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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/28/03

By Glynis
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Morgan shows Aidan a picture of Maureen as she tortures him with memory of her. He tries to tell her that the woman means nothing to him. She finds it hard that he is attracted to her. He says that he isn’t attracted to her. She has a husband and 2 kids and that isn’t for him. She thinks that it is refreshing that he now appreciates the sanctity of marriage as he didn’t when he was involved with Fiona was very much married to someone else. He says he only was with Maureen because she helped him and he needed that at the time. He tells her that there is nothing more to their relationship than that. Morgan doesn’t believe him. She finds the whole thing interesting though. She thinks that he wants to protect Maureen but he says that he doesn’t. He says that he wants to protect her instead and no one else. Morgan is going to take over from here and she is going to call the shots from now on for the both of them. Aidan wants to be a part of her big score. She is going to make a heist and he has convinced her that he wants to be a part of that heist. He warns her that she better not try to cut him out of the deal or she will be sorry. He tells her that they are going away together as soon as this is all over and that is all that he wants her to worry about.

Reggie walks around Trey’s house looking at his things. The guy seems to be pretty interesting and he has an interesting life. He finds a gavel and uses it to crack nuts on the coffee table. It is perfect for the job. Trey comes home and tells him that the gavel is not a nutcracker. He has been out getting fast food for them to eat that night. The music is blaring in the apartment but that is fine with Trey. It isn’t that loud. Reggie has a gavel that belonged to the greatest judge that ever lived. Trey paid $1,000 for the gavel. It is a great memento for a lawyer to have in his possession. Reggie is shocked at the price. He doesn’t find the gavel to be all that big of a deal. Trey takes the gavel from him and puts it back where it belongs safely and gingerly. Trey hands the kid some keys so that he can get in and out when he has to. Trey has something else for him and he goes into the back room to get it. Reggie opens his fast food thinking that this might not be a bad gig after all. He has a giant sandwich in there that looks really enticing. He is about to take a bite…Someone comes to the door and Trey asks Reggie to answer it please. He opens the door to Kendall. What a knock out! She walks right past him. She wants to know who the kid is but doesn’t get the answer right off. Reggie tells her that she doesn’t need Trey as she has the real deal right there.

Edmund and Maria look over the entrance papers for university. She has been getting the feeling that she wants to study medicine and that is great to Edmund.  To him that means that she is getting her memory back. She has no idea that Edmund has drugged her and is trying to force her memory back with a drug that hasn’t been approved. David has been after Edmund to get her to be examined. He is not sure of the results of using the untested drug on Maria. Edmund has been ignoring him thinking that the drug is working like a charm. She thinks that she isn’t going to be able to explain to the school why she has been out of school for so many years. Edmund and she joke over the questions and how she might answer them with the required essays. He likes that she is laughing for a change. That is a far cry from the tension that used to be between them. The phone rings and Edmund answers to David who wants to know how the hell Maria is doing.

Morgan and Aidan play chess again. She trusts him more but not totally and so she keeps him tied to the chair where he sits, day in and day out. He tells her that this is going to be the biggest and easiest score that they are ever going to make. He assures her that there are lots to be taken from Wildwind as the people there are very rich. He would like to go back with her to that nude beach they used to go to. That is just Aidan trying to make her trust him more so that he can get out of this damn chair and get himself free. Morgan thinks that after she relieves Maureen of her fortune, they can take up where they used to be before and get back together as they used to be. She has no idea that this idea is the farthest thing from his mind. Aidan tells her that he has some new tricks that he can show her, more than he used to show her before. She leans over and kisses his lips. She tells him not to sulk as she has all the help that she needs and if she needs help, she will have it. Therefore, there is no reason for her to free him at this time. She takes out her gun and holds it in view. Aidan looks at it as she stands before him.

Reggie announces that another one of Trey’s women is checking in. Trey comes out to say that Kendall is his sister and not one of his women. Trey introduces Reggie to his co-worker at Fusion. Reggie will be working for Kendall but tells her that he will probably be working ‘with’ Kendall as his position hasn’t been set up yet. Reggie is glad that they will be seeing each other at work. Reggie would like to be her personal assistant if possible. Kendall wants to know where the boy came from and what he is doing there. Reggie seems to appreciate a beautiful woman as he can’t stop talking about how beautiful she is and he continually flirts with her. Reggie thinks that he can look at her every day; so maybe working at Fusion is going to work out just fine. Kendall didn’t know that Reggie would be working at Fusion. That is something that she missed as a result of her trip to Aspen. Trey tells Kendall that he was awarded temporary custody of the boy. Kendall is totally stunned at Trey’s announcement. Someone else is at the door. It is Dr. Anderson. She is hot and furious and she would like to talk to Trey right away. She has come to see how things are doing and she suspects that even though things are going good now, they will not be in a little while. Dr. Anderson is there to give some news. She has heard something and would like to bring that up with Trey. She sees Kendall there but pays no attention to her. Reggie thinks that he has been moved and immediately heads to the bedroom to get his things. He has been used to this drill before and he sort of expected it this time too. Dr. Anderson tells him that the problem is not him but Trey who has been an arsonist and managed to slip through the cracks this time.

