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All My Children Update Thursday 2/6/03

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Erica is looking at the Jake/Mia poster thinking that the people over at Fusion are amateurs apparently. She has put in play some schemes in order to make sure that Kendallís company fails. She decides to call a friend to check on the results of her plan. Erica calls a friend who is selling her product in a cosmetics shop not far away. Erica learns that Fusion will be coming to the cosmetic company to peddle their wares and the woman will be ready for them. Bianca has walked in and hears the end of the womanís conversation. She has shown up at the cosmetics company to see how things are going for Ericaís company and canít believe what it is that she hears. She knows that Erica has been talking to the woman and is curious about the conversation. The woman at the shop says that she knows that Fusion has been covering up their product and passing it off as something that it is not.

Erica tells the woman at the cosmetics shop that Fusion has been marketing a product that isnít their own. She seems to believe that it belongs to some other company and she doesnít feel that the woman would want to take a chance on selling it. Mia and Simone come in with their products to see to the cosmetics shop. They are carrying boxes of the things that they believe the shop will want to sell on their behalf. The woman tells the two to leave or she will be forced to call security. She wants nothing to do with them or their silly product.

Kendall comes to work and sees that there has been a disaster there. There is water all over the place and part of the office has been taped off so that no one will go into that area. Greenlee is there still working and Kendall apologizes for letting her down. She knows that she should have been at work with the others preparing products to be sold but she couldnít make it as she had something else to do. She had a gentleman caller and Greenlee knows all about it. She heard about the whirlwind romance from Simone. Kendall forgot about everything else when she found out that he was in town. It was like a dream come true. Greenlee isnít going to give her a hard time over this and that is a different stance than the one that Greenlee usually would take. Kendall finds that surprising. Maybe Greenlee is being so nice as she wants to have more time in the office than Greenlee. She thinks that Greenlee is trying to get in and make all the decisions. That is it isn't it? Greenlee isnít planning any coup at all. Greenlee is fine with it. Kendall expected to get yelled at and still canít get used to Greenlee not freaking out because she didnít show up for work again. She asks Greenlee to tell her what she is thinking. What has been going on with her for her to be this fine and calm? The days before, she has been losing it for little or no reason at all. Greenlee wants to know about the date. Was it wonderful? She wants to know all the details and have girl talk with Kendall.

Maggie and Henry are in class and sitting together. There is a quiz that day and the professor is walking the room and throwing out questions. The teacher asks questions and Henry has the answer. He gets it right but then of course, no one expected that he wouldnít.

Jake is with his father at the hospital. They discuss operating on Annaís baby. The surgery is risky but they have to do it to save the child. Dr. Hoffman will be doing the surgery and that is the best that they can do for David and Anna.

Dr. Hoffman is examining Anna. He has been doing an ultrasound on her and he sees something on the screen as Anna looks on. There is a thickening of the babyís ventricle and that means that the babyís heart is failing. Jake, David and Joe are there too and they all know what that means. Anna thinks then that they should get right into surgery and save that baby.

David tells Anna that the baby could die during surgery but Anna knows that they are so lucky that they have the technology that will help their baby to live. She is trying to be as positive as possible about this. She knows what the risks are but she has to believe that the baby will live and be fine by the time that she is born. She also realizes that the baby may die, but she doesnít believe that is going to happen. They have too much invested in her and she has become so important to them. She feels that it is for them to have the baby. She needs him to believe this. Everything happens for a reason. They have this baby because they love each other and that is something good that will make things all right. The baby hasnít had a great start in life but she can get through this. They will too. She will be theirs for the rest of their lives. They will raise her and take care of her and she will matter more than anything else in their lives. If she is anything like her mother, she will be able to pull herself through anything, even this.

Maggie and Henry are still in class and the professor is quizzing them. Maggie gets the next question and she answers it with ease, but not without looking over at Henry first. The professor sees that interaction and seems a little concerned about it. The professor is impressed with Maggieís ability to answer so quickly and correctly. That was the last pop quiz and class is over. Some of the kids there are already failing the class and the professor warns them about that. At the beginning of the term, she told the class that someone that is sitting nearby every student in the room will quit or fail. That is how difficult the class is to pass. Class is over but the professor would like to hold Maggie back and talk to her about something very important.

