AMC Update Wednesday 1/22/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/22/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Henry has fallen asleep sitting up at Maggie’s. They have been studying all night and they let time get away from them and so he has fallen asleep there. She is in bed sleeping and she awakes to find Henry sitting in an uncomfortable position. She wakes him up. He panics.  It is 8:30am. He is really sorry for falling asleep there but they have gotten a lot of work done so in a way it was worth it. He seems preoccupied now and he rushes out before she can talk to him further. On his way out, other students see him rushing from Maggie’s room and they look at her coyly.

Reggie is at Trey’s house making himself at home. He is listening to his music on earphones when someone comes to the door. He goes to answer and finds Greenlee there. She is cute. She is shocked to see him there. She had no idea that someone was staying there and she has no idea who this person before her is. She wants to know who he is. Reggie introduces himself as someone that lives there. She didn’t know that and asks if Trey is still living there. He is and Reggie calls out for him. Greenlee walks past the boy and into the apartment. Trey comes out and finds Greenlee there. He has been expecting her as he has asked her over there to see him. Reggie thinks that Greenlee is Trey’s girl but that is not true. Greenlee demands to know what Trey has been telling this kid.

Mia is trying to get the company’s line of credit together when Liza comes in and tells her that they have to go to an appointment. Mia has no idea what she is talking about. Mia is to have her wedding dress designed. Mia forgot but says that she has to postpone that. She has a lot of work to do and she wants to get to it. Liza says that she can’t blow this appointment over like this. The people that are designing the dress are not easy to come by. She would do well to go and have her appointment as scheduled if she wants to have the dress of the century. Mia would rather do her work than go and have some appointment about some dress. She will do that another time. Liza has to wonder if all of this is more important than marrying Jake.

Tad comes to see Jake about some work. He offers Jake the papers and Jake takes them from Tad. Tad asks Jake about meeting with Mia the night before. Jake had a romantic dinner planned for the both of them. Turns out that Mia didn’t show. Jake sat there for the longest time .  She just didn’t get there. She got in some time after midnight and then she was gone before he got up. He hasn’t seen her and she hasn’t made an effort to see him. She had no idea what he was planning but still, she could have called. Jake can tell that something is going on with Mia and he has no idea what it is. He can tell that Mia doesn’t want to get married to him and that hurts him deeply.

Trey explains that he is taking care of Reggie and the courts have sanctioned it. Greenlee laughs at that. Trey explains that Greenlee is his sister-in-law and not his girlfriend as Reggie thought. Greenlee finds it hard to believe that the courts would give a kid to Trey. Apparently, he has been checked out and he is a suitable candidate to raise a kid like Reggie for now. Reggie wants to know what is wrong with that. He finds Greenlee’s behavior offensive and he takes it personally that she might be talking badly about him.

Mia explains that she is taking her cue from Liza in her life. They had a talk before around New Year’s Eve and Mia took it to heart. Liza finds that Mia is using work to avoid her life and all that it has to offer. Mia says that this is her life. Working in the cosmetics company has given her something of her own that she can sink her teeth into. Jake understands that, she thinks. There really is no problem, Mia says. Liza finds that hard to believe the way that Mia has been driving herself. Mia has changed and she thinks that is great to have something to look forward to that is all her own. She is sure that Jake is happy for her working this hard and having other things besides him to look after.

Tad knows that Mia should want to marry Jake but Jake thinks that Tad doesn’t understand the whole picture. Tad thinks that he is being too hard on himself. Mia loves him doesn’t she? She says that she does and that is the only honest answer that he has for his brother. He loves her but Mia finds this cosmetic thing to be all and he is not her first priority anymore. Even with Jake’s job, he puts her first with everything. She is going away from him. Tad thinks that because the woman is having a career, that doesn’t mean that Mia doesn’t want him. She quit her job at the hospital to get a better job and Tad understands that. Jake says that Mia isn’t returning his phone calls. Tad thinks that maybe Mia is just busy starting a company. Tad suddenly gets it. The phone call thing isn’t good and maybe Mia is pushing him away.