David asks Edmund more about Maria while on the phone. He is very concerned about the symptoms if any that Maria may be having. Edmund tries to talk in a manner so that Maria doesn’t figure what he is doing. He doesn’t want her to know that he is talking to David who is sure that Maria is in grave danger from the drug dose. David tells him to meet him that night or he will come over there. Edmund doesn’t want to go. David threatens to tell Maria that she is being drugged. Edmund sees things David’s way and decides to go out and meet the man after all. Maria can see that duty calls and that he has to go out. Security comes in announcing that Mrs. Santos is there with the children. Isabella comes in with the kids who run to their mother and hug her. They are glad to be with her whenever they can. Maria tells the kids that she missed them terribly and for once, she actually acts that way. Edmund says that he has to go out and do some work. Mrs. Santos tells the kids that it is time to go. The kids want to stay. Edmund has to go and tells the kids that he will see them in the morning if not that night. They are going to stay for a while and then go.

Edmund tells Mrs. Santos that Maria has been getting her memory back and Mrs. Santos loves hearing that. Her prayers have been answered. Things will be fine. They are getting Maria back. They watch as Maria talks to her children. Just like old times. Edmund hugs his mother-in-law close.

Morgan wants Aidan to tell her how to get into the castle and where the good stuff is. Aidan tells her that she won’t be able to do this without him. Morgan is sure that she can pull this off without him. Aidan tells her where she should go to find the safe. There are jewels are in the house. He explains that Maria’s family belongs to some Hungarian Royalty gig. Morgan wonders why Aidan didn’t just take the money and run. Maybe he was starting to care for the woman. She thinks that he must have been close to Maureen to not rob her. Aidan offers to smash Maureen himself if need be. Morgan will not let him out of there. Aidan gives her the information on the safe. Morgan thinks that if she can’t crack the safe, she will have to think of something else. She gets close to him and he lunges for her to get control of her. She pulls back and hits him hard in the head. She has hurt him deeply and he leans to the side in pain.

Kendall explains that Trey was never accused of the crime of arson. Trey introduces Kendall as his sister. Dr. Anderson would like Kendall and Reggie to leave but they won’t. Trey heard about this arson from Greenlee but it wasn’t a big deal. Dr. Anderson is shocked to hear that Reggie has a job now. The system isn’t fair and that is why Reggie can’t stay there. Dr. Anderson tells him that she will make things work. Reggie is ready to go. All he needs is a mattress somewhere. Reggie leaves and Dr. Anderson is angry at Trey for causing all this. Kendall tells the woman to shut the hell up.

Morgan tells Aidan that he made a stupid move. She knew that all his talk was rubbish. She is going to Wildwind to see if anything that he has said is true. He threatens her so that she will not hurt Maureen. Morgan thinks that Maureen must remind him of Fiona. She tells him that if Maureen gets in his way, she is going to be sending the both of them to eternity. She turns and leaves Aidan tied to the chair and unable to move.

Mrs. Santos and Maria are with the kids. They are playing dress up. Maddie wants her mother to do her hair. Maria brushes her hair and Mrs. Santos is shocked as that was the way that Mrs. Santos used to brush her daughter’s hair when she was a little girl. Maddie runs off and Mrs. Santos is shocked that Maria remembers how her hair was brushed. Maria actually doesn’t remember but Mrs. Santos knows that things are coming back to the woman.

David is waiting for Edmund who finally shows up. Edmund sits with David and warns him not to threaten him again. David wants to know if Edmund has a solution to getting David to examine her. David tells him that he will find a way to examine Maria or end up doing her autopsy.

David tells Edmund that he could have killed Maria with the drug. There are not positive studies about the drug and Maria shouldn’t have gotten it. Edmund says that he only gave Maria a few drops but he has no idea what a few drops could do. David tells Edmund to have his experts contact him and look at his results. Edmund is willing to listen now. David doesn’t want to have Maria’s death on his conscience.

Maureen is coughing and she is warm. Mrs. Santos tells her that she should have some tea with honey and lemon. Mrs. Santos makes her put her legs up and relax. She covers her with a blankets and she calls her mother, ‘mama’. Mrs. Santos stops dead in her tracks. Maria called her mama.

