AMC Update Friday 1/24/03

All My Children Update Friday 1/24/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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JR is waiting by his computer and notices that Laurie has gone online. He immediately gets on the computer and starts a chat with her. As he types on his keyboard, he is imagining being with Laurie in person. He tells her that he loves her. Laurie seems surprised and is not sure what to say. He types that he wanted to tell her in person, but since she broke up with him he didn't know when he would see her again. She writes back that it's hard to stay broken up with him. As he imagines being with her in person, Laurie tells JR she thinks she is bad for him because he is ruining his life to be with her. He tells her he is done messing up his life and will work to get his grades up and be accepted in an Ivy League school. He asks if they can make up. Laurie writes back that nothing can happen with them. As he imagines being with her, he tells her that he can go to Harvard and spend the summers with her working in a fast-food restaurant. She says he should spend his summers traveling in Europe or on an internship with NASA. He tells her that his mother would encourage him to not let her go. Laurie kisses him. At her computer, Laurie writes that she loves JR, but then she erases it. Just then her father walks in and she gets off the computer. JR is left wondering what happened. Mr. Lewis asks Laurie what she's doing. Seeing the computer, he asks her if she's chatting with that Chandler kid. Laurie can see her father is drunk and is upset about it. "I hate you," she says. She prepares to leave, telling him she has to get to her new job. She tells him he reeks of beer. He says it's the school principal's fault. He reamed him out in front of others at the school because he neglected to clean up a spill by the salad bar. Laurie asks if that is an excuse to get drunk. She says he's drinking himself out of a job. What will they do then? He says he might have to let her cozy up with the Chandler kid so maybe he'll pay their rent. Laurie tells him she wishes he would have been the one who died in the crash instead of her mother. She says her mother wasted her life on him. He slaps her.

Kendall is back at Fusion telling Simone and Mia all about her hot date the night before in Aspen with Michael Kinsey. She tells them he kissed her and it was enough to make her believe in heaven again. As Kendall describes being swept away, Greenlee walks in angry. She tells Kendall she's ready to dump her from this partnership. Simone and Mia, seeing an explosion about to occur, decide to duck out. They say they're going out for takeout food and will be back later. Greenlee tells Kendall how dare she go to Aspen without telling her. Kendall says not to worry about the expense because Palmer footed the bill. She says Greenlee should be grateful because she busted her butt and made good connections with leaders in the cosmetics industry. She shows her a card from Lacy's executive Maxi Berlin. Kendall says Maxi loves the concept they are promoting and wants samples of their product. Greenlee complains that she is at the office non-stop while Kendall is out playing. Kendall suggests that if Greenlee thinks it's such a chore being there she can just go home. She realizes she is hurting over losing Leo but tells Greenlee to "cancel your grief fest, right now." Greenlee asks Kendall who she thinks she is. Kendall says that she's the co-CEO who has pitched their company to Maxi Berlin. The phone rings and Greenlee answers. It is Maxi, who is giving high compliments about Kendall. Greenlee hangs up the phone and tells her Maxi raved about her. Maxi also told her that Kendall credited Greenlee for everything she knows. Greenlee seems touched. She tells Kendall she was wrong about her. They start a friendly talk. Greenlee asks her about the man she met in Aspen. Kendall says he simply vanished and they didn't exchange any personal information. She'll probably never see him again.

Jake is at a bar with a group of residents. He tells them he never wanted to be chief of staff. He was ready to sail around the world, he says. He had the boat and the girl. He excuses himself and goes to the bar. Alison, the blonde intern, follows him and starts flirting with him. He buys her a beer. She fishes for personal compliments and encourages him to cut loose a little bit and "make a mistake." She says rumors going out among the residents say he is a total homebody. Now he just looks like a hot guy in a bar. Jake tells her that flirting is as far as he'll go. He has a fiancée. Alison asks him if he would be willing to take a little detour. Just then her cell phone rings. She says it's from her mechanic, calling about her car. She goes outside to take the call.

After she leaves, Mia and Simone walk in. Mia is surprised to see Jake there. Simone tells him he should see the picture proofs of he and Mia as they are great. Mia says she'll try to bring them home. Simone leaves them alone and Mia spreads her Fusion books on the bar. Jake asks to go home with him now so they can have a quiet evening alone together and make love all night. She says she can't because she has to finish the marketing budget. Jake has had it. "What the hell is going on with us? Are you still in love with me or what," he asks? Mia tells him not to be ridiculous. Of course she still loves him. She says it's just a crazy time right now but it won't be like this forever. She'll be home in a couple of hours. She tells him he's just as busy as she is, but he says he crams his schedule so he can spend as much time as he can with her. She tells him he's her life, but he says that's obviously not the case. Simone walks back and sees the tension between them. Simone says they won't be able to get takeout there and suggests they go somewhere else. They decide instead just to go back to Fusion to see if everything is OK with Greenlee and Kendall. Mia gives Jake a quick kiss and tells him to wait up for her. After they leave, Alison comes back in and tells Jake her car will have to stay in the shop. She asks him for a ride home. Nervously, he agrees, but says he needs to go back to his office to get his car keys first. She goes with him. The other residents are surprised to see them leaving together. Once in his office, Alison shuts his door and locks it. She walks toward him seductively. He does not shy away from her advances. They kiss and begin to undress each other. He shoves things off his desk and lays her on it. They get passionate. <?p>

Mia and Simone go back to Fusion with a bundle of roses they say were given to them in the lobby. The roses are for Kendall. Kendall is nervous about reading the card so Greenlee looks at it. She tells her that while she didn't get Michael's number, he got hers. Kendall reads the card, which says the roses are "for last night and many nights to come." Mia is distracted thinking about Jake. She decides she needs to go to him. She goes back to the bar and asks one of the residents if she has seen Jake. The resident says she doesn't know where Jake went.

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