Kendall knows Greenlee and expects Greenlee to yell at her but Greenlee doesnít. Greenlee explains that a pipe burst earlier and things are okay now. Greenlee is being nice and says that is because she is tired. Greenlee really wants to know about Kendallís date. Kendall tells her that the date was a dream. Michael flew her to New York City in his helicopter. The skies were beautiful but she doesnít remember that. They were talking the whole time. They had dinner downtown but all she remembers was Michael looking at her. It was as if nothing else mattered. They came back to Pine Valley and that was it. Greenlee is taking the news well. She thinks that Kendall had a wonderful time. Is there more? Kendall asked him what he came to town for and he said that he came to Pine Valley because he couldnít stop thinking about her. He made her feel like the only woman in the world. He looked in her eyes and she was happy. Greenlee seems to be making fun of her, but she is only remembering what a date like that was like.

Mia and Simone tell the cosmetics lady that they had an appointment with her to distribute lipsticks. The woman is suspicious about the lipstick and where it came from. Mia tells the woman that the lipstick is their own. The woman tells the girls that she will only distribute the Enchantment line at her shop. Mia and Simone are sure that if they can get the woman to try the product, she will like it and see that it doesnít belong to anyone else. The woman wants nothing to do with it. Bianca has been nearby listening and she offers to try the lipstick and see how it is.

Simone gives Bianca the lipstick to try. Bianca would like to see how great Fusion really is. She opens up the product and puts some on her lips to test it out. She looks in a hand mirror. She likes it. She really does. Bianca admits that she would buy it. Would she buy it over Enchantment? Bianca says that the product is different from Enchantment. She would buy both products. The woman is interested in the product and will try it for 30 days. The woman gets a call and she leaves to take it. Simone thanks Bianca for her help in getting the sale. Bianca tells them that itís fine and they are not to mention this. Thanks to her, Fusion and Enchantment are on the same shelves. Bianca really wants this kept secret. She only told the truth. The woman didnít even look at their product and that isnít fair. Now they have a shot. Simone offers to do something for her but Bianca wants nothing from them, only that they keep their mouths quiet.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she has no idea how to take all of this. Greenlee thinks that she should just enjoy what has been happening with the guy. Kendall canít without knowing what is going to happen next. This must be what it was like for Greenlee to fall for Leo. Leo had a talent for making the rest of the world disappear. Leo and Greenlee fell in love on the set of WRCW. She fell in love with him anyway. What could be more romantic than that? Carlos appears. He needs to look at the wall and check the pipe. He goes to the wall and Greenlee introduces him to Kendall. He says that he is going to be quick, but Kendall says that he can take all the time that he wants. Mia and Simone return doing a dance. They are in. They went to Laceyís and they have 30 days to peddle their stuff there and then make more orders. The woman loved the way that the product looked onÖ Looked on who?

Erica is furious that Maxine bought Fusionís products. Erica thinks that the woman should know that the products were leftover products from Shanghai. Bianca tells her mother that they really have a good product. Erica thinks that something must have happened after she talked to Maxine. Bianca tells her mother that the product isnít a Shanghai product. Erica thinks that the customers go to Laceyís to buy Enchantment. Erica doesnít understand, Fusion must have gone into production. Erica tries the product and Bianca knows that it feels nice. Erica can see that Bianca had something to do with this. Bianca admits that she tried some of the stuff on. Erica goes to the phone asking to see Boyd Laraby right away.

The professor tells Maggie that she has to speak up in class as she has a great deal to contribute. If this is what she wants, she has to speak up. She shouldnít be deferring to Henry Chin.

Dr. Hoffman comes to tell David that his signature is needed for the surgery in triplicate. David leaves Anna to sign the papers. Anna makes a call since she is now alone. She calls Trey telling him that she is in Pine Valley. She is okay but she has to go into surgery. They have to operate on the baby. Trey would like to help in anyway that he can. David is with Anna and she thinks that he should be there to help David through this. He will be there right away. David returns and Anna learns that everything is ready. Anna exhales deeply. David is not going to be in the OR with Dr. Hoffman, but he is going to be there if she wants him to be. She needs him to have faith. Can he do that for her?