Dr. Anderson thinks that she knows about Reggie and that he deserves better than this. She feels responsible to the boy. Trey feels that way too. The boy has been shuffled from one home to another and each time he thinks that things are going to workout. Dr. Anderson knows that Reggie doesn’t like the group home but that will provide him with stability. She isn’t sure that Trey can give the boy that there. Trey is willing to give his best but for how long? Dr. Anderson knows that Trey has withheld information and now Reggie is going to be moved again. Kendall can see that Trey cares for Reggie and that Reggie knows it. Trey wants to help Reggie but Dr. Anderson doesn’t think that he is going to put his life on hold for the boy. Dr. Anderson warns Trey that if he doesn’t live up to his promise, he will have to answer to her. She walks out. Kendall can see that Trey’s head may be on her wall soon. Kendall doesn’t mind standing up for Trey but she wishes that she meant it. This is totally insane.

Reggie ends up at a restaurant and sits at a table. Laurie comes to serve him as she has started working at the place. He tells her that he got moved from the last home. She is glad about that. Reggie tells her that he goes to school sometimes. She is such a brain. She isn’t sure that she is going to make it. She has been having a bad day and he has been having one too. He tells her that she can make things better by getting them a couple of beers.

Reggie thinks that Laurie should hurry and get the beers so that they can get the edge off. Laurie will not do that. She has been watching her father get drunk night after night and she isn’t going to serve him beer. Reggie didn’t mean to upset her. He has a crappy family too. His mother has some addiction problems too. He says that he has been staying with a guy that spits out money. Laurie tells Reggie to bring the guy in as she could use the money. Reggie is going to write a song and rap about his life so that he can get rich.

Kendall wonders how Trey’s life became a Spike Lee movie. Kendall thought that she had news but that is nothing compared to Trey playing bachelor father. Trey brought the kid in because he needed room. Kendall thinks that lots of people have room, but they don’t take in strangers. Trey thinks that they should. Kendall thinks that he has good impulses but taking the kid in is way above and beyond. Trey thinks that he can do this. Trey isn’t going to ask Kendall to speak to Social Services. Kendall thinks that Janelle cares for him and is jealous of her. Trey bounced from foster family to foster family and now he is going to save Reggie from the same fate.

Mrs. Santos makes a big deal about Maria calling her mama. She tells her daughter that whatever happened with Aidan doesn’t matter as she is home now with her family. The kids come running in screaming. Maria tells the kids not to come close to her as she has a terrible cold. Mrs. Santos thinks that Maria should go to bed now. The kids want to stay up but it is time to go. They are going to go home now and Maria will be left alone. Maria thinks that if she gets some sleep, she will be fine. The kids are told to go and get their coats. The kids rush off to get ready to go. Maria will call if she needs anything. Mrs. Santos will pray that the next time that Maria calls her ‘mama’, it will be because she remembers who her mother is. Mrs. Santos and the kids leave and Maria is alone.

David tells Edmund that Anna is across the ocean trying to see is their baby can get heart surgery. Edmund tells David to take off but David knows that he can’t. Edmund would love that; David wouldn’t be bugging him again about the drug. Edmund tells David the drug has worked and things are succeeding. Maria is making progress but that could be from her naturally remembering. That doesn’t have to be about the drug. David tries to make Edmund not give her any more of the drug but it is too late, Edmund has given her more of the drug. Mrs. Santos calls Edmund to tell him that he is right. Maria is returning to them. Edmund is happy to hear that. She was brushing Maddie’s hair the way that Mrs. Santos used to do it. Edmund thinks that is great news and it is just the beginning. He tells her to tell Maria that he will be there as soon as possible. Mrs. Santos says that she has left Maria as she is coming down with something like the flu.

Maria is home coughing by herself. Someone comes to the door and a security guard brings in Morgan. Maria turns to the woman saying, “I would like to speak to you about Aidan Devane.”

Trey tells Kendall about Reggie’s mom.  Her only care is about where her next fix is coming from. Kendall thinks that this has to do with Leo and she feels that this isn’t fair to Reggie. Trey denies that he is doing this because of Leo. He really does want to help Reggie. Kendall will accept that hoping that this will not blow up in his face.

Mrs. Santos tells Edmund that she left because Maria was afraid that the kids might catch whatever it is that she has. Edmund gets up and hurries to leave. David sees that something is going on and he wants to help to keep Maria alive. He has to identify what is going on with Maria. Edmund tells him that he will call if things are serious, but right now, David is not to come with him.

Morgan and Maria are alone and Morgan has gotten in pretending to be an inspector. Maria offers to get Morgan something but this isn’t a social call.

Aidan fights to get his binds free. He works and works but it is going to be hard as his arms are tied to the chair arms so he can’t use his hands to free himself. He only writhes and writhes in the chair, trying to get free but that doesn’t seem to be working. He has to get to Maureen as he knows that Morgan can be very dangerous indeed. He wouldn’t put anything past that woman. She can be deadly if pushed too far.

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