AMC Update Thursday 1/16/03

All My Children Update Thursday 1/16/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

Aidan wants to take care of Maria and he is worried about her.  She has nowhere to go if she leaves Kendallís apartment. Aidan was thinking that she should go back to Edmund but she has explained to him that she canít do that as they had a big fight.  She isnít welcome there anymore. She is sure that Edmund never wants to see her again under any circumstances. There is a knock on the door and Kendall panics. She was about to go out the door but canít now as someone is there. Is it the killer? She has to wonder as does everyone else. Aidan tells them to be quiet and he goes into the back room to hide. Kendall peeks out the door. It is Mrs. Santos coming to see Kendall. They are not sure that they should let her in. Aidan moves Kendall from the door trying to think what to do. Kendall tells him to relax.  She is not the killer that he is hiding from. He is still worried. Maria shouldnít be there.  They have to find an explanation as to why she is there if she is seen.

Edmund comes to see David to see what kind of developments he has made with the formula for getting Mariaís memory back. He had given up on Maria but Brooke convinced him to do whatever it takes to get Mariaís memory back.  He loves her and needs to give it another try. Edmund was convinced. He was ready to forget about Maria and Maureen. He had even burned her red gown that he had bought for a gift for the upcoming Valentineís Day. He had lost himself and wasnít interested in continuing a competition for Maria against Aidan.

Jamie and Jonie talk at school. She was upset about what happened at the movies the other night. Adam was angry with JR and she felt that he was right. JR treated his father with disrespect and Jamie spoke to Adam in a rough manner as well and Jonie just didnít think that was right.

JR and Laurie are at the boathouse and JR tells her that he doesnít care about his father, his advice on school or who he should be dating. Laurie suspects that JR has been there all night sleeping at the boathouse to get away from his father, but JR didnít stay there, he went to Tadís house. Tad wasnít there so JR just stayed there and ate up the food that was in the house. Laurie knows that JR needs to be in school, but JR isnít interested. He doesnít think the same way that she does. He thinks that he can get along just fine without his fatherís influence. She wonders what, if anything he cares about if he doesnít care about school. What are his plans anyway?

Dr. Anderson tells Reggie that he has to go to juvenile hall. He would like to stay with her but she canít do that. He offers to stay on her couch and do errands for her, but that doesnít work for Dr. Anderson. Trey hears them talking about a place for Reggie to stay, and tells them that Reggie has a place to live with him.

Jonie tells Jamie that she isnít interested in the way that things are going with their relationship. They are too different. He wants her to forgive him for what happened the night before.  It wasnít his fault that his brother got into a pickle with Adam. She thinks that his family is trouble and she would rather hang out with her friends from church than get caught up with his problems with his family. Jamie thinks that if she is really interested in forgiveness, she would help him. If she really cares about God and wants to be godlike, she would show him forgiveness. He really likes her.  She thinks they have totally different values, and canít get around that. He believes in peace and help for children all over the world, so does she, but that isnít enough. She doesnít care.  She thinks that they are wrong for each other and spending more time together is a total waste of time for the both of them. She thinks that they are too different to make any sense and maybe eventually they would only break up anyway. He tells her that if peanut butter and banana can manage to work together, they should be able to figure it out too. He makes trouble for her she finds, and she canít keep her mind off him when in church, so he has to be bad for her.

Laurie thinks that she is the reason why JR went off on his dad. ***Laurie thinks that Adam is concerned about college. Parents should be caring about grades and things like that. JR knows that. JR knows that when he is doing well, his father doesnít pay any attention to him. Adam on the other hand, does what he wants in life. Laurie knows that Adam is only upset that his son missed the interview. Laurie thinks that he shouldnít miss Harvard, it is a chance of a lifetime. To him, the only thing that matters is her. She means more to him than everything but she canít understand that. She will not let him ditch Harvard to be with her. She will not be the reason that he messes up his whole life.

