AMC Update Friday 1/17/03

All My Children Update Friday 1/17/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Edmund gets rough with Aidan at the condo. Maria intervenes and falls down. She begs Edmund not to hurt him. An angry Edmund refers to Aidan as Maria's lover, but she tells him he's not her lover. He reminds her about the email that said "come and get me." Aidan tells Edmund that he wrote that email. A stunned Edmund asks Maria if Aidan was in his house. She admits that yes, she hid him in the hayloft in the stable. In her secret place she shared with her sister, he asks? Did her sister know about this? Maria says that yes, Julia knew about Aidan. Edmund asks if she had been hiding this from him since Christmas, and she says she has been. She says she had to. Edmund is appalled that she brought a murderer into their home, but Maria insists he's not a murderer. Aidan tells Edmund he was wounded and he had no place to go. Maria saved his life, he said. Maria says she had no choice, but Edmund says she should have called the police. Aidan says he would not let her call the police. He says he had to law low because he was framed. Edmund obviously does not believe him. Maria tells Edmund that Fiona's husband is the one who killed her. Fiona was going to leave her husband because she loved Aidan and he was abusing her, Maria says. What was the man supposed to do, give her his blessing, Edmund asks? "Don't tell me you think it's OK to kill your wife in cold blood," Maria asks him. Edmund asks Maria who Aidan is to her. Does she love him? Maria stumbles around, not quite knowing what to say. She tells him that Aidan was there for her when she needed a friend and made her feel safe. Maria tells Edmund that the person who shot Aidan is in Pine Valley and is looking for him. Aidan says the woman who shot him has a picture of Maria and is showing it around. Aidan tells Maria that she needs to go home with Edmund and forget about him. Aidan says he'll put the word out that he's left the country and he and Maria have gone their separate ways. Maria asks Edmund to take her back home with him and forget about all this. He agrees. She says an emotional goodbye to Aidan, telling him that this is just goodbye for now. He says it's goodbye forever. She leaves, leaving Aidan alone with Kendall. Kendall and Aidan patch over their past differences and give each other a hug. Kendall tells him that she'll be there for him and leaves. Aidan hears a noise outside. When investigating, he sees a garbage can tipped over. He goes to set it up but is attacked as he goes back inside. The woman who shot him slugs him and kicks him then shuts them both inside.

At Wildwind, Maria tells Edmund he didn't say anything in the car. He tells her that she's safe and sound and that's all that matters. He tells her he owes her a new wardrobe because he went a little crazy when he kicked her out. She lightheartedly tells him he can take her shopping tomorrow. She leaves the room to call her mother and says when she returns, they can have a drink. Edmund retrieves the bottle of antidote from the drawer and contemplates using it. He remembers his conversation with David, who told him the drug has not completely been tested. He also daydreams about Maria telling him that she loved him and she remembered their life together. He puts a few drops in a glass and pours a drink. When she returns, he gives it to her and she drinks.

JR tells Joni that Laurie dumped him because she felt he was trashing his life in person. Joni says she can understand because Laurie is serious about school. Joni tells JR he should realize he's golden. He has everything but he doesn't want anything, she says. JR says his dad thinks he can walk all over him. It's either his way or no way, he says. JR blames his father for Laurie breaking up with him. Joni says maybe Laurie just didn't want to cause conflict between him and his father. Adam comes to the boathouse to find JR. He tells Joni that he has apologized to Laurie for the incident at the theater yesterday and he wants to apologize to her too. Joni says he doesn't have to do that. She leaves, and Adam apologizes to JR. JR calls him a liar. JR is upset over how Adam talked to Laurie, practically calling her a money-grubbing whore. Did it ever occur to him that Laurie likes him for who he is, JR asks his father? JR says his mother was right. She never forgot how rotten Adam is. Adam asks JR what he wants him to say. He says there's not a man on the planet who loves his children more than he does. JR, however, says he feels nothing but disgust for him. JR runs off as Adam yells that he knows he loves him.

Maggie is in class as her instructor asks the students difficult science questions. The instructor asks Maggie directly to answer a question, but Maggie says she doesn't have a clue. Eventually, Henry answers the question correctly. A classmate whispers to Maggie that Henry's IQ is somewhere between Einstein and God. Later out of class, Maggie sees Henry put a flier on a bulletin board advertising his computer. Maggie reminds him that he never called her. Henry tries to avoid her, saying he doesn't have time to talk to her, but Maggie asks him why he's ignoring him. Maggie says she's sorry he got stuck with her, but she needs a lab partner. Henry says he doesn't need a partner and has never worked with a partner. Maggie says he doesn't have a choice. Henry asks if she's always this bossy because he doesn't respond well to that. She says she doesn't respond well to being ignored. Henry asks if his superior intellect intimidates her. She tells him he's full of himself and suggests that may be why no one has wanted to be his partner. He says he thinks she's right.

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