AMC Update Monday 1/27/03

All My Children Update Monday 1/27/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Aidan is playing chess with Morgan, who has tied him up. She comments that the last time she tied him up the circumstances were much different. Aidan tries to get Morgan on his side. He tells her that he has worked up a scam and has millions of dollars. He offers to share it with her if she comes onto his side. He says his contracting job allows him into the richest homes in Pine Valley. Morgan says she prefers a sure thing in England with Julian. Aidan tells her she can't be happy. He knows she doesn't love him and knows she doesn't have a good physical life with him. She tells him what he lacks in the bedroom he makes up for in his bankbook. Aidan says she can be happy with him. If they band together, nothing can stop them. He tells her she must be suffocating with Julian. Aidan says she can share much more with him. She asks him how she can know he's being serious. He tells her she doesn't have to be afraid. Together they're more than a match for Julian. She gets her gun out and kisses Aidan passionately. She asks him to prove what he's saying by pulling a heist. She gets out a picture of Maria and tells him she wants her to be the first victim.

Maria is studying a medical book. She tells Edmund that the material in the book is coming back to her again. She says she didn't think she would ever be a doctor again, but she thinks she could help people. Edmund tells her she sounds exactly like Maria. Maria says she has downloaded an application for Pine Valley Medical School on his computer. He tells her that there are better schools, but she wants to stay close. She tells him that regaining her knowledge of medicine does not mean she'll regain the feelings she once had. She says she's still a mystery to herself. She didn't even know her birth date until she saw it on her tombstone. Brooke comes to the door with Edmund's edited article. She is surprised to see Maria reading medical books. "It worked," she says. "What worked," Maria asks? Edmund tells her Brooke is referring to her wait-and-see attitude toward Maria's recovery. He says they didn't want to push her. Maria leaves the room and Brooke asks him why she doesn't know about the drug. Edmund says it's because he's giving it to her without her knowledge. Brooke grills him about the drug's safety. Aren't there possible side effects? Edmund says it's safe and he's getting his wife back. Edmund tells her that David Hayward said the drug is safe, but Brooke says he can't be believed. This drug could do her more harm than good, she says. Edmund takes his article from Brooke and tells her he'll get back to her. She leaves. Edmund takes the drug from his pocket and puts it in a trashcan in the room. He next sees Maria talking on the phone. She's asking about Aidan. When she hangs up, Edmund asks her how she feels about Aidan. Maria asks him why he's doing this. Edmund says he needs to know if she loves him. Maria confesses that she doesn't know. Edmund is not upset. He asks her about her studies. She goes to get her books. He gets the drug from the garbage and puts some in a drink. When she returns, he gives her the drink. He toasts to a better future.

Laurie tells her father that he's gone too far. Her father apologizes for hitting her, saying he lost control. Laurie asks him if he's ever sober and whether he has ever hit her mother. He says he never hit her. Laurie says she has continued to stand by him and tried to understand him. Meanwhile he has made her into a slave and is wrecking her life. She walks out to go to her new job as a waitress. She says at least one of them is acting like an adult. Jamie sees Laurie at the restaurant. He orders some food and Laurie pours him some water. She spills it and is upset with herself, saying she's probably going to get fired. Jamie sits her down and asks her what's wrong. She tells him she had a blowup with her father and he hit her. Jamie says he can't get away with that. He says he'd like to smack him around and see how he likes it. Laurie starts to cry and Jamie hugs her. JR walks in and sees them. Laurie sees JR and tells Jamie not to say anything to him about her father. JR asks Laurie what happened during their Internet chat. She says she had to log off because her father walked in. JR says they can continue their discussion face-to-face. She tells him to leave her alone because their relationship is over. JR asks Jamie what's going on with Laurie. Jamie tells JR to give Laurie space. She has a lot going on. JR says he can't tell her what to do with his girlfriend. Jamie says Laurie isn't his girlfriend anymore. She dumped him.

Jake pulls away from Alison, saying he can't do this. Alison says he can and pulls him back. They continue making out on his desk. Meanwhile, Mia is buying brownies for them and saying to herself that Jake will have a big surprise. In Jake's office, Mia's photograph is knocked to the floor in the heat of passion. Alison tells Jake she wants him. In the next scene, Jake and Alison are on the floor getting dressed. She tells him not to say he's sorry because she's not. "You were wonderful," she tells him. "I'm engaged. I'm also your boss," he says. She tells him not to feel guilty. There is a knock on the door. It is Tad. Jake tells him to wait while they hurry and get dressed. Jake is disheveled as he answers the door and Alison quickly walks out, saying, "thank you doctor." "You slut," Tad tells his brother. "I see you took my advice and broke up with Mia." Tad notices Mia's picture on the floor and is amused that Jake went at it on their father's desk. Jake, clearly feeling guilty, asks Tad how he tells Mia about this. Tad tells him that he doesn't. Tad is confused. If Jake has broken up with Mia, why would he want to tell her about Alison? Jake tells him he didn't break up with Mia. He doesn't want to lose Mia. He says he was ticked off at her and had a couple of drinks. He did something stupid. Tad tells him he has to keep his pants on and his mouth shut. Jake says he has to go home. "Do yourself a favor. Shower first," Tad says. As Tad leaves, an angry Jake tosses a file across the room. He sneaks into his apartment and is surprised to see Maria clad in sexy lingerie. She entices him with a plate of brownies, saying they first have to burn off some calories. She kisses him seductively. As they lay on the couch together, Jake is tense. She offers to give him a shower massage. She says she wants to make up for all the time that they missed. Jake suggests a bath instead. After she goes to draw the bath, Jake calls Tad. He tells him to page him because he has to get out of here. When Mia returns, she wonders why Jake is still dressed. He says he needs to decompress. Mia puts on some music and kisses him. His beeper goes off and he says he has to go back to the hospital.

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