Mrs. Santos is still knocking. Maria and Aidan hide and Kendall opens the door. Mrs. Santos has the lease and she wants Kendall to sign it. Mrs. Santos comes inside and thinks that Kendall had company. She heard voices. Kendall says that was only the radio. Mrs. Santos checks the drawer in the kitchen but Kendall assures her that everything is fine. Mrs. Santos says that the neighbors saw strangers in and out of there. She suspects that someone is there. There is a noise in the back room and Mrs. Santos jumps up. Kendall stops her telling her that they should really get the lease signed. Mrs. Santos says that there will be no lease signing until she knows what is going on there.

David has been working on the formula for Mariaís memory. David says that the formula is only 98% ready. That is enough for Edmund but not for David. David gets a call that he has to take in the other room and he leaves Edmund alone. Edmund looks around and finds the vials of the formula that David has been working on. He stares at the tiny little bottles.

Reggie had been placed in a home, but Trey went and sought custody as Reggieís lawyer. The judge was touched that Trey and Reggie bonded in the alley. The custody is only temporary. Trey had to be checked out before the custody was granted. He is not a child abuser and so he should be okay as a temporary parent. Reggie doesnít want to go with Trey and Dr. Anderson thinks that Reggieís wishes should be faced. Trey thinks that Reggie doesnít want to go with him because of the color of his skin.

Kendall says that she doesn't want Mrs. Santos to go looking through her apartment, she is very messy. Mrs. Santos is upset that Kendall might be wild and have strange people over all the time. Mrs. Santos sees Mariaís scarf and Kendall says that she bought this scarf at the mall. Mrs. Santos knows that the scarf was a one-time scarf that was made for her. Kendall says that she is wrong and has to go to work. Kendall grabs the papers and signs the lease. She gives Mrs. Santos the papers and her purse and rushes to the door to usher her out. Mrs. Santos stands there and then slowly walks out. ďAdios!Ē Kendall closes the door and then shouts for the others to come out. Maria feels sorry for her mother. Aidan thinks that they have bigger problems than Mrs. Santos.

Laurie thinks that JR is going to mess up his whole life to prove something to his dad. She wishes that she could go to Harvard. JR thinks that she should apply to go to Harvard. Her father will not even consider filling out the forms because he considers it charity. She will not hold him back though from going. Laurie offers to get out of JRís way so that he can go on with his life. JR gets upset telling her that she canít! She is his whole world, but she tells him that she isnít. She is only a girl that fell hard for him. When he gets his Harvard degree and becomes secretary to the U.N., she is sure that he will be glad that she left him. She tells him again that it is over and that she will not hold him back. She walks from him and he shouts out to her to stop, but she keeps on walking.

Kendall knows that Mrs. Santos is going to be back. Maria thinks that the neighborsí snooping isnít a big deal. Kendall begs to differ. Aidan thinks that Kendall is right. Kendall thinks that Isabella is the best mother and would do anything for her daughter, but Maria has a blank in her mind over the woman. Maria doesnít want to hear all this. What is the point of this conversation? Kendall tells her that she has a husband and kids, and a family that would break off a limb for her and yet she stays there with Aidan. No one calls her a selfish tramp and no one thinks that she is a whore and Kendall finds that is not fair. Aidan knows that what Kendall is saying is true. This is costing Maria way too much. Aidan leaves the room and Maria tells Kendall that she has done a good job with her little speech.

Dr. Anderson understands what Trey is getting at thinking that Reggie will not stay with him because he is white. But she thinks that he still not over his family problems. She thinks that Trey is trying to find meaning in his life. Dr. Anderson thinks that he is not papa material. Trey says that he knows where Reggie has been as he has been through the same system. Reggie hears what Trey is saying and decides to give Trey a try.

