AMC Update Friday 2/7/03

All My Children Update Friday 2/7/03

By Lori
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JR is looking through his dad's office when Adam walks in. Holding up JR's calculus mid-term, Adam asks if he's looking for it. He found it in the trash with a grade of C+. Adam is angry about the grade, noting that he hired a tutor to help JR in math. JR tells him to fire the guy. Adam says they had an agreement that he would work to get his grades up. JR says he doesn't care about anything other than Laurie. He says everything made sense when he was with her. He runs out of the room. Liza walks in and Adam tells her he needs to stop this slide that JR is on. Liza says he's going to lose if he gets between JR and Laurie. Adam leaves. Later, JR returns to the office and sees Liza. She tells him she's sorry about Laurie. She knows he's hurting. JR says he's not hurting, but he's done with everything, including Liza. Liza asks if he would consider family counseling. JR says he'd have to feel like part of the family first, and that's not going to happen.

At the school, Jamie finds Laurie and asks her how she is. She says her life is crazed right now with school, work and applying for college. Jamie says he meant how is she doing after breaking up with JR. Laurie says she misses JR, but it's better this way. After Jamie leaves for his Spanish class, Laurie is greeted by Adam, who wants to apologize for his behavior at the movie theater. Laurie asks if JR is all right. Adam says he is not, but he wants to fix it with her help. Adam asks if she would consider going to Harvard with JR. "In my dreams," she says, realizing there is no way she could afford such a school. Adam offers to pay for her entire college education. Laurie is stunned. Her father enters the picture and watches from several feet away. He is pulled away by another school employee. Adam tells her that she has the grades and the SAT scores to get into Harvard and she deserves the best education she can get. Laurie suggests that it's probably not the best idea, but Adam tells her not to ruin her chances. He says he knows she'll make the right decision. He leaves her alone and Laurie's father returns. He asks why Chandler was harassing her. She says he wasn't harassing her, he was talking to her about JR. They start another fight, with Laurie telling her father that he never tells her he's proud of her. He's called back to work and Jamie returns. Laurie excitedly tells him about Adam's offer. She says, though, that she can't accept it. Jamie tells her she'd be insane not to accept it. She is glad for Jamie's support and gives him a hug. Adam returns home and Liza notices that he's in a better mood. He tells Liza that he made Laurie an offer she can't refuse.

Kendall warns Erica to leave her alone. Erica says that's hard to do because she's always in her face. Kendall says she knows that Erica tried to get Fusion products out of Lacy's. She accuses her of industrial sabotage and gets angry at Boyd for joining in with Erica. Erica tells Kendall she's the one who tried to raid Enchantment by stealing the company's best chemist away. Erica asks Kendall if she tried to seduce Boyd away. Kendall says she didn't try to seduce Boyd. Boyd is angry that they are talking about him like he's not there. Erica tells him that Kendall is playing him and he believes everything she tells him. That's not real, she says. Boyd says Kendall is real to her. Erica warns him not to become Kendall's victim. Kendall tells Erica that she and Greenlee made Boyd an offer but he turned them down. Erica seems pleased to hear that. Erica tells Kendall that they are done. Kendall says she won't be done until Enchantment is turned into dust. She storms out. Boyd tells Erica that she is his boss, not his mother and he follows Kendall out. Bianca, who quietly witnessed the scene, tells her mother that she blew it. Bianca says she showed her Fusion's lip color just so she would know what the competition is, not so she could make a personal attack on Kendall. And, Bianca says, she made Boyd feel like an idiot. Bianca asks her mother how they are going to stay ahead of a company that totally rocks. Erica tells Bianca if she come up with a great advertising campaign, she'll listen.

Kendall goes to the Valley Inn lounge, where Boyd finds her. He asks to join her and apologizes. Kendall says she's the one who needs to apologize. When she saw him with Erica she thought he was part of the wrecking crew, she says. Kendall remembers she owes Boyd a dinner. He says he's free now, why don't they make it lunch. Just as they are ready to sit down, Michael walks in. Kendall is stunned to see him. He says he's there on business. He hopes he's not interrupting. Kendall tells Michael that Boyd is just finishing his lunch break and needs to leave. Boyd walks out and Michael notes that she made quick work of him. Kendall says Boyd is just a work associate. Michael notices Kendall is wearing her company's new lip color. He wants to take her to dinner and asks her how her evening looks. She says it's looking better. When the bartender brings Kendall a green smoothie, Michael shares it with her. Boyd returns to Enchantment, where he finds Bianca alone. She comments that he's back sooner than she expected. Wasn't he going after Kendall? Boyd says Kendall seems to be going after someone else.

Jake tells David that he has the skills to do the surgery on Anna and their unborn daughter. David says this type of surgery is highly specialized and almost untested. How can he perform it on his wife and child? Joe tells him that in most cases he would not approve, but he may be the baby's only hope for survival. David says he can't do it. Jake says he'll have every neonatal staff member available to him. David says that's not enough. Joe says Dr. Pelosi from Boston, who has done this surgery before, will be available electronically and will talk him through it. Joe says he will respect whatever he decides. David wants to talk to Anna. He tells Anna about the surgeon having the stroke and Anna says there has to be someone available to do the surgery. David says no one is available within 500 miles. Anna won't accept that. David says there is one other option. He has been asked to do the surgery. Anna asks him if he can do it. David says he might be able to, and if there is a chance he can save their child he should. But he's afraid. He doesn't feel qualified. Anna tells him she trusts him. David says if he loses her or their child, he'll never forgive himself. Anna tearfully says maybe they should accept what's happened and let the baby go. David asks her what she wants, and she says she wants him to do the surgery. They prepare for surgery. Jake is scrubbed and ready to help. Janelle arrives and tells David she'll scrub up too. Maggie hugs David and wishes him the best. In surgery, Anna counts backwards from 10 and is asleep by the time she says 5. The surgery begins.

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