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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/29/03

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Adam and Liza talk to Dr. Schwartz telling her what their dream date was. They have been having trouble and so they have agreed to see the doctor in hope that she will be able to shed light on their relationship and make things work better for them. Liza soon realized that she would have to take a back seat on their date, as Adam decided to have an argument with JR instead. She was looking forward to having a nice night out and acting like teenagers again with Adam but that wasn’t to be. Adam couldn’t ignore what JR had done and he caused a big ruckus at the theatre. Liza thinks that Adam should have remembered that he should have been with his wife. Liza has to wonder about their future. She begged him not to confront JR until after the movie but to Adam she wasn’t important enough for him to give up the fight. Adam was grateful for the distraction of the fight as he thought that the date was a teenage fantasy and stupid. He was embarrassed for her and for himself for being there acting stupid, like children. Liza slaps him dead in the face. He wasn’t expecting that and his head snapped by like a pez dispenser. Dr. Schwartz loves that Liza has done this. She doesn’t believe in violence but she can feel this woman’s pain. She has to wonder what took her so long to do that. Adam is shocked at the doctor’s position on his having been slapped. What if he had slapped Liza? How would the good doctor have liked that?

Jonie comes to Laurie’s restaurant with her father. They get a table and it is clear that the two get along fabulously. Laurie serves them. She likes her new job and things have been going well for her there. Jonie and her father order sundaes with extra toppings.

Jonie goes to talk to Laurie privately and asks about JR. Laurie admits that she has seen JR recently. He was in there before and Laurie talked to him although she didn’t really mean to. They have broken up and she is trying to stay firm to her decision to stay away from him. She told him again that they are over for good and she wants him to get used to that idea and stop trying to get to be with her every chance that he gets. Laurie says that she doesn’t care about him anymore but Jonie isn’t so sure that she is telling the truth. She has no time to talk and Laurie gets back to work. Mr. Lewis shows up to order a drink in the restaurant where Laurie is working. He doesn’t see that she is there and he sidles up to the bar to talk to the bartender. She comes over to him, as he is about to order a drink telling him to drink up as it is on her. He turns to her direction, shocked at seeing her there.

Morgan is at Maria’s house telling her that she is looking for Aidan and she thinks that Maria might be able to turn her into the right direction. She pretends to be the law and security has brought her in to see Maria, so Morgan is pretty sure of herself there. Maria informs her that she isn’t in contact with Aidan anymore.  He had to leave town. His life is in danger so he had to go. Morgan is pretending to be an inspector and she wants information on Aidan and this Maria person. Maria tells her that someone is trying to kill Aidan.  That is who Morgan should be looking for. Maria thinks that it is a waste of time for Morgan to be there asking questions that have nothing to do with Aidan or catching him or anything really important. Maria isn’t going to help this woman find Aidan and she doesn’t’ think that she has anything to say on the matter anymore. She is sure that there is no way that she can help. She thinks that Aidan is innocent and she would stake her life on it. There is no way for Maria to actually know that Aidan is innocent but she has been friends with the man and he has done a lot for her, so she believes him.

Aidan is still tied up to the chair and he is trying his best to get out of there before that shrew Morgan returns. He is worried that Maureen has been or will be hurt by Morgan. He has known Morgan for a while and he knows what she is capable of. Aidan looks across the room and sees something that may help him escape from there; the doorknob. If he can only get the door open… He grabs the arms of his chair and starts jumping his chair over in that direction. Slowly, slowly…closer…closer…thump…thump…thump!

Dr. Schwartz thinks that Adam has deserved that slap for a long time. She was wondering what it would take Liza to do something like that. Liza feels ashamed for having hit her husband that way. She got mad but that was no excuse. Dr. Schwartz thinks that she has been making progress. They return to talking about the night at the movies. Adam didn’t’ want to go as they have a home theatre at home. The night went down the tubes. She begged him and pleaded with him to save the evening but he didn’t. Liza whined and pleaded and Adam shrunk away from her. Adam thinks that Liza bowls over obstacles and doesn’t whine. The last time that Adam saw Liza shrink back was… Adam can’t remember. Liza remembers that she used to be a risk taker. Adam remembers the tumor that Liza had. She tells him that she was acting then. Before she was married to Adam, she could make the rules and now, she has no idea. She thinks that she fell behind so that she took herself out of the game. She put herself on the sidelines and cheered no one. How many times has she packed her bags and threatened to leave? She never made it out the door until they started living in separate quarters. Adam thinks that Liza has never failed to confront him when she should have. Liza feels that she has been the one to blame. Three times she has been asked to marry him and three times she did it and she never called for help. How sick does that make her?

