AMC Update Thursday 1/23/03

All My Children Update Thursday 1/23/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

Kendall is in Aspen and she meets a great guy named Michael. He meets her at the bar and he is very interested in her. He would like to hear about her day and convinces her to stay and have a drink with him. He can see that she was looking after some guy that is walking away and he remarks to her that he can see that she has bumped into the wrong guy. She stays and enjoys some conversation with him. Not long before that time, she saw a man from the back and thought that he was Aidan. She ran up to the man and grabbed his shoulder but it wasn’t Aidan. She was very embarrassed and the bartender saw her and offered her a drink on the house. She accepted it and that was where she was when she met this delightful man by the name of Michael.

Petey is there too. He is bragging to everyone that will listen about the medal he won for snowboarding in the junior division. Aspen is awesome and he can’t wait to get home to tell his father about his award. He rushes off to have some more fun.

Bianca talks to Erica’s assistant. He thinks that she has been working too hard at the office and tells her that she should be out dancing somewhere and kicking up her heels. She seems to never have fun anymore. He even suggests that she go and get something pierced. He assures her that has been one of the better decisions that he has made in his life. She looks at him stunned. This polished man that shows up to work in a suit everyday couldn’t possibly have something pierced but what does she know? She smiles at him. He really has become a good friend to her at the job. Bianca is alone in the office now. She has been spending time at the office a lot these days. She is only working part-time but seems to want to put more into her job than necessary. She takes out the brochure that she has been thinking about. It shows 3 beautiful women in bikinis hugging each other on a beach in a casual, friendly manner. She makes a decision and heads to the phone to take the plunge. She makes a call asking the operator to book a private room for her on the cruise. The arrangements are made. At the end of the call she admits to the operator that she knows that the cruise is a ‘ladies only’ cruise. That is when Boyd walks in on her.

Erica is in Aspen but she isn’t there for business. She didn’t go to the cosmetics convention. She came to relax for a while. She has come there by herself and loves the chance to relax. She meets up with a contact that tells her that she better get on the horn as one of her competitors is doing a great job. The woman refers to Kendall who she knows is Erica’s daughter. Kendall apparently has been doing a great job at the convention with her products and Laceys has been making a strong pitch for her products from Fusion. Erica had no idea that Kendall was even there and she is stunned to hear that the girl has been making her way in the business by using her name. There is no reason for that. They are not associates on any level. Erica finishes her little meeting with the woman and hurries off. She is going to stop Kendall from embarrassing her and spreading more lies that they are somehow friendly.

Bianca talks to Boyd and learns that he has a thing for Kendall. He tells her that he has been talking to Kendall and he knows that she wants to be friends with him. Bianca is shocked to hear that. She had no idea that Kendall and Boyd had been talking on this level. Bianca can tell that Kendall has been telling her sob story to the guy to get a little sympathy and she is not surprised that this has happened, as that seems to be Kendall’s way. She has always wanted to learn about the business and he has been telling her how to do things. Bianca is stunned to hear that. She thought that Kendall wanting to be in the business was something that she cooked up to be close to Erica to embarrass her as she has been doing in the past. Boyd assures her that is not the case at all. Kendall is serious about this venture and she seems bent on getting the job done. Bianca thought that she was delusional but it seems that she has a head from the business after all, just like Erica.

Kendall tells Michael that she hasn’t been driven until now and the idea has taken hold of her. She got herself a partner and some start up cash and boom…here she is. She loves it. Fusion is just getting off the ground and she feels naïve talking about it. Michael has a company that is booming as he imports luxury goods. He denies that he is thought of as successful. They are having a delightful time. Michael likes that she is observant of him. He is in Aspen for a reason and Kendall tries to find out what. He gets a call and heads off to take it. Erica sees her sitting alone and asks her if she is selling her wares.

Bianca can’t believe that Boyd loves Kendall for her mind. He dreams about her and not just when he is asleep. He can’t stop thinking about her. Bianca has to wonder what he is thinking. Does he want a shot at Kendall?

Erica reports that she has heard that her name was being used to sell Fusion cosmetics. The press arrives and loves finding Erica and Kendall standing there. She hurries and takes a picture of the mother and sister talking. They have competitive companies and the press finds that fascinating. Kendall tells the woman that Erica has always inspired her. Erica finds her unbelievable. Kendall has come to town and used her name to peddle her products. She tells Kendall that she is not to use her name anymore. Erica has worked too hard to have her reputation compromised by her. Erica thinks that she knows what this is all about. Kendall would flush her company down the toilet if people wanted to mesh her name with hers. Erica is not impressed that her company is put in the same vein as hers. They hate each other but Kendall still admires her. She had a dream and she made it into something from nothing. Kendall finds that she gets her strength from her mother. Erica feels that she has dreams but Kendall is a thief, a taker. Kendall thinks that if Erica wasn’t worried that Kendall could beat her at her game, she would wouldn’t waste her time talking to her.

Erica tells Kendall to bring her fight on. She thinks that Kendall is doing okay now but she has zero to back it up. She calls Fusion a flash in the pan. She thinks that everything is going toy disappear just like the man that she was talking to. The bartender comes to take an order for Erica but she wants nothing. She says that Kendall on the other hand will have another round as it seems that she is drinking alone. Michael returns to Kendall after Erica leaves and she thanks him for coming back. Kendall wants to go now but the man wants to have dinner with her. She tells him that she is there with a 10 year old that she has to take care of. The bartender tells Kendall that Petey has gone off to do some more snowboarding. Michael tries again to get her to go to dinner with him and Kendall accepts.

Erica gets back to her room and she looks around calling out for someone. She thinks that she may be in the wrong room. Chris comes from the back of the room. “Hello beautiful…” He didn’t like the way that they left things in Pine Valley. He starts to explain and she rushes into his arms before he can finish.

