AMC Update Tuesday 2/11/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/11/03

By Glynis
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Aiden and Maria are off in paradise. They have run off together and they are looking for Julian. Right now they are on a bar at the beach talking to a contact. The bartender hasn’t got any idea where they can find Julian or where to look for him. He too is part of an organization that is very interested in Julian and what he has been up to lately. The bartender has been on the lookout for the man but hasn’t been able to find him yet. The man knows that Aiden and Maria need some R and R and he ushers them off to get them some rest. The beaches there are wonderful to see. Maria is tired and hasn’t gotten much sleep since this all started. They are both tired.

Erica fights with Jackson who thinks that she has been using him again to do something to get her relationship with Chris going. She thinks that he has allowed himself to get involved with her again and he has been fighting that for the longest time. He tells her that loving her was the biggest mistake of his life. She feels that the biggest mistake that he made was letting her go. It is apparent to her that he would like to have her back. Jackson made love to her and she let that happen as she was there for him and he was happy to accept her that night. She denies that she was trying to do anything else with him by using him. They shouldn’t think that this is anything more than a moment of weakness but that has passed for him, he says. Jackson feels that she was trying to put a wrench in her relationship with Chris and she used Jackson to do it. She finds him very jealous even though he has been spouting off about other things. He denies that. She wants him to prove it and he does by kissing her harshly, in an effort to show that she means absolutely nothing to him.

Michael didn’t want to deceive Kendall but she will hear nothing of it or anything else that he has to say to her. She feels that he has been lying to her from the start. That hurts her deeply. She looks into his eyes but will not be fooled again. She says that she sees nothing there. He tells her that he lied but that was because he was trying to keep a low profile in town. He didn’t want people to know that he was there. That was why he used the other name than his real name. When people find out about him, things get different and more difficult to handle. She was interested in him and not his money but it seems that his money is more interesting than he is. It is a good thing that Greenlee came over there to tell Kendall that the man was a liar. Kendall would still be beaming up into his face over dinner. She is being very sarcastic to him. He tells her that he really feels genuine for her. She still thinks that he is lying to her. He swears that he is not lying and would like her to believe him when he tells her that.

Simone is doing a lot of research on the guy that Kendall is with and he is worth a lot of money. She finds out lots on the Internet that she never dreamed one guy could have. He is worth 62 million and he has a private helicopter and other great stuff. Reggie and Carlos are there and they listen as she talks of the guy’s money.

Trey calls Reggie at work and learns that he did pretty well on his test. Reggie had been skipping school and he had a very important test to write. He stayed up all night with Trey and studied his heart out. He is doing well at work too. Everything is great, especially the women. He could stay there all day just to stare at the women that work there. Trey asks Reggie to stay away from his sister whatever he does.

Greenlee comes in to talk to Simone. She has news. She is not going to believe what Greenlee has just done!

Maggie comes to Trey telling him that something has gone wrong in the OR. They have been in the waiting room for some time now waiting to hear news about Anna and the baby.

David is working on his baby daughter and Anna to save the baby’s life. David is really pushing it. If he isn’t careful, he could lose them both. Anna could be in danger if he doesn’t stop his theatrics soon. Her heart rate has been falling steadily but he holds on in order to do what he must to save them both. He manages to do what he has to do and he gets out of there quick so that Anna will be quickly brought back to her regular heart rate. The monitor goes off blaring loudly. Anna is in distress and everyone in the room knows it but Anna. David hears the noise and comes over to the table again to learn that something has gone terribly wrong with the procedure. Did he wait too long to pull Anna out of this? Will his baby die? The doctors shout orders in order to get the team momentum going again to save Anna and the baby.

Aiden and Maria are brought to their room. It is beautiful. They are in the honeymoon suite and they have fake names to match. They are warned not to get killed. The man worked with Aidan in the British Forces. Aidan was so cool back then. He was a great shot and only Clint Eastwood could shoot better than him. The man leaves them alone and Aidan has to worry if Maria can handle this or not. Aidan wants to do but Maria wants him there or she will not be able to sleep. He agrees to stay with her for a while. He goes to a chair and sits while she lies down.

Erica gets a call and learns that someone has come to see her. Erica gives Jackson some Kleenex to clean off the lipstick on his mouth. She wants him to leave but he flirts with her some more before Lena comes in. She can see that they were involved with something. Jackson shakes the woman’s hand and leaves. Lena has some news about Europe and one of the largest fortunes there.

