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All My Children Update Monday 2/10/03

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Kendall and Michael are having a casual dinner. Michael orders a hamburger and curly fries. Kendall is curious how he knows that's what she always orders at this restaurant. He has done his research to find out her favorites. She says it's her favorite because it's the cheapest thing on the menu. Michael says they could order something else, but she agrees that it's fine. Michael tells Kendall that he wants to know what excites her. She blurts out enthusiastically "you!" She says there's so much about him that she doesn't know. Meanwhile, Simone and Greenlee are at Fusion, where Simone is doing some research. She asks Greenlee if the name Michael Cambias means anything to her. She shows her a picture of Kendall's new friend Michael on the Internet. It identifies him as being with Cambias industries. Greenlee recognizes it as a huge conglomerate that buys small companies for profit. She believes he is trying to get to Fusion through Kendall. Simone questions why he would be interested in Fusion, since it's just a blip on the radar screen. Greenlee thinks Michael must know her reputation that everything she touches turns to gold. Greenlee storms out, muttering, "I hate men who use women." In the restaurant, Kendall and Michael start to kiss. They are in the middle of a passionate kiss when Greenlee interrupts them. "You better enjoy it lover boy because that's the only thing you're getting out of Kendall," Greenlee says. "How long do you think you could pull this off?" An angry Kendall tries to push Greenlee away. "What the hell are you doing?" she asks. Greenlee replies that she's trying to save her company. She says Michael isn't who he says he is. "Tell her," Greenlee demands of Michael. "Tell her what?" he responds. For starters, Greenlee demands that he tell Kendall his real name. Michael confesses to Kendall that his real name is Michael Cambias. Kendall is stunned and asks him what he means. Michael says he didn't mean for her to find out like this. "You lied to me, why?" Kendall says. Michael says his name has been an obstacle, and he just wanted to get to know Kendall without any obstacles. Greenlee tells Kendall he's the son of one of the richest men in Europe who swallows up companies to make big profits. She says he's using her to get to Fusion. Kendall asks Michael if that's true. What does he really want? He tells her he wants her. She slaps him.

Back at Fusion, Carlos is working on some wires. Reggie asks him if he needs help. Carlos asks Reggie to get him the Phillips screwdriver, but Reggie asks him to speak English. Carlos then asks for the one with the blue and yellow handle. Eyeing Simone, Reggie asks Carlos how he can work around all this "scenery." Carlos says he was Reggie's age once and all he did was dream about women. Now he fixes pipes. Looking at Simone, Reggie tells Carlos that she wants him bad. What is he waiting for. Carlos looks at Simone, and they stare at each other flirtatiously.

Jack is at the hospital to visit Lilly when he runs into Maggie. He comments that he's heard David has been given hospital privileges again. Maggie tells him she is worried about the surgery David is performing on Anna. She says if anything happens to the baby and Anna, David will not be able to forgive himself. Jack tries to reassure her. He says David has never backed down from a challenge. Two reporters burst into the hospital room and fire questions to them about David performing the surgery. Maggie calmly tells them no comment. The reporters go chasing after a candy striper. She tells Jack that when you're in her family, you learn how to brush off the press. Jack leaves and Trey enters the room. He asks Maggie why he had not been informed about this surgery. Maggie says it happened so suddenly.  She then tells him next time there's family trouble he'll be the first she calls.

Erica is in her office walking to her desk and knocks a picture of her and Chris to the floor. She picks it up and looks at it, then thinks about her night of passion with Jack. Val calls to tell her that Chris is at Enchantment asking to see her. She instructs Val to tell Chris that she's busy and she'll see him tonight. Chris walks in her office and asks her if there's any reason she told Val to send him away. Erica tells him that she's swamped, behind schedule and her fourth-quarter report is due. He says he's due a kiss. When he goes to kiss her, she makes it real short. Is that all he gets, he asks? She says there will be more at home. He gives her some white roses. Erica thanks him and says it brings spring into her office. Chris says spring means summer is right around the corner, which means their "wedding of the decade." Erica apologizes for telling Chris he couldn't see her. She wants to make it up to him. Chris suggests taking her away now for a cruise to the Mediterranean. "Are you out of your mind?" she asks. Erica says she can't drop everything and ride into the sunset with him. She's about to launch a new product. Chris asks her why she can't delegate her responsibilities. She'll only be a phone call away. Erica accuses him of badgering her. She says she has responsibilities. Chris asks her what's going on. She continually is picking fights. She doesn't have time for him. Does she not want to marry him? Jack enters the room and starts talking before even noticing Chris is there. He apologizes for interrupting. Erica asks him how Lilly is. Jack says they're planning their Grand Canyon trip. Chris asks Jack about his daughter. Jack says he couldn't have gotten through it without Erica. Chris tells Jack that he and Erica were in the middle of something. Erica tells Chris that Jack has just been through hell. That prompts Chris to leave, saying their conversation was over before Jack even walked in. Alone in the room, Jack tells Erica he's sorry for what happened between them. Erica asks him why he would be sorry. Jack says he doesn't want to jeopardize her relationship with Chris. He says he should not have let it happen and it will never happen again. Erica says never is a long time. She says considering their past relationship, never is unrealistic. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jack asks. Erica says she's being honest. Jack asks what she and Chris were up to before he walked in. Erica says he was trying to whisk her away to Italy. He has no concept of her responsibilities, she says. Since when does Erica back away from being whisked away for romance, Jack asks. She can do whatever she wants. She's Erica Kane. Jack tells her that she's trying to sabotage her relationship with Chris because she's scared of commitment.

David starts to perform surgery on Anna and their unborn baby. The baby is placed in position and David gives the child anesthesia. Suddenly, the fetal heart rate starts to drop and David seeks assistance from Dr. Pelosi, who is on the phone. The phone lines go dead, and David realizes he's on his own. The baby's heart rate is stabilized, and they get Dr. Pelosi back on the phone. Then Anna's heart rate and blood pressure rate begin dropping. A doctor tells David that she's not getting enough oxygen. David is working on the baby and other doctors are telling him to hurry, because he's putting the baby's and Anna's life at risk. David says he told Anna he would not lose their baby, and he's not going to lose either of them.

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