Boyd wants to know what Kendall wants. Bianca thinks that Kendall wants what anyone else wants. As they talk, Nina comes to the door and listens to Bianca explain about the way that Kendall is. Bianca thinks that Kendall is a very lucky woman.

Michael tells Kendall where to meet him for dinner that night and he even pays for their drinks. She thanks him for that. She is about to do something but isn’t sure that she should do it. She feels strange leaving Petey alone for dinnertime. Michael thinks that they can bring the boy if she wants. She tells him that they will eat alone and then say a quick goodnight. They will meet in half an hour. She rushes off and Michael pays the bill, where you find out that the name he used on the credit card is different than the one he gave Kendall upon their introduction.

Nina hears the rest of Boyd and Bianca’s talk. Bianca is not encouraging Boyd to go with Kendall but he has a better shot at Kendall than he does with her. Nina comes in looking for Erica and learns that she is in Aspen. Nina needs to get into the classified files and she can’t do that without Erica. Bianca decides to call Val to get him to open the computer files for her. Val will be there soon.

Kendall arrives and is dressed to kill. Petey thinks that the dress is going to cost his father a bundle. She will have a good time. Petey thinks that she looks un-frigging-believable. Petey tells her to pay for her part of the meal and that way the guy won’t think that he is going to get lucky. Petey runs off with his sitter for the night to do some more snowboarding.

Erica is happy to see Chris and she tells him that Kendall is there. Chris guesses before he tells her. She tells him that Kendall is starting a new cosmetics company. Erica assures him that she is not threatened. She thinks that Kendall is there to embarrass her. Chris thinks that she is right and that Kendall only wants to be noticed by her mother and she wants to be near her. Erica thinks that seeing her has been nothing but unpleasant. Everywhere that Erica goes and everything that she does, Kendall is in her face. Erica would like Kendall to leave her alone.

Kendall shows up for dinner and is brought to a table. Michael thinks that she is spectacular looking and he has brought her a rose. She accepts it and sits at the table. Mr. Kinsey makes the restaurant bring them wine from their private stock. The chef is an old friend of his. If she isn’t a vegetarian, she will be very pleased. She loves meat. She is comfortable but she looks a bit nervous. She tells him that she is overwhelmed by him. He is overwhelmed too.

Michael has many experiences and he has traveled a lot. He has done a lot in his life and barely has time to work. He tells her that Aspen in the Spring is great. Kendall wouldn’t know that. She hasn’t been able to do any traveling because of her circumstances. She grew up in Florida and is pretty basic but there is nothing basic about him. He finds her to be pretty interesting. He thinks that she would be fine living a life with the finer things. They clink glasses. She tells him that when she was a child, she remembers feeling special because …she felt …she felt like there was a better place that she was supposed to be living and she thought that she would get there if she held on. She would finally be there later on. He thinks that she might be there now. He tells her that the woman that enchanted him this evening is without question, one of the most extraordinary women that he has ever met. He tells her that she is very special and she makes him feel special too.

Val tells Bianca that Erica is not to be disturbed for the codes of the computers. He tells Nina and Bianca that Chris is with Erica in Aspen and he isn’t going to disturb her. Bianca thinks that they have to get into the files due to an IRS problem that they have to fix. Val isn’t going to do it. Nina says that it is fine and that she can wait. Val has to get going as he has things to do. He is gone and the 2 ladies talk some more. Nina apologizes for interrupting Bianca. Bianca doesn’t mind. Bianca asks if she is having a good time. The work is challenging and the work is necessary. Bianca knows that she is from Europe somewhere. Bianca loves Europe. Nina thinks that Bianca would feel more at home in Europe than here. Nina thinks that she would be more comfortable traveling there as a single woman alone. That sentence catches Bianca’s attention. Nina knows that she has stepped over a line.

Chris and Erica are lying on her bed. Erica says that they should order room service. He would like to take her out. He knows that people will be impressed by who she is and he would love to be with her. He decides that they should have a wonderful dinner and then take a long walk…then they will come back there and figure something out. He is going to make this a night that she will never forget.

Kendall and Michael are dancing and he even dips her. He asks her to join him for a cognac. She accepts but will only have one. They go back to their table. She feels wonderful with him. She loves the food. Michael asks how long she will be there in Aspen. She isn’t sure. He is leaving the next day for Singapore as he has a meeting that can’t be rescheduled. She knows that she has to get back to Petey soon.

Erica and Chris are about to enter the restaurant and they see Kendall in the distance and her beau. Chris wants to go but they then decides that they should go in and have their dinner as Chris has promised her. They enter the restaurant and go to their table without Kendall seeing them.

Nina has presumed that Bianca would be traveling alone and she knows that she shouldn’t have done that. Nina is sorry to have bothered her. Bianca tells her that she hasn’t been a bother at all. Nina leaves and Bianca smiles after her.

Erica thanks Chris for getting her out of the restaurant. She knows that Kendall would have embarrassed her and made a fool of her. Chris stops her ranting and reminds her that she is there with him and not Kendall. Erica knows that and she is glad of that. He removes her coat and they start to kiss.

Michael thinks that the evening has been so strange. This only happens in books. You never meet people that you click with instantly. He hates that he has to leave the next day. He thanks her for dinner but that was his pleasure. He kisses her goodnight and then leans in for another. “Nanny Kendall!” Kendall turns to find Petey there with the police. He has ordered an orgy of food and the police want her to come in and straighten things out. Michael starts hiding his face. He says nothing and when Kendall turns to speak to him again, he is gone. She knows that she will never see him again. It was a perfect night, and it was fun while it lasted.

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