Michael knew that they had a spark and she must have felt that. She felt a connection with Michael Kinsey but that man doesn’t exist. He assures her that he does exist. Kendall tells him that her parents lied to her about who she was for most of her life. She is adopted and no one turned out to be who they said that they were. Michael didn’t know that. Kendall has a problem with people lying to her.

Anna’s heart rate is falling but David is worried about the baby. David needs a moment alone with Anna and the team busies themselves for a moment. David tells Anna that he tried to do what he could for their baby and now he needs Anna to do her part. Anna is unconscious but he talks to her anyway. “Please, please…fight for us…”

Anna’s heart rate is up as well as the baby’s. The monitor sings the lovely tune to tell the story. The crew hasn’t ever seen anything like this before. David instructs them on how to wrap this up.

Trey is waiting for news with Maggie about Anna. Maggie only knows that Anna is having a problem in OR. There is nothing that they can do but wait. Janelle arrives to tell Trey and Maggie that things are fine for everyone. David has left the OR like a man possessed. David has a gift and the procedure was something that no one has performed. David didn’t know that he could pull this off but he did. He was guided by something else that day.

David has made his way to the chapel and he looks up to the heavens saying, “…thank you…”

Greenlee is pleased with herself. She has told Kendall just what Michael has been up to.

Kendall would like Michael to get over himself. She is charming and he only wanted to see her again. Most people that approach him have an underlying fascination for him. He is rich and has to be careful about meeting people. She feels that he needs help. She is a dream come true. He doesn’t know everything that he wants to about her. He is hoping that it will take a lifetime to get to know her.

Erica learns that Kendall has been with Michael the rich and famous man of the world. Lena thinks that Kendall might be going after the man and not the other way around. Lena knows that Kendall would like to be a challenge to her mother’s business and so she believes that she can use this rich man to further her business. Erica hadn’t thought of that before.

Simone would like to talk to Greenlee. Greenlee tells her that she is busy. Simone should be busy too. Simone has been listening to Greenlee rant and rave over Kendall and Michael… Simone knows that things haven’t been easy for Greenlee lately. Simone doesn’t understand what Greenlee is going through but she has been able to put aside her junk and be kind to Kendall. Simone didn’t think that Greenlee had that in her. Simone was hoping that if she needed someone on her side, she could count on Greenlee. Greenlee seems to like that. Seems that everyone thought that she was a self-absorbed bitch. Every now and again, Greenlee proves them all wrong. Carlos has been listening and he sees a very sad Greenlee sitting alone now.

Aiden and Maria are changed and they go down to the beach where Maria dances with the patrons. Aidan stops off and watches her from afar.. Maria goes to get Aidan to dance with her and he follows her to the floor. They dance to the rhythm beat. He twirls her around.

David is in the chapel still. He isn’t a religious man and when he prays, he prays for himself. He has no idea what he is doing there. Trey comes in behind David and hears him telling God that if he did have anything to do with this, then he owes God. David turns to find Trey there. It has been some afternoon. David is relieved. Anna and the baby are okay now. The baby may still have a fighting chance and without David they wouldn’t have had that. Trey knows that the fight isn’t going to go out of that girl for a long time. David knows that he is right. This is more than an operation… this was his whole life…he could have lost both of them in there. But, he didn’t. Trey knows that David can do the impossible.

Lena thinks that they should keep a close eye on Kendall. Erica has to agree. Lena has impressed Erica with her discretion. Lena has to worry about the meeting that Kendall and Michael are having. Erica thinks that there is definitely an agenda and a reason those two to be together this way.

Michael makes Kendall sit with him. He wants her to know how sorry he is for doing the one thing that hurt her more than anything else. He would like her to forgive him. Can she do it? Kendall isn’t good with forgiveness. He tells her that all they have to do is say that they are both sorry. All she has to do is believe in him. She would like to but she can’t. He was beginning to get her to have faith in him and they can have that again. She wants him to tell her that he is sorry again. He does it. She accepts that. He is happy as can be. He kisses her cheek for forgiving him.

Anna is in her room still on the monitor and David walks in. she is sleeping and her belly is bigger than ever after the operation. He kisses her hand and she wakes. David tells her that he is right there. She opens her eyes and asks about the baby. She is fine too. Anna and David did it. They really did it. Anna is too tired to say anything and she lets her eyes close again.

Maria and Aidan are at the festive bar on the island and they dance together holding each other but moving quickly to the beat. They are having more fun than they ever wished they could.

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