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All My Children Update Thursday 1/30/03

By Glynis
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Greenlee is angry and she is trying not to explode. She has seen the posters of Jake and Mia all over town on her way into work and she wouldn’t ever have approved something like that for Fusion. She has given people leeway to work and they have royally screwed up. She has to find out who did this and have a serious talk with that person. She sees that the office too has the posters all over the wall. She hates the idea and is trying to keep her cool as her first impression is to blow her top. Someone is going to have to pay for this. Kendall and Simone see that Greenlee is in a mood and Kendall goes over to see what is going on. She sees that Greenlee wants to blow her top and she can’t imagine why. As far as she is concerned, everything is going great and Greenlee should be happy. Greenlee asks Kendall what is going on with the pictures that are up all over town. There are hundreds of posters up over town. Greenlee thinks that they are going to be a laughing stock and she wants to know who is responsible for the poster with Mia and Jake all over it.

Jake is getting things ready for them to eat but Mia is already on the phone doing business. He knows that if he doesn’t stop her, she will be out the door and off to work and so he has gotten her a little something to eat before she leaves. When Mia sees the spread she ends her call to be with Jake. She knows that he is trying his best to make things nice for them and she really appreciates that. She is sorry that she was caught up in business again. She has been trying to balance things but it hasn’t always worked out. He is glad that she notices that he had made an effort for her that morning and he is especially glad that she approves. He is doing this for her. She says that she knows that he is trying to make up for the night before. He starts for a moment but says nothing. Surely she doesn’t know about what happened with he and the doctor the night before… He decides that there is nothing to worry about and tells her that he is trying to make up for what happened the night before, meaning that they didn’t get to spend time together are planned. He tells her that he did all this because of what should have happened last night. They should have been together. They kiss to show that they have missed each other and that everything is alright.

The posters of Mia and Jake are up all over the university. Maggie and Henry are working together trying to figure out the work that they have to do for their class. He comes over to see what she is doing and he peers over her shoulder as they discuss the problem before them, and a girl comes over to him shocked that he is studying or maybe he is just hitting the books because of Maggie. She smiles and walks to another part of the room. Henry and Maggie laugh at what the girl says and Maggie notices the Henry has a nice smile when he chooses to smile.

Edmund hears someone coming up the drive and he looks out. He has been waiting for Hayward to come and help him with his problem. He has been waiting for David to come and make things right again for Maria. Edmund gave her the drug that wasn’t totally fit for use yet and now Maria is having terrible symptoms as a result of it. She doesn’t even have any idea that she has ingested anything that could harm her. He heads to the door and David walks in hurriedly. David was working the night shift at the hospital and he just got Edmund’s message about Maria’s illness. Edmund is beside himself as Maria seems to be having a hard time with the drug that she has been given. David can tell him nothing until he sees her and maybe not after then as well. Edmund was stupid for stealing David’s serum and now he wants David to wave a magic wand and make things better. This is just what David warned him about and Edmund ignored him. Edmund seems to think that this is all David’s fault. He should have made a better drug and he said that the drug was 98% tested, so with that information, Edmund didn’t think that there was anything to worry about. He was apparently wrong.

Maria is in her bed shivering and calling out for someone to help her. She feels like she is using all her energy to call out but her voice comes out in little more than a whisper. She can barely hold her eyes open. She has her eyes closed now and she is crying out, “Help me…help…me…”Her voice gets smaller and smaller and she is panting now. The men downstairs can’t even hear her call out.

Edmund thought that the serum was working and that was why he gave it to Maria. He knew the risks and he didn’t care at the time. Edmund tries to blame David for this but he knows that the drug wasn’t ready for use and he may have done something terrible to his wife. David is worried about his reputation. He thinks that this will cause him his family because Edmund was selfish. Edmund was sure that the drug was starting to work. Edmund tells him to save his behind by fixing things. Edmund reminds David that he was the one that took Maria from him for many years and Edmund threatens him. Edmund threatens to take Maria to the hospital so that she can be tested and then they will both go down. David decides to head up to see Maria.

