such a mess. Kendall feels that Bianca knows exactly what happened to Erica’s hair. Kendall gets the shampoo and they all smell it. It smells like glue. Kendall brings the bottle to Bianca knowing that she was the one that did this. Bianca admits it. She feels that she hasn’t been treated very nicely. Kendall man handles her and throws her out of there. Erica sees that Kendall is upset and she consoles her daughter. Kendall only wants her to be the most beautiful bride that ever lived. Opal has been doing her best for Erica.

Joe leaves another message telling her that she has to call him as soon as possible as their child’s very life may depend on it.

Anna and Tad have just made love and she would like to do it again but he is getting married. They lie spent on the bed and she looks great in her black bra and frilly underpants. Someone is at the door and she knows that she has to duck out the back door. She grabs her things and heads out. He goes to the door and finds Kendall there in her pink frilly robe looking as innocent as Snow White. She is there to see him…not about her mother but for him. She grabs him and they start kissing madly as she drags him to the bed. He will have to perform again.


Kendall could come in and when Tad puckers to kiss her, she could punch him in the face. What was he thinking coming on to her that way? She is going to be his daughter-in-law and he should know better. He would think that she is there to get it on with him and she could be outraged that he would think such a thing and she would beat the crap out of him for not making a point of getting ready for her mother to marry him. The frilly pink robe that she is wearing would fly in the air as she makes him pay for hitting on her. She would beat him and kick him senseless.

Chris tells Jackson that things are terrible outside and the whole city is paralyzed. The reverend will not be able to make the ceremony. There is someone else can do it though. Jackson says NO!

The guests are all seated and ready for the wedding.

Adam sits with Bianca but she tells him that the wedding isn’t for the help. Adam feels that he has married Erica twice and deserves to be there.

Jackson is in his holy robes for the wedding, finally wearing a dress, which apparently was a recurring fan request. Chris is happy that Jackson is going to do the wedding. That is because he is fine with Erica getting married. When you are given lemons, you have to make lemonade. He sits between Simone and Mia and puts his arms around them.

The wedding has started and the bridesmaids have come up the aisle.

Tad is smiling strangely and he tells Jack that he can’t feel his thighs.

Erica comes down the stairs to the door of the aisle. Joe grabs her telling her that they have to talk. Erica tells him that after the honeymoon, they will be able to talk. Joe wants to talk about their child. Erica thought that he wouldn’t ever mention that again. He had to mention it as she is going to marry his son and he is going to be his brother’s stepfather. Erica has never been happier in her life and she is not going to let anyone get in the way of the marriage. Erica reminds him that he promised her that he wouldn’t talk about this again. She wants him to keep his word. He can’t believe that she is so selfish. Where has he been all these years? She tells him that he is the best man and that he better get up to the front of the aisle for the wedding. Joe agrees to keep the secret with her. He will do it for their children’s sake and for their own.

Joe enters the church and heads to the aisle. Tad is glad to see that he could make it.

Kendall worries that Erica is not all right. Opal is sure that Erica is all right.

It is time for Erica to come up the aisle. She enters…Here comes the bride. Everyone gasps at the sight of her. She goes to the front of the church.

Jackson asks if there is anyone there that thinks that this man and woman shouldn’t be joined in holy matrimony. Speak now.

Brooke gets up and runs to Tad as does Anna, Opal, Mia…etc…

Chris goes to Erica talking in Italian to get her back. Chris comes over to ask for Erica to marry him. Bianca comes up to Erica begging her to love her. Please! Kendall comes over telling Bianca to get lost. They get into a fistfight and fall to the floor.

Erica is distraught because everyone in the room seems to be fighting about something. Erica cries to Opal to help her but Opal decides that she is going to do something that she has wanted to do for years. She punches Erica dead in the jaw. They get into a huge fight now.

Tad escapes the room and goes into another where there is a bar. Liza is there waiting for him. It has been a long time but some things are worth waiting for. She walks up to him and kisses him on the lips.

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