AMC Update Tuesday 1/21/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/21/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

SSimone and Kendall are at the bar brainstorming for the company. They need something new and exciting. They have to have ideas all the time to keep Fusion fresh and new for its customers. Simone thinks that going to the convention for cosmetics in Aspen is just what they need. Kendall doesnít see what the big deal is. They should be able to go to that. They donít have enough money to go and that is the biggest problem with the whole idea. Kendall orders a martini and Simone decides not to have anything after all. She is too wound up over the ideas swirling around in her head. The bartender asks Kendall about Aidan but she says that she thinks that he is gone for good. Simone wants to go and see Greenlee about the ideas that they have. Kendall wants her to wait a minute.

Aidan is tied up and his keeper shows up with food and supplies. He is in a sitting position in a chair and he canít move a muscle. The blonde sexy woman that has captured him holds him there against his will. The woman is upset with him and he thinks that is because she is jealous of his relationship with Fiona, the woman who died mysteriously. Everyone thinks that Aidan has killed the woman but Aidan continues to profess his innocence. They are waiting for his executioner to come and finish him off. That will be his payback for being with the married dead woman in the first place. She tells him that he has no chance of getting out of there, so he better not be wasting his time on thinking of ways to get free.

David is upset with Edmund for giving Maria the drug.  There should have been more testing on it first. David admitted that the drug was only partly finished, but that was enough for Edmund and he gave the drug to Maria to see what, if any effect it had on her. Maria has gone with her car now and they have no idea if the drug has taken effect or not. She really could be anywhere or freaking out all alone. Edmund goes to the phone to call the police but David stops him.  They are both in trouble now. The law will not be sympathetic to them over this and David doesnít need the hassle now that he has decided to work things out with his wife. The drug needed more time for testing, and Edmund didnít listen. Because of his rush to get Maria back, he may have cooked both their gooses. David tells Edmund that he should look around and see that Maria has gone and that he has already lost her. Calling the cops now wonít make things any better.

Maria shows up at a college study hall. She is in Pine Valley University and she looks around, uncertain of what she is doing there and what she is to do next. She has no coat or scarf with her and she hugs her tiny frame as she shivers to get warm. A girl befriends her, asking if she is okay. Maria says nothing. She just looks around at the people and the things in the room. There are students walking back and forth, purposefully. Some are playing games and some are eating or studying there. Maria sits alone and takes it all in. The girl has offered to go and get her some coffee to warm up.

Kendall wants to be the one that goes to Aspen for the convention. She would do anything to get that trip under her belt. Kendall decides that she is going and she doesnít feel that she has to ask Greenlee for her permission. She is a free agent and half the company, so she should be able to make a simple decision like this. Simone knows that no one is going anywhere until they get some cash coming into the company. In the meantime, Kendall doesnít want her to say anything about the idea that Kendall has about going to Aspen. She would like to be the one to go and she is sure that Greenlee would stop her somehow. Simone agrees to keep the secret for her, for now. She leaves and Boyd enters. He doesnít really want to talk to Kendall but he manages a stiff hello to her as he walks by her to order a drink. She knows that he is probably mad about the mix up at Fusion. He thinks that she set him up to take those pictures and he doesnít appreciate that. It was a mean trick and could put him in a tough position. He makes it clear to her that he works for Erica and not her for her.

Aidan knows that the woman before him is nothing but a trained dog. She really works for Julian, she has no options. Julian is nothing but a thug. Aidan remembers thinks about her like she likes honey in her tea. He is good but she feels that she is better. They used to play sports and they haggle over who is better. The woman gets closer to him. He would like to have a final chess game with her.  She has other ideas as to how he can spend his final hours. Soon it is decided that they will play chess after all. That is better than doing nothing at all.

Maria is still acting freaked out as she sits in the college hall. The girl that has spoken to her offers to get her something. Maria picks up a book and flips through it.

Maggie and Henry are together and they have just done their first chem. lab. Both are happy and she is nervous about the whole thing. She was worried the night before about all this. They have to find a place to study. They donít want to go to the library. Maggie sees Maria and recognizes her. She leaves Henry with her things and goes over to talk to the woman. Maria searches her face. ďDo I know you?Ē

Maggie explains who she is. Maria isnít thrilled that the woman is related to the good doctor Hayward. Maggie is going to take pre-med. She only came over to see if Maria was okay. Maria says that she is fine and has been better than she has been in a long time. Maggie leaves her alone and returns to Henry. He has to go to get his paycheck. She tells him where she is staying and asks him to come back and see her to study later. Henry leaves.

The girl that first approached Maria, returns to her to talk. Maria says that she has to go. There is something that she needs to do. The girl has brought her some coffee, but Maria doesnít want it, telling the girl to drink it herself.