Mr. Lewis denies that he came to the restaurant to tie one on. She doesn’t believe him. He didn’t even know that she was working there. He tells her that no matter what; he is still her father. She gets back to work and that is when JR arrives to talk to her. He comes up to her and says hi. He apologizes for storming out before. He wanted to give her a ride home and then he saw her dad come in. she tells him that she can handle her dad. JR would still like to give her a lift. She thanks him for the offer but she is closing that night. She is called back to work and she leaves him where he is standing.

Morgan asks if Aidan trusted his life to Maria. She wants to know what Maria was to Aidan. Maria has no idea what these questions have to do with anything. Maria tries to get up but then almost falls over. Maria says that she is fine and that she only has a cold that has taken a turn for the worse. Morgan looks around to see where the safe might be. Morgan asks again if Maria has been intimate with Aidan. Maria says that has nothing to do with anything. Maria says that the person that killed Fiona has set up the man. Someone even shot him. Maria knows that Aidan was trying to lure Julian out of town with an email. Maria thinks that Aidan was hurt because he was sleeping with some guy’s wife. Maria feels that she owes Aidan. Morgan would like to see the email. Maria offers to go and check on that. She walks away but then bends forward from dizziness. She says that she is okay as the illness is passing. She walks out of the room and Morgan heads into the nearby room to find the safe. She finds what she is looking for but then she hears someone come in. It is Edmund. Morgan tries to introduce herself but Edmund tells her that he knows who she is and that he wants her out of there right away.

Aidan has made it to the door and he tries to get to the knob, but that isn’t working. “Oh man…” He sees something else that can help him and he jumps in his chair to get closer...closer…He is breathing heavily now. It is a nail that is sticking out and he gets his hand that is tied to the chair close to the nail to work on saw the ropes free from his arm. If only he can do that, he will be able to get his other ropes free and he can get over to Maureen and help her out and keep her safe.

Jamie comes in and talks to Laurie. She sees that JR is still there and she leaves. JR tells Jamie that he sees that Jamie has been putting the moves on Laurie. Jamie denies that he has been doing that. JR asks him, “Are you putting the moves on my girlfriend?”

Liza tells how her father let her mother fool around on him. Dr. Schwartz asks how Liza felt about her father. She tells that she wished that her father had fought back when he knew that her mother was fooling around. Liza realizes that she has become her father and that Adam is her mother. She has married her mother.

Morgan explains that she has been asking questions about Aidan. Edmund tells her that she should go now. Maria returns saying that it is fine that she is there. Edmund insists. Morgan leaves. Maria knows that the woman asking about Aidan and Edmund doesn’t want that.

Aidan has managed to get himself free of his bonds and just in time. He gets out of the chair and stands behind the door so that he will be ready for action when Morgan returns. A shadow goes by the window and he knows that someone will be coming in any time now.

Morgan comes in with her gun out and in Aidan’s face. She knew that he would try to get free and she was ready for that. She wants to tell him about her visit to Maria. She says that Maria wasn’t at her best. She had an attack of the vapors. She looked like an anemic heroine. Morgan thinks she might be missing Aidan. She admits that she found the safe but she didn’t open it. Aidan thinks that he can help her there. There is no telling what his hands can do. He tells her that they should get going over there. He starts walking casually to the door. She shoots her gun, hitting him in the hand. She makes him sit down in his chair again. He goes there holding his injured hand. He is lucky. She could have killed him.

Maria tells Edmund that she is feeling worn down all of a sudden. Maria is coughing now. Maria tells Edmund that he should get a life; Isabella should get a life too. She thinks that Maria is not coming back as she will be the one that feels it. She has all this pressure from these people and she can’t take it. He wants her to sit down but she will not sit down. She will do what she wants. She starts walking away from him but then she collapses. Edmund is there to catch her before she hits the floor.

