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All My Children Update Monday 2/3/03

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Morgan and Aidan are holding guns on each other near Edmund's safe. Morgan tells him that he was very clever to insist that he be the one to crack the safe so he could grab the gun inside. Aidan tells her that she has two ways to leave, on foot or in a plastic bag. It's her choice. Maria walks up behind Morgan, who doesn't see or hear her. Aidan acts like he doesn't see her. Maria doesn't know what to make of the situation. She picks something up then drops it on the desk, prompting Morgan to turn around. That gives Aidan the chance to jump her and knock her out. Maria asks Aidan about Morgan, referring to her as the inspector from Scotland Yard. Aidan tells her that Morgan is an accomplice of Julian's. Maria tells Aidan she wants to go with him. They drag Morgan into a closet and leave.

Edmund goes downstairs to answer his door. It is Chris along with an inspector from Scotland Yard and a security guard. Edmund doesn't know what more questions they could have since the other inspector was already there. The inspector says no one else from Scotland Yard was there before him. It could have been Aidan Devane's accomplice and former lover, Morgan. Edmund says he'll go speak to Maria. He is back right away, saying Maria is gone. The security guard finds Morgan bound and in the closet. Morgan tells Edmund that Aidan turned on her and took his money, his gun and his wife. Aidan and Maria are outside of Morgan's car. Maria tells Aidan he needs to take her with him. He notices she is sick and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that Edmund gave her some crazy drug that was untested. She says Edmund is as twisted as David Hayward. Aidan tells her that David is the only one who can help her but he resists that notion. She tells him all she cares about is him and she throws her arms around him. Aidan tells Maria that he's going to hot-wire Morgan's car and drive her to her mother's house. She can't go with him because of the danger he's in. Her mother will take care of her. Maria asks Aidan who's going to take care of him. She saved him from Morgan and he needs her. She needs him too. Aidan says he's going to the Bahamas to find Julian and kill him. Maria says Julian knows who she is so she's already in danger. She needs to go with him. Morgan is in a jail cell. Chris leaves her alone with the Scotland Yard inspector. She quickly tells him that he is sexy and calls him Julian. She tells him that Aidan thinks he's in the Bahamas and probably is going there with Maria. Julian says once Aidan sees him kill Maria, he'll beg him to kill him too.

Mia, Simone and Kendall are over a boiling pot on a stove in Kendall's kitchen. As they add ingredients, they list them on a computer. Kendall pours almond oil into the mixture, much to the dismay of Simone and Mia, who say ingredients need to be precise. Greenlee comes to the door and asks them why they're having a fondu party when their company is crumbling. Kendall says they are perfecting the recipe for success. They are trying to replicate the lip color they gave out. Kendall has it on her lips now. Greenlee looks at the pot and says it looks like a vat of blood. Simone shows Greenlee what's in the mixture, and Greenlee asks how it tastes. She dips her finger into it and puts it in her mouth. She almost gags on the taste and has to take a swig from a bottle of champagne. Simone adds beeswax to the mixture to solidify it. The phone rings and Kendall runs anxiously to it. She seems disappointed to learn that the caller is Maxi Berlin from Lacy's. Kendall promises she'll have the lip color by tomorrow morning. Mia asks who Kendall was hoping the caller was. Could it be that she thought it was Michael? Kendall says she and Michael shared one evening and there is nothing more to it than that. Mia asks Kendall if she has been eating guacamole. Why does she ask that, Kendall wants to know as she looks at herself in a mirror. "My lips are green!" she cries. "We are so dead," Simone responds. Mia and Simone look over the list of ingredients and see what could have caused this. It needs to be tried on again. Simone tries it this time. Within moments she can't open her lips. They are glued together. Kendall calls Boyd and tells him to come over because it's an emergency. When he arrives, he tells them he can't help them because they are the competition. Kendall tells him she'll take him out to dinner if he helps unseal Simone's lips. He looks at the ingredients and asks if Simone put it on while it was still warm. He says the beeswax solidified and sealed her lips. She just needs to warm it up and her lips will be fine. Mia helps Simone open her lips with a blow drier. They are grateful to him and ask him to look at their formula. He says all he can do is wish them luck. After Simone's lips are unsealed, the women, covered in lip color, begin to clean up their mess. Simone comments on what a hunk Boyd is. Kendall says he is a nice guy, cute and sincere. Boring, Greenlee interjects. After the lip color cools, they put it on Mia and all agree it is very pretty. They excitedly scream "we did it!" Greenlee and Mia take the formula to the office along with some small metal containers to package it as Simone goes to tend to her hurting lips. There is a knock on the door and Kendall opens it to find Michael holding a single rose.

Jack tells Erica that she's as much a part of his life as Lilly is. He says she will be in his heart for the rest of his life. They kiss tenderly, then it gets more intense. The next time they are shown, Jack is sitting in the living room with his shirt unbuttoned and Erica, fully dressed, enters the room. Jack's phone rings and he gets good news. Lilly is out of the woods and she's asking for him. Erica tells him he needs to go to her. Jack tries awkwardly to refer to what just happened, but Erica tells him that it was what it was. There's no need to analyze it. There is a knock at the door. It is Bianca. She asks what's up. Is everything all right? Erica tells her it is now. She says Lilly is at the hospital and Jack needed some rest, so she brought him to her home. Jack excuses himself. Bianca says the reason she came over seems unimportant now considering Jack's worries. She shows Erica the Fusion lip color that was given out on campus. "This is trouble mom. Big trouble," she says. Erica looks at the lipstick and comments that it's not up to the quality of Enchantment. Bianca says half the girls at college are wearing it. Because it's cheap, Erica asks? Bianca tells her that the Fusion women gave the lip color out on campus. As Erica examines the lip color, she pulls the label off. "Those devious little wannabes," she says. This is a salvage product, unloaded by a company that went out of business. She says this failed company found their suckers in Fusion, or "Confusion," the way Erica puts it. She says Enchantment has a seven-figure campaign. Bianca says Fusion has put posters up all over town and her friends like their campaign. Erica says it won't put a dent into Enchantment. Bianca comments that she and Jack seemed a little thrown when she came in, like they were caught off guard. She says she should have waited to come over so Erica could go to the hospital with Jack. Erica says Jack was going to go alone anyway. Bianca says she thought she and Jack were on the outs because he wouldn't prosecute Trey for burning her house down. Bianca says she's glad they are there for each other and Jack is lucky to have her. After Bianca leaves, Erica stares into her fireplace and thinks about what just happened between her and Jack. Flashbacks are shown of her and Jack undressing each other and kissing passionately. Erica thinks again about the lip color. She calls Maxi and makes small talk before telling her she wants to give her a "heads up" on something. She says a cut-rate company is peddling product from a failed company. She tells her taking junk like that would damage her store.

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