Maria is in her bed and she is covered with sweat. She is calling for help and she hallucinates. She sees a candle…she is walking and dressed in white…she sees more candles…Aidan calls to her telling her that he is there and he will help her an always take care of her if she will let him. She reaches for his hand… That is when Edmund comes to her with David. She turns to Edmund and thinks that she is seeing Aidan…”Aiden???”

Jake is spoiling Mia and promises to keep doing that for the rest of their lives. She thinks that she has been too wrapped up in her work and that has caused problems. Jake will not listen to that now. Mia wishes that she was more into him and able to stay with him longer but she has meetings and budgets to handle. Jake tells her to chuck it as they are going to run away and he will make reservations for them to get away. She would love to go but she can’t. He feels her head and sees that it is hot. She admits that a few days in bed would be good for her. He is glad to hear that. It is settled. His schedule is light and he will get another doctor to handle his shifts. Mia promises to work it out for them. The phone rings and Mia runs to get it but Jake stops her from getting it. He wants her to start right now focusing on them.

Greenlee tells Kendall that the whole city is covered with posters. Kendall didn’t do this and Greenlee demands to know who did this without permission.

Simone is at the police station with a cop that is holding her there along with some of the Fusion posters. Simone is trying to call Mia but no one is answering. “Oh come on Mia…where are you?” The cop watches as Simone makes her phone call.

Henry tells Maggie that it is time to take a break and they get coffees. Maggie asks him if it is lonely being at the top as he is so smart. It was a drag when he was a kid but it doesn’t bother him now. His mother is very proud and so is his uncle. She asks about his father. He says that his father is in Taiwan. He is the only one that wants to be a doctor in his family. He asks about her and she tells him that her family is full of drop outs but her cousin is a specialist and he has gotten her involved in being a doctor. He gets a call and looks at the number. He knows that he has to take the call and he walks a few feet away.

Maggie sees Regina and asks her why she is always bugging Henry. Maggie thinks that Henry is pretty cool. Regina tells her that if she isn’t careful, she will blow her whole future on Henry Chin.

Jake thinks that whoever was calling Mia can call someone else. Jake will make sure that no one disturbs them again. Jake has the number to the inn where he would like to take Mia and he will make the call to get things settled. He will go in the bedroom and make the reservations. He can’t wait to have her all to himself. He leaves and Mia heads to the phone to see who was calling. She picks up her messages and hears that Simone is in trouble. “What has she done?” She returns the call to Simone at the station. Simone says that there has been a mistake. She has been charged with defacing property. She would be okay but the cop is a Neanderthal. She has to pay a fine. She was only putting up posters and got caught. Mia has no idea what posters she is talking about. Mia looks out the window and sees the posters with Jake and Mia all over the place. She tells Simone that she will be right there.

Greenlee tells Kendall that they are not selling candy, they are selling an image. Kendall thinks that it is find. Greenlee thinks that they are going to be laughed out of the business for doing this. The receptionist tells Kendall that Mia is on the phone. Kendall and Greenlee on the phone with her. Greenlee tells her that she isn’t going to let the posters spoil the image of the company. Mia tells them that Simone has been arrested. Greenlee thinks that Simone should stew there. Mia says that they have to get her out of this. Jake comes out and hears that Mia is leaving for the office again. Mia says that she has an emergency and then she will be back. He will give her 2 hours and then he will expect that they will be leaving. She tells him to pack while she is gone. She is out the door and Jake grabs his coat and heads out after her.

Outside the Jake and Mia posters are everywhere. Mia finds them all over the place. She knows that Jake is going to have a fit. She runs off and gets into her car.

Jake comes out as Mia is driving off. He sees the posters and gets angry. “What is this?” He grabs one of the posters and pulls it off the wall.

David isn’t happy as he can’t tell what is wrong with Maria. She has a fever, she has a rapid heart rate and that could be anything. What are they going to do? They look at her as she lies still now under the covers, but still very ill.

David doesn’t have the right tools to see what is wrong with Maria. He doesn’t even know the side effects. Edmund thinks that he should be able to work on Maria. If he can’t work on her and something goes wrong, they are going to be in this together. David will take a blood sample and run some tests.

The re-enter Maria’s room and Edmund calls to her asking if she can hear him. He assures her that everything is going to be okay. He loves her and would never let anything happen to her. He tells her he is sorry.

