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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/5/03

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Michael comes to see Kendall and she slams the door in his face. He is the last person that she thought that she would see, especially in Pine Valley. She doesnít want to see him the way that she looks at that moment.

Greenlee is putting company stickers on products and she thinks that she shouldnít be doing this. She is co-owner of the company and has other things that she should be attending to. Mia comes into the room and finds her upset at the idle chore that she has to perform. Simone and Kendall should be helping but they are busy and out of the office. Greenlee would like to finish the job and get some things done around there.  However, that is proving to be a more and more difficult task. Mia is angry that she had to push Jake away again as she keeps promising him that they will have time together and she hasnít been able to live up to that promise. She can tell that he is getting impatient with her. She really doesnít want that. Greenlee thinks that Jake should understand that Mia is very busy. She is helping to start a new business and it is a busy time for them. Mia misses him and wishes that she could be with him now. She sees that there is voicemail and she picks up the messages. She phones Jake to try and make sure that he is not upset with her for being away, but he isnít available and so she hangs up the phone. Mia has to appease Jake as Fusionís hot product is going to fizzle. He is the person on the posters that they have made. She will need his cooperation to keep the campaign going. They are out of containers for the product so Mia goes to find some more in the stockroom. Greenlee tries to pick up a box and a young man is behind her offering to help her with the boxes. He is directly behind her. She is startled when she turns and finds that he is there. He tries to take the boxes from her but she holds on to them.

Kendall apologizes to Michael for slamming the door but she doesnít open it as she speaks. Her place is a mess and she looks terrible. She is in the mirror trying to make herself look good for him before she lets him back in. Michael goes to the side window and sees what she is doing. He can tell that she is worried that she isnít making a good presentation for him just now. He tells her that she looks fine. She turns and finds him peering at her through the window. She knows now that he knows that she has been trying to fix herself up. She lets him in. He tells her that he would like to go to dinner with her that night if possible.

Trey comes to see Dr. Anderson. She has been wondering if he could explain something to her. She thinks that Reggie isnít fine. She is waving a piece of paper in his face.

David is trying to find Anna. He learns that she has left Zurich. He panics. Edmund comes into the room asking where he has been. He is furious and doesnít care that the man is on the phone. He was supposed to get back to Edmund with the results of the blood work. David hasnít had time to do that. David is still on the phone trying to get information on where Anna is so that he can find her. Edmund proves to be very impatient and he grabs the phone from David to get all of his attention. Maria has to be the priority here for Edmund. Edmund hangs up the phone in a rough manner to get his point across. David looks up at him wondering what he thinks he is doing. The man is totally out of control.

Edmund tells David that his wife is in trouble. His help is needed in this matter. Maria hasnít been acting like herself. David has the results and he tells Edmund that the problem with Maria is that she has a flu and nothing else. The drug hasnít been the thing that has been making Maria sick after all. Edmund tells David that Maria has left. He has no idea where she is. She took off with Aidan and there is nothing that Edmund can do about that it seems. Some woman locked and tied her up. He still isnít sure what that is all about. Edmund thinks it must have something to do with Aidan. David tells Edmund that the drug is a cardiac drug. No one will find out about it because it isnít the cause of Mariaís being sick. Edmund tells David that he told Maria that he gave her the drug. David canít believe Edmundís stupidity. The woman has been trying to get to him for a long time. Now Edmund has given her the ammunition to do that. David thinks that Maria is at the D.A.ís office right now telling Jackson just what has happened to her. Sometimes Edmund is incredibly stupid. David will not go to jail for Edmundís stupidity. That doesnít sit well with him. Edmund knows that his children have lost their mother again. He hates that they have been put in this position again. David will not be dragged to jail with Edmund though. That is one thing that he knows for sure. This has all been Edmundís doing. The nurse comes in to say that David has someone that wants to see him outside. He will be there in a minute. He canít even get a minute to try to find his wife around this hospital because it is so busy all the time.

Dr. Anderson informs Trey that Reggie has a big test the next day and that he has been missing school. His attendance record is terrible.  This seems to indicate that Trey hasnít been able to handle the boy. Trey says that he will handle things and make sure that Reggie shows up for his test.

David comes out of the office and finds Anna there waiting to see him. They hug.