Kendall tries to make Boyd see that she didnít set him up to be with her company. Boyd told her that he wasnít interested in a job. Kendall tells him that the photo shoot was an excuse for the both of them to get together. She turned his advances down before but she says that then she wasnít sure of him. She wonders what could turn up with the both of them now. Boyd hopes that the negatives donít show up anywhere or he will be in hot water. She promises to destroy the negatives herself. She wants to meet with him that night but he has another appointment and there is now. The woman, Ericaís new employee walks over to Boyd asking if he is ready to have a drink with her. Kendall watches her carefully.

Aidan is playing chess and he dictates his moves by saying where he wants his pieces moved. He is hungry and asks for something to eat if he does well and wins the game. She wonders what she gets if she wins. Aidan laughs at that.

Edmund tells David that he only gave Maria a few drops of the drug. She drank some scotch and then went to bed. Maria thought that she had a nightmare. She didnít. She was having a memory of when she was Maria. She has had memories before and now she is in the night alone. They have to go and find her. David was supposed to reach Anna but he will come with Edmund as he is a doctor. They open the door to leave and Maria is standing there. Edmund hugs her and she is okay with that, but then she sees David standing there. She glares at him, ďWhat are you doing here?Ē

Edmund tells David that he is not welcome there but he is. David asks how Maria is doing. She tells him that she doesnít need to tell him how she is feeling. She tells him that the courts have gotten passed his behavior but she hasnít. Edmund tells David that he has to go now. They walk to the door and David warns him that he has to examine her and get the vial back. He leaves. Edmund goes to Maria asking where she has been. She has been at PVU. He tells her that she took a terrible risk. Doesnít anything mean anything to her?

Boyd introduces Nina to Kendall. She learns that the woman works for Erica and then they leave Kendall alone. The woman is quite cold to Kendall. Nina and Boyd sit together to discuss the cosmetics business. She is a numbers cruncher and she shouldnít be interested in his job but she is. Boyd thinks that it is nice to be appreciated. Kendall watches them intently.

Palmer shows up with his son who would like Kendall to take him to a movie. Kendall thinks that is a smashing idea but first she would like to talk to Palmer.

David comes to see Maggie at the university. He would like to take her to dinner but she has other plans. David gets a call from Anna and he answers happily. She tells him that she is fine. He has been calling her but keeps getting her voicemail. She is trying to tell him something about the baby but he rambles on. Dr. Hoffman is sure that the babyís heart needs surgery. It is something called Hypo plastic left heart. That is what the doctors in Pine Valley thought. David tells her that the procedure has an excellent success rate. The doctor is going to call David to talk about the operation. Anna will go along with any decision that David wishes to make. The baby is so tiny and she is really active. She is like David when he is looking for his keys. She is a fighter, like her mother. David trusts the doctor that watches over his wife. He loves Anna and she and the baby are his life. She has to hold on and be strong. Anna will do that. The call is over. David goes to Maggie who can tell that David hasnít gotten good news just now.

Maggie didnít know that Anna was in Zurich. David tells her that Annaís baby has a heart defect. That is pretty scary stuff. The success rate is not clear. The procedure is new. Dr. Hoffman is the best in the business. David knows that Anna is all right but he wishes that his whole family wasnít so far away. David sees similarities in their lives. Their families are full of control freaks. Maggie and her sister were looking out for themselves at 6 or 7. Maybe she wants to be a doctor because of her life. She was doing her lab experiment and that really felt right. Maggie is happy for herself and David is happy for her too.

Palmer and Kendall talk bout her company and she asks Palmer to help her get to the cosmetics convention. Kendall offers to take Petey with her. Petey is dying to go because of the pretty girls and the snowboarding.

Maria tells Edmund that she wasnít in danger when she left. She went to Pine Valley University. She was drawn there and she got there and was flipping through this book on organic chemistry. She understood the notes. She went and got herself some class information. She was a doctor once and thinks that she could do it again. Edmund is smiling at her.  He believes that she is coming back to him.

Henry comes to Maggieís place and she has food out and drinks for the study period. She tells him to make himself comfortable. He sees a picture of Maggie and her twin. He asks her what it is like to be a twin. ďIs your sister pre-med too?Ē Maggie explains that her sister passed away. They decide to eat some goodies and Henry spills his drink on himself but not the lab report. She comes over to help him dry off. She gets her soda and shakes it. When she opens it, she too is covered with the icky stuff.

Petey tells his father that he will be doing his homework on the trip to Aspen. Palmer hasnít decided yet and he knows that Erica is going to be on that trip too. Kendall canít help that. She has to stay competitive. Palmer agrees with her on that. He lets the two have his blessing. Aspen, here they come.

Aidan is still playing chess and he is wiping the floor with that womanís butt. His hands are free but he canít move his arms. She promised him food if she lost and she gets it for him. He canít eat with his hands tied though. She offers to take off his binds but warns him that one wrong move and he is dead.

Edmund thinks that the dream is alive. Maria is starting to remember. The chemistry book made sense to her. It was like an old friend and it just clicked. Weird. It was amazing to her that she knew all the terminology and all the symbols. She has no idea why that happened but it did. She gets her course materials and heads upstairs. Edmund takes the vial out of his pocket knowing that Maria is finally on her way.

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