Jamie and JR are arguing and JR tells Jamie to stay away from Laurie. Jamie comes to Mr. Lewis and tells him that he is some piece of work. First he hurts Laurie and then he just forgets about it. JR is hearing all this and asks Mr. Lewis if he has hit Laurie. Jamie tells him to stop this; this is why Laurie can’t talk to him.

Dr. Schwartz sees that Liza’s father always accepted Marian even though she treated him badly. There must have been some emotional payoff. Liza thinks that her mother kept cheating as that would make her father pay attention. Dr. Schwartz nods her head. Liza turns to Adam thinking that Adam might be doing the same thing to her. Dr. Schwartz tells Liza that she has to reclaim the person that she was. Liza has no idea what she was before. Dr. Schwartz says that they can start reclaiming Liza’s other person now and that they will start with the bedroom; hers and Adam’s. She runs to the stairs and runs up them. Adam tries to say something but the good doctor is already gone from their midst’s.

JR tells Jamie again to stay away from Laurie. Jamie has to wonder what JR will do to him if he doesn’t. Jamie doesn’t think that JR is like Adam; he thinks that JR is like Laurie’s dad. Laurie comes out and JR asks her why she didn’t tell him that her father was hitting her. She tells him that is none of his business. JR wonders why she couldn’t tell him that. She tells him to forget her if he wants to make things better for her. She walks away from him and Mr. Lewis sees that.

Dr. Schwartz makes Adam and Liza lie on the bed. They are like two corpses. Dr. Schwartz asks if Liza likes the side of the bed that she is on. Adam says that she does. Liza hates that he answers for her. Actually, she really likes the other side of the bed. They change places. Dr. Schwartz asks next where Liza likes to be while having sex. Does she like to be on top? Adam jumps out of the bed. That is enough. Liza orders Adam back into the bed.

Maria is not feeling well at all and Edmund sees that. He puts her on the couch and makes her lie still. He covers her with the blanket and goes to the phone. He calls for emergency. Maria hears the call that he is making and asks him what he thinks that he is doing. He says nothing to answer her, and he continues his call.

Adam gets back in bed and they are asked by Dr. Schwartz who is in the superior position. Is it nice? Liza says that their time together has been usually good. What does she mean usually? Things haven’t been that memorable for her. She would like to spice things up a bit. Dr. Schwartz wants to know where she keeps her scarves. Dr. Schwartz gets a couple and hands them to Liza. She wants Liza to use her imagination with the scarves. Dr. Schwartz says that Liza is going to tie his hands to the headboards. Liza feels a little silly and there is nothing wrong with that. They decide to go through with it even though Adam will be losing all control by doing this. Liza climbs on top of Adam and ties him to the headboards while he looks timidly up at her. Adam feels that she is stretching his arms too far, but the doctor tells Liza to keep going. Now he is tied up. Dr. Schwartz tells Liza to assert herself now. She heads to the door and closes it behind her. She is told the lock the door. Liza does as she is told. Liza calls out to Dr. Schwartz to find out what she should be doing now. No one answers. Adam orders Liza to untie him so that he can get out of there. Liza seems not to want to do that. She tells him that the therapist is gone but the session isn’t over until she says that it is over. Adam gets it and starts giggling like a schoolgirl. Liza climbs on top of him and starts kissing him.

JR tells Laurie that he has figured it out and he will hit the books and get to Harvard. If that is what it takes to make her come back to him, he will do it. He assures her that he will be doing this for himself, but if that means that she comes back to him, he wouldn’t mind. He will go to the library now and she can call him if she needs a ride. JR leaves. Mr. Lewis thinks that kid really cares for his daughter. He tells Laurie just that. Laurie can’t believe that her father is finally approving of JR. He doesn’t mean that kid, he means the other one.

Aidan reminds Morgan that they used to be a perfect fit. He wants her to cut him loose so that they can go over to Wildwind and make the heist. He says that Maureen is more trouble than Morgan thinks. Morgan tells him that they are going to hit Wildwind that night and then they will hit Julian’s place. If he stands in her way, then he and his precious Maria are going to get it.

Maria is not doing well at all. She seems to pass out again on the couch. Edmund is calling for David but he can’t reach him. He leaves a message for David to come over there as fast as he can. Edmund goes back to Maria telling her to hang in there. He strokes her hair as he watches her lie there with her eyes closed.

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