The young man in Greenleeís office tells her that he is there to fix the pipe. He got a call and does maintenance for the office. Greenlee tells him to get on with his job and stay out of her way. She looks at the poster of Jake and Mia and thinks that it should have been she and Leo in the picture. She turns to find the maintenance guy staring at her.

Kendall would like to know what Michael is doing there. He says that he is there for business. He sent her flowers and she received them. She thought that he was just playing with her. He thinks that she is a spectacular woman. She tells him that she has been working on her products for the company. She says that her products have been very hot and she has a lot of work on her plate. She tells him that she is the go-to girl and she has extra work. Simone comes out from the back and finds that Kendall is entertaining a man. Kendall thinks that she should have been gone now but Simone had something else to do. Kendall introduces Simone to the man. Simone thinks that she has met the man before. He tells her that they havenít. Simone is smitten with the man and can see that Kendall wants to be alone with the man. She leaves the apartment. Michael wants to go for dinner now. Kendall thinks that she canít go out looking the way that she does. He thinks that she looks fine. She will freshen up then and then they can go. She puts on some music and leaves him alone for a moment. He looks around at her things as he walks through her apartment. She shouts out that she will not be long and he shouts back that she should take her time.

Anna really missed her husband and David takes her into an examination room to talk to her privately. She is huge now with their child. David kisses her stomach. Anna missed him as much as he missed her. He was really worried about her thinking that the baby needed surgery. She has to talk to him about the baby. Everything isnít okay. She has bad news.

Trey comes home to find Reggie. He is on his way out. Trey has dinner for him and there is that test to do the next day. Trey tells him that people are watching to see if he is going to fail. Trey tells him that he is going to pass this test, if they have to stay up all night studying.

Greenlee is alone in the office and she hears a noise. She calls out but there is no one there. She goes to look in the neighboring room. She goes to phone Simone but the girl walks in as she is dialing. Greenlee gets a call from Jake and tells him that Mia is getting busy and will not have any time to talk to him. Simone thinks that was rather rude. Simone tells her that Kendall is with the guy from Aspen. He is going to take Kendall out to dinner. He seems to be the guy for Kendall. Greenlee thinks that the guy is going to dump her as soon as he gets what he wants. She is cynical due to the things that have been happening in her past. She doesnít believe in love at first sight. Simone tells her that she could turn around and suddenly find the man that will take her breath away. Simone turns and the maintenance guy who happens to be very handsome is behind her. The man gets back to work.

Simone tells Greenlee that the guy is hot. Surely, Greenlee has noticed. She says only that she has other things on her mind. She only cares for Leo. Simone tells Greenlee that she should be able to love a great looking guy without feeling guilty.

Michael Kinsey is talking to the cleaning lady that he has hired and is paying for cleaning Kendallís house. He has had her place cleaned thoroughly. Kendall comes out and finds out what he has been doing. The cleaning lady is gone and Michael tells her that he would like to spend some time there with her. He pours her a drink asking her to drink to something with him. Maybe second chances. Kendall is starting to warm up to the guy but then she changes her mind. ďNoÖI canít do thisÖĒ

Simoneís problem with Greenlee is that she will not let the other women get on with their lives. Because Greenlee canít get over her problems, she has been preventing the other women from having lives. Greenlee says to get over it. There are no fairytales and the other women should get that so that they will be better off.

Kendall is freaked out by Michael, who doesnít understand what is wrong with her. He is like every wish come true. If something feels too good to be true, it usually is. There is probably disaster lurking around the corner. He tells her that he will turn every corner before her then. He assures her that sometimes, dreams do come true. He picks her off the chair and puts her coat around her. They head to the door and out. He makes a funny gesture about looking outside before letting her out behind him. ďShall we?Ē

Trey is asking Reggie questions for his test, but Reggie doesnít know the answers. Reggie needs a ĎBí to be okay. He needs to get a good grade to get a good job. He has the options to be whatever he wants. Reggie feels that his color is a barrier to him. Trey wants to know what Reggie would like to be doing when he is 20. Reggie thinks by then he will be dead.