Reggie thinks that Greenlee is being funny about his being there and asks Greenlee why she thinks that that it is funny. She says that she wasn’t laughing at Reggie, she was laughing at Trey. She doesn’t think that he can do this. Reggie isn’t in class.  He doesn’t go to school right now. Greenlee feels that she owns the apartment and so she has a right to know what is going on there. Trey is going to be Reggie’s mentor. Trey has asked her over there to talk about Reggie. Reggie thinks that if this is about him, he should be in on the plans that are being made for him.

Jamie sees Jonie at Pine Valley University and she tells him not to do this. He wants to see her. He wants a second chance. She meant what she said. They are not going to work out. They are too different. She is good for him though. She loves the way that he makes her laugh. Jonie is there to meet teachers and check out classes. Jamie gets the message and tells her that she will see him around. He leaves and Laurie comes up to her asking what is the matter with her.

Liza tells Mia that Jake cares for her. Mia thinks that Jake is too busy. He didn’t even notice her when she came home at midnight the night before. Liza warns her not to lose sight of what is happening. Mia says that she and Jake are solid and that there is nothing to worry about.

Jake is sure that things are falling apart and he doesn’t want to pressure her and give her reason to get farther from him. Things are not easy for Mia as she has a kid that she had to give up and her family is always in trouble. She hasn’t had stability. She has a lot to sort out and Jake understands that. She is dealing with a lot. Tad thinks that Mia might just be testing him out. That would be true, but Mia isn’t a game player. Jake thought that things were good and he believed that they were meant to be together. She had her accident…and that was when Jake knew. He is crying now. He wants to be with her and spend the rest of his life with her. Jake is sure that is what she wants as she told him that she wants to grow old with him. She isn’t lucky like he and his family. He wanted to give her luck like he has. Tad asks about passion. Jake says that passion is there for him but for Mia… Tad thinks that if one is going to blow off a hot romantic dinner, you don’t do that without a phone call. It shouldn’t be like this. If you love someone that much and you want to make them your wife, and she doesn’t see that then there is only one thing that he can do. What is that? “Dump her…”

Jake is willing to try to hold on to Mia and hates that his brother is telling him to get rid of Mia. Tad can see that Jake has tread marks on his back over this. This is just like Gillian and Greenlee. Tad wants Jake to hear this. He gives his all to a woman and they don’t acknowledge it. Jake thinks that Tad is the last one that should be giving advice on women. Tad isn’t perfect but he can see that Jake is being torn apart. Tad asks why Jake is so fired up to get married. Jake is in love but Tad thinks that Jake is in love with the idea of being in love with someone. Tad would like to see him slow down and get a girl that loves him back, like he and Dixie. Jake reminds him that he didn’t have the perfect marriage either. The truth is that Tad seems to love Dixie more now than he ever did when she was alive.

Mia has decided to make decisions on what is important instead of what is before her and available. Liza likes that Mia is excited about working for the cosmetics company. Mia feels feminine and glamorous. She feels like a real woman and not gawky. Mia only ever went into a department store to buy clothes and now she wants to look good. She has been thinking about her hair and her makeup and she never thought about those things before. She didn’t really feel good about herself before. After giving up her child for adoption, she didn’t feel good about herself. She has told Frank the truth and now she feels better. She loves her work and coming to the office and using her energy. Being with Jake is great as he is the best… he really is. Mia can see that she can have it all. Liza offers to reschedule the appointment for the wedding dress. Simone comes running in announcing that Mia may have the face that can launch lipsticks!

Trey wanted to talk to Greenlee about a job for Reggie. Reggie has no idea what is going on. Greenlee explains that she has a cosmetics company. Reggie doesn’t want to work for a cosmetics company. That is fine with Greenlee. Trey tells her that he needs all the work that he can get and that Reggie is willing to work cheap. Reggie will be working a couple of hours a week after school. Reggie will not sell any smelly stuff. Trey thought that he would do errands around the office. Reggie finds that boring. Trey tells him that he will be working around really hot women. That has Reggie’s attention now.

