AMC Update Monday 1/20/03

All My Children Update Monday 1/20/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

The women of Fusion Cosmetics are looking over the photographs taken of Mia and Jake and are impressed. They think these will work in their advertising campaign. Mia says she thought they were going to be test shots and not used in publication. "I'm going to be the face that launches Fusion lipstick?" she says in amazement. Kendall, who has just walked in, says "like hell you are." Kendall says she was supposed to be in the photographs. Greenlee tells her that Mia stood in for her because she didn't show up. Boyd, who was supposed to be in the pictures with Kendall, walked out after Kendall didn't show up, Greenlee informs her. Kendall explains she was with a friend all day and couldn't make it in. They argue about Kendall's no-show today and Greenlee says she just can't blow off work because of some man. Kendall says that Greenlee would walk out if Leo walked in the door. She quickly apologizes. Kendall says she should be the face in the ads because she started the company. Mia reminds her that her sister put up the money and put half the holdings in her name. Kendall doesn't think Jake is the right man for the ads. She says she could name 10 men hotter than Jake. Meanwhile, Jake is preparing a romantic dinner for Mia and tries several times to reach her at Fusion. Each time she is too busy and can't come to the phone. Mia is told to call Jake and she starts to, but then is called into a marketing meeting. At the meeting, Kendall again says she doesn't think these are the right photographs to use but the other women like them.

Jake is frustrated that he can't reach Mia. Tad comes to the door to talk about setting up a teaching foundation in Dixie's name at the hospital. Jake tries calling Fusion again, asking if Mia got his message. She has, but he is told that it's crazy there. Tad starts eating some of the food but Jake pulls it out of his hand. He asks if they can talk about the foundation later. He says Mia is going to be there any minute. Tad says it doesn't sound like Mia is going to be there any time soon. Jake says she'll cut her hours at work as soon as the job gets a little old. Tad asks him if he's trying to convince himself of that. Tad tells Jake that Mia is not returning his phone calls. Their life together needs to be more important than work, he says. Jake says she won't let anything interfere with their relationship. Tad reminds him that Mia canceled the wedding. Jake says she just postponed it because Valentine's Day was too soon. Tad says maybe they need more time to get to know each other because Jake did rush into setting a wedding date. Jake says he's ready to marry Mia tomorrow. Tad says Mia must not be ready. Is it deja vu all over again? Tad reminds Jake of the other women in his life who left him. Jake says he resents Tad's words, after all his life isn't all together. Tad apologizes and leaves. Jake tries one more time to call Mia. Kendall answers the phone and says Mia is too busy to talk to him. Jake blows out the candle and drinks a toast to his bride-to-be, wherever she is.

The mystery woman, Morgan, has Aidan in a dark room tied up. She tells him that he'll be dead soon enough. Aidan tells her that she won't shoot him. She'll keep him warm until Julian shows up. Morgan says Julian knows she will carry out his orders. Aidan asks her why she's involved in this. Is it because she felt he betrayed her with Fiona? Morgan tells Aidan he killed Fiona. He denies it and says Julian killed her. Morgan says Julian knows about his relationship with Maria and doesn't take kindly to women who cheat. Aidan says Maria went back to her husband and there is nothing between them. Aidan asks Morgan if she's shagging Julian. What if she is, she asks? She'll end up dead just like Fiona, he says. Julian calls on Morgan's phone. She tells him she has Aidan and can't wait to see him.

Maria gets light-headed after drinking the drink that Edmund drugged. Suddenly she tells Edmund she remembers their life together. She gives him the details of their wedding and tells him she loves him and kisses him. Edmund snaps to his senses. It was just a dream. He asks Maria how she is and she asks him what he put in her drink. He tells her it is scotch. He thought that would clear her head. Maria says she's feeling it and doesn't feel good. She wants to lie down. She tells Edmund she appreciates that he took her back in. She goes upstairs and there is a knock at the door. It is David. He asks Edmund if he's out of his mind. He knows he took a vial of the antidote serum. He says it's not ready for use and it could take Maria's memory away completely or even kill her. Edmund reminds David that he's funding his research and he needs to have Maria get her memory back. Upstairs, Maria is stirring violently in her sleep. David and Edmund hear her scream. Edmund runs up to her and wakes her up. She tells him that she had a horrible dream. She was in an airport or bus station and Edmund kept telling her they had to give Sammy up. She says it felt like her heart was ripping out of her body. She was being forced to give him up. She doesn't know what the dream was about. Edmund tells her this happened. It's working, he says. Maria asks him what's working. He covers, saying that her memory is working. He tells her that Sammy's natural mother wanted him back after they adopted him and Maria went to an airport to escape with him. Edmund found them and told Maria she had to give him back. Maria says she doesn't remember that happening. Edmund puts her in bed and tells her to rest. He goes downstairs and tells David that his drug is working. David calls him a lunatic for giving her an untested drug. David says he needs to examine Maria and he starts running upstairs. Edmund follows him to stop him. They get to Maria's room and she is gone.

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