Anna reports that there has been no improvement in the babyís heart. Surgery is the only option. If that is true, then Anna should have stayed out of the country. Anna was feeling alone even though she has been with her daughter. Anna knows that Robin has a lot of responsibilities and Anna didnít want to take up her time. She didnít even tell Robin all the things that have been going on with her. Anna is almost 8 months and shouldnít be even traveling. David tells her that they have to go. He has to get Anna to the airport. Anna tells him that she isnít going to go back to Europe. Dr. Anderson sees that David is about to leave.  She warns him that he has another half hour to go before his shift is over. David tells her that she can revoke his parole if she wants, but he is going to get his wife to the airport now. Anna says that she will not go.

Anna pulls David back into the room and tells him that she came home to be with him. If they operate on the baby and David isnít there, he is going to lose his mind. David only wants her to get the proper surgery. Anna tells her that the doctor is there with her and that he will be doing the surgery there. He had a conference in town anyway and that was why he offered to do the surgery in Pine Valley. He will still be as successful. She needs to be with her husband. She has made all of these arrangements herself. She didnít want to tell him all this in case it didnít work out. He canít believe that she has done all this for him. He only wishes that he had been as good to her. They both know that he has put her through hell in the beginning of the pregnancy. Anna is only trying to make things easier to fix. She is amazing. He holds her close to him. She thinks about him even when she is in trouble. He really loves her and she knows it. He knows that he is a jerk but he is happy that she is there. He is going to take time off and get her ready for the surgery. The doctor doesnít want the babyís heart rate to get any lower and so he is going to do the surgery the following day. David kisses her and holds her. She is so thoughtful and brave.

Reggie thinks that guys like him only end up dead or in jail. He seems to have all the answers. Reggie thinks that taking a test isnít going to change his life. Reggie thinks that Trey knows nothing about life. Trey tells him that he went to school everyday. Things are not easy for him because he is white. If Reggie thinks that he is going to die, then Trey will not help him with the test. He is going to cut his losses. He opens the door telling Reggie to get out now.

Kendall and Michael are at dinner and he has taken her out to a very nice date. She isnít surprised that he is a successful businessman. He would rather talk about her. She tells him that she thought that she was going to model the cosmetics. Her company is that big yet, but she is sure that it will be. Kendall feels that the beauty business is in her blood. She has a mother that has it in hers too. Michael had no idea that Erica is Kendallís mother. That proves where her ambition has come from. Kendall is in direct competition with her mother but she doesnít act that way. It is clear to Michael that her goal is not to emulate her mother, but to bring her down. It is like a fairytale. Kendall will be going after the witch. Michael wishes her success. Wishing isnít going to make things happen. Michael tells her that the next time that he is in town, he will call her first. He tells her that the reason that he is in Pine Valley is because of her.

Mia canít find Jake. Simone tells her to go and make things up with Jake. She offers to finish off the job that Mia was doing. Mia is happy to hear that and she takes off. Simone tries to lift a box but she canít do it. She calls out to the maintenance guy and calls him over to her so that he can give her a hand with the box. She watches as he picks it up. She speaks Italian to him and introduces herself to Carlos. They take the box to the car so that Simone can deliver the contents.

Greenlee is alone again in the office and she hears the noises again. It is a clanging that is coming from the pipes. She walks over to the pipes and she hears more banging. She hits the pipe and a leak spurts out. She puts her hand over the hole to stop water coming out and shouts out for help but no one is there.

Kendall canít believe that Michael is there and has come to see her. He feels that she should know why he is there. He thinks that she is worth it.

Greenlee has her hand over the hole and Carlos returns and tries to help but soon another hole starts and water starts spurting out. They are both soaked and he picks her up and carries her into the other room. She warns him not to touch her again. He assures her that he will not. He goes back to the pipe to see what he can do about it. Greenlee tries to take a step and ends up flat on her back as she slips from the flood.

Trey manages to get Reggie to agree to study some more.

David and Anna are walking out to go home when Anna suddenly feels the girl in her stomach kick. David gets on his knees telling the fetus that he and mommy love her very much. Anna has been thinking about how she thought that she would never have another child. She wasnít concerned about the baby at first and she was wrapped up in herself. She thought that there was something wrong with her. She didnít bond with her baby. Then, when the doctor said that there was something wrong with the baby, she knew that she could lose the most important thing in her life. She canít wait to hold her baby and tell her how much she loves her. David tells her that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that she gets to hold her baby in her arms. He hugs her closely again but with his head over her shoulder, the concern for his baby starts showing on his face.

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