Edmund is back at his house sitting near the fire. He thinks to himself of his last conversation with Maria. He told her that she was made up of lies and deceit. They both had their eyes open that night. He isn'tí the man that she thought he would be either. He felt like a hot prospect until Aidan looked twice at her. That was when he kicked her out. Then there was the time that he threw her things out the window. He sits with the formula in his hand, thinking what to do. Someone comes to the door and he runs to the drawer in the room and hides the formula bottle. He answers to Mrs. Santos who hugs him dearly. She asks about Maria and if she remembers anything yet. Edmund tells her that he is sorry and wishes that he could tell her different, but he canít yet. She can see that something is wrong. He tells her that Maria moved out and that he is partly to blame. He tells her that she may be at the Pine Cone. Mrs. Santos has a thought and asks if Maria has ever been to Mateoís house. Edmund canít recall. Mrs. Santos says that she saw a scarf of Mariaís at the condo. Is it possible for Kendall to have a copy of the scarf as her own? Things get ripped off all the time. Mrs. Santos canít have her daughter but maybe she can see her grandchildren. The kids are at school and so Mrs. Santos decides that she will come back later and see the kids. She would like to go to church now and pray for her daughter. She will pray for Edmund as well. Edmund assures her that he has been doing his best with the situation. He really has. Isabella leaves.

Jonie doesnít want Jamie to be just like her and he doesnít want that either. Jamie would like to show her his family flow chart sometime. She doesnít find him funny and she hasnít time to meet him after school. She canít meet him, she has left her book at the boathouse and she has to get it. He offers to go with her to get the book and she wonít let him. She canít handle a family that requires a flowchart. Jamieís only sin has been liking her and making her like him. She will not talk anymore. ďBye JamieĒ. She walks off.

Laurie is at her locker when Adam comes up behind her. She is shocked to see him. He tells her that the night before he was harsh to her. She remembers what he said and he was mean and unfair. He is sorry now for what he did. He wants to talk to JR as he didnít come home the night before. She thinks that maybe he only wants to beat up on JR again. Adam only wants JR to have everything that he never had and that is because he loves him so much. JR is passionate and he is the best part of Adam. Laurie seems like a nice girl to Adam, but that is not what he said the night before. He was frightened for his son. JR lost his way the year before and he lost his mother. Adam canít bear that JR lose anything else. Laurie tells him not to worry, she will not be in the way of anymore of JRís opportunities. Laurie turns from Adam and Adam touches her shoulder to talk to her some more. Mr. Lewis comes up behind Adam asking what the hell he is doing touching his daughter.

Adam says that he was only asking for his son. Mr. Lewis says that she isnít allowed to date drug addicts. Adam says that she was dating JR the night before. Mr. Lewis canít believe what he hears. Laurie tells them both to shut up. They have gotten what they wanted; she and JR have broken up.

Aidan is on a mission. Maria doesnít want him to do but Kendall tells her to leave the man alone. They canít tie them up. Aidan knows that Maria is in danger and that is because of him. Kendall may be in danger too. Aidan tells Maria to stay with Kendall and lock the doors behind him. Aidan is ready to go now.

Outside the condo, a blonde woman dressed in a leather jacket peeks at the condoÖ

Dr. Anderson warns Trey that Reggie is to be in school everyday and back to see her for a check-up regularly. Reggie and Trey walk to the door and they discuss the things at Treyís house. Trey warns him that if any of his things go missing, Reggie will be put back in the system where he came from.

Laurie is at her locker, when Jamie comes over to talk to Laurie. He tells her that he feels like a punching bag; Jonie broke up with him. She is doing what her parents want. She thinks that they are too different. Laurie thought that opposites were supposed to attract. Laurie tells Jamie that she broke up with JR too. Laurie did it because JR trashed his whole life. She was the best thing that happened to JR, but now it is over for the both of them. Jamie is sorry about this happening for Jamie.

JR is at the boathouse when Jonie comes to get her book. She finds it under a bench and goes to get it. As she is leaving, she sees JR , but decides to leave him. When she hears him sniffling, she goes over to him and touches his shoulder. He thought that she was Laurie but he was wrong. JR is not okay and neither is Jonie, but then again, who is?

Outside the condo, the woman slowly walks closer to the condo door.

Aidan decides that it is best that he leave. They hear keys in the door and they stand there (Kendall, Maria and Aidan).  Edmund enters and finds them all standing in a row.

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