Maggie asks Regina again why she is being so weird. Regina has known Henry since preschool and this is none of her business but if Maggie keeps hanging with Henry he will drag her down. Regina tells her to stay as far from Henry as she can. Henry returns and Regina leaves. Maggie tells Henry that they have to finish their work. Henry can see that something is up with Henry. Maggie asks him what is up with him. Maggie tells him that she was told that if she hangs around with him, she will be dragged down. Why would Regina warn her like that?

Simone is at the station and she asks if she could put up her posters in the stationhouse. The cop tells her that she will get a bigger fine.

Jackson comes out of an office with another lawyer and they are haggling over how to deal with a criminal. They come to an agreement and then Jackson sees Simone. What is she doing there?

Greenlee, Kendall and Mia arrive and they attack her for being stupid. The women all see Jackson and they demand that she be released from there. They are all talking at once and he can’t get an idea what is going on. He goes to the cop to get the story. The cop tells that Simone was defacing public property with her posters. Jackson tells her that is illegal. He gets a call and leaves the ladies to take it. The other lawyer that was talking to Jackson comes out saying that the ladies need help and he might be able to help them. Greenlee has already call Trey but they can’t wait for that. Simone runs to the lawyer telling him that he is hired and that she has to get out of there. The man smiles down at her.

The lawyer, Kenny, presses Jackson again to have his other case worked out his way but Jackson tells him not to push things and he walks off.

Kenny turns to the ladies and they explain that Simone was distributing ads and she was picked up by the cop. The pictures where not lewd or dirty. They didn’t harm anyone, so Simone would like to get the hell out of there. Kenny will talk to the cop and the DA and see that she be released. Simone is proud of herself, but Greenlee thinks that Simone is cheesy. Simone says that Greenlee liked that idea when it first came up. Greenlee meant for the pictures to be in magazines and not on posters everywhere. Simone did all this on her computer for $50.00. Kendall thinks that the pictures are not that bad. Jake isn’t going to be happy about this. Simone didn’t ask him and she put the posters out prematurely. Simone apologizes to them. She was trying to do her job with no money and no support. She even had to use students to get the pictures up and they ran off when she was picked up. Kenny tells Simone that she can go but she has to take down the posters and pay $100 fine. They all have meetings to go to and can’t take the posters down now, but Simone reminds them that they are all in this together.

Edmund sits by Maria and assures her that she will be riding her horse and playing with the kids in no time. She turns o Edmund and tells him, “I want to die…” That shocks him, as she must be a lot worse than he thought. Edmund hears a noise and he runs from Maria’s room.

He goes downstairs to find David leaving. David will give him answers as soon as he can. Edmund panics as Maria has just said that she wants to die. He wants to give her something to relieve her but David can’t do that until knows what is going on with her. David can’t tell him that she isn’t going to die. David can’t promise anything. Edmund tells him to just make Maria better. David will do his best for them. David tells him to keep her hydrated. David tells Edmund again that if anything happens to Maria, he will not be held accountable for that.

Henry says that Regina has been funny to him for a long time. She worries about grades too much. It is that way in the Asian community. Henry wants to be a doctor and not prom king, so what Regina thinks of him doesn’t matter. Maggie understands that but it must be lonely being on the outside. She asks him if he would like to get back to studying now. He thought that she would never ask.

Greenlee hates that Kenny couldn’t get them a better deal. That was the only deal that the DA’s office would make. Greenlee tells them that they have to cancel everything and go round town getting the posters down. Simone promises to get approval first before she does anything.

Simone goes up to Kenny telling him that she owes him and thanks. He tells her that he will be in touch with her.

The ladies all leave the station and Mia stays behind to call Jake. He answers knowing that she is going to tell him that she can’t go away with him. She promises that they will do a weekend and maybe a week soon. He isn’t happy with her at all. He tells her that he has to go and cancel his reservations for the inn.

Edmund tells Maria that Maddie has made her special pancakes in animal shapes. Maria has her eyes open but she doesn’t say much. She is so cold and she is sorry that she is sick. She has never felt this bad before and has no idea what is wrong with her. Edmund tells her that he knows what is wrong with her. He tells her that he has done this to her. She is sick because of him. She looks up into his eyes not sure exactly what that means.

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