Laurie thinks that Jonie should be glad to have a guy like Jamie. Laurie explains that people make mistakes sometimes. Even people like she and Jonie. Jonie asks Laurie if JR makes mistakes too.

Tad gets angry that Jake has brought up Dixie and his relationship this way. He has been on his brother’s side and still is there for him. Jake apologizes for what he has said. He knows how much Tad loves and misses Dixie. He loves and misses her too. Tad accepts his apology. Tad tells him that he should make sure that Mia loves him the same way that he loves her. Tad doesn’t want to see the man hurt. Tad gets a call about some report. It isn’t on his desk where he left it. He says that he will be at the office and find the report himself. He has to go but will see his brother later. They hug and Tad is off. “Don’t work too hard.” Jake is alone now and has a lot to think about. He is torn. He would love nothing more than to have Mia love him the same way as he loves her.

Jake remembers proposing to Mia on his knees…”I love you Mia and nothing has felt so perfect…I want to hold you in my arms forever…Will you marry me?” She rushed into his arms saying yes.

A nurse comes into Jake’s office telling him that he is needed in ER right away. He rushes out.

Simone says that they are ready to launch Fusion’s campaign. This time tomorrow, Mia’s face is going to be all over town. Mia is overwhelmed. Simone thanks Liza for helping them with this. She has given the women confidence to do this. They can only hope that this works. Mia isn’t going to hear the end of this. Liza wants to talk about the wedding dress again. She leaves and Mia and Simone hug each other. Simone can’t believe that Mia is getting married in 6 months. Simone thinks that the posters show that she and Jake are going to be insanely happy. Mia is sure that they will be very happy.

Jake is in the ER and he learns that a 22 year old woman has been hurt. She has lacerations and is bleeding. Her blood pressure is dropping. Jake coaches the doctor in charge in making her incisions. They have to find out where the woman is bleeding. The job is done fine. The doctor is very happy that she has managed to do this. She thanks Jake for his help. He feels that all that he has done is watch. Jake walks away from the woman but sees her looking after him in a more than grateful manner. He smiles at that.

Laurie doesn’t think that she and JR can be compared to Jamie and Jonie. Jonie can’t understand why it is okay that Laurie can break up with JR, but that she can’t break up with Jonie. Jamie comes back to the area saying that he has seen some people in the school and he goes off again to see some guy that worked with his mother at Tempo. Laurie thinks that Jamie really is sweet, just like JR.

Henry comes to Pine Valley University and finds Maggie. She wanted to talk to him but she didn’t have his number. He says that he had classes anyway. They decide that they should study together again. He lives off campus and maybe they could go there, she suggests. He has to go. He says that he has another class that he doesn’t want to be late for.

Fusion is humming with activity. Both Mia and Simone are handling things wonderfully. Kendall and Greenlee are not there. Simone says that Kendall is in Aspen but it is a secret from Greenlee. Kendall has gone to a convention to drum up new business. Palmer has paid for the trip because the company doesn’t have the money yet. Mia loves this and can’t wait to tell Jake the news. Mia is sure that Jake will be fine with the campaign that they are setting up with the pictures all over town.

Greenlee, Trey and Reggie show up and it is announced that Reggie will be working there after school. Reggie thinks that he will be able to dig hanging out there and working. Reggie takes off and will see Trey later. Greenlee wants to know where Kendall is. Mia and Simone say that they have no idea where she is but that she will be there soon.

Mia tells Simone that she would like to be there for dinner with Jake that night.

The doctor that Jake helped with the procedure comes to thank Jake for his help in ER. Jake tells her that a good doctor is always walking a fine line between control and chaos. The doctor asks Jake if he would like to go to BJ’s with the staff for a drink later. Jake starts to beg off but then decides that he would like to go with her and have a drink.

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