Kendall is glad that Maxine knows that Kendall is Ericaís daughter. It is clear that Maxine knows about Shanghai. Erica may have told her about that but they shouldnít be worried. They are not using Shanghai products anymore. Erica is acting like she is threatened. Fusion is top rate and Erica is smart enough to know it. If she is playing dirty, they are on the right track. Kendall canít have Erica bad-mouthing their company and Kendall isnít going to stand for it. Mia would like Kendall to kiss and make up with Erica but that isnít going to happen. They are going to have to be David against Enchantmentís Goliath. They need sympathy and they need press. Greenlee thinks that Kendall should go and see Erica and not leave until she gets her crazy. They all agree on this.

Boyd shows up to see Erica and Bianca. Erica wants to know how Fusion made this product. Erica explains that Fusion is just a label and they donít have a lab. They have managed to come up with a first rate product on the first try and Erica would like to know how they did that. She wants him to break down the product and tell her what is in it. Boyd already knows what is in it as he was there when they made it.

Regina tells Maggie that she doesnít have to study with Henry Chin and if she is smart she wonít do that anymore.

David goes to the chapel to pray. ďÖI have been taking credit for you for yearsÖI canít lose right? I canít loseÖI guess I am in line for a dose of humility, well here I amÖI am humbledÖIf this is something elseÖif this is you to try to punish me for past deeds, you remember that there is Anna and our little girl, so just back off and find some other way to get back at meÖif my little girl dies, all those lives that you want me to save and all those works you want me to perform, you can just forget itÖĒ Trey has walked in behind David and he hears his very strange prayer.

David tells Trey that Anna is about to have her surgery. Trey is there as Anna called him. David can see that Anna is still trying to take care of him. The doctor that is doing the surgery is the best in the world. David is to have faith but he isnít sure what that means. Trey isnít sure what faith is, but he knows that it is there for the asking.

Maggie demands to know what it is that Regina hates about Henry so much. What the hell is her problem? Henry is coming and so Regina leaves. Henry wants to know what Regina keeps talking about. He tells her that it is because she is not Chinese and he is. It is a cultural thing. Maggie doesnít understand. Henry canít explain because she will never understand. She tells him fine and she walks off.

How could Boyd be there when Fusion was making the product? Boyd was at Kendallís place and she called him over there. He had no idea that Kendall was over at her place making the product. Erica canít believe that the women were making the product on their stove. They couldnít keep the lip color from sticking and Boyd helped them out. They were following instructions from the Internet. Erica is furious that Boyd has been helping them. Erica tells Boyd that he is good but she gave him that raise and contract out of loyalty and his history with Enchantment. Boyd wasnít disloyal to her. He made a helpful comment. Erica thinks that Kendall didnít call him over there as a friend. She thinks that this is how Kendall operates. She calls Kendall a liar and a cheater. Boyd tells her to stop it. Boyd knows that Erica sees Kendall as a devil but Boyd doesnít see that. To him she is innocent. Erica can see it on the wall. Boyd is in love with Kendall. God help him.

Fusion is having a meeting. They are deciding on colors and names of colors. They joke and laugh as they come up with their ideas.

Greenlee goes to see Carlos and he tells her that he canít finish now. He needs more supplies. He thinks that she wants him out of there. She tells him that he has been doing a great job there. She tries to be nicer but he is not smiling. Simone hears Greenlee talking to the man about how it is okay that he had picked her up in his arms and carried her out of harms way. He tells her that he understands, he knows that her husband is dead.

Jake and Joe come to see David. They seem to have news. Trey leaves to let them talk. David faces Jake and Joe and asks them what has been going on.

Carlos leaves and the other women want to know what happened there the night before. Greenlee assures them that nothing happened and that they should get back to work.

Erica doesnít want to talk about Boydís helping Kendallís company. He will not talk about his feelings for Kendall. Erica understands that but this is business and Kendall has stated that her lifeís mission is to Ö Kendall has entered the room. She tells Erica that she is fine on her own and she doesnít need Erica or her chemist. She tells Erica to stay away from her and leave her alone.

Joe and Jake tell David that Dr. Hoffman had a stroke right before the operation. The baby is showing bad signs and they have to get another specialist. There is no time. Jake tells him that they have to operate right now. David knows that isnít possible. They donít have anyone to do the surgery on the baby. Joe tells David that they have him. He will have to do the operation on his own unborn child.

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