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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/15/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Erica welcomes Nina to her company on her first day working there. Nina is looking forward to working for such a dynamic company. Erica is sure that the woman is going to be perfect there. Chris enters and Erica is happy to see him. She introduces him to Nina as her new employee. Chris tells Erica that Enchantment is going under and that she may not have her company by the following day.

Simone is hard at work and leaves a message for Kendall to get there. She is the only one at work so far and there is to be a photo shoot. Things are moving but the models are not there. They have hired a man to be in the pictures, and Kendall is to be the female in the pictures, but she isnít there either. The photo shoot people are there and think that their time is being wasted at Fusion because they are not ready for the shoot. They are looking really unprofessional at this point. Simone offers to get them whatever they want. She already has some strawberries and snacks for everyone to snack on and that cost a lot of money. Kendallís friend from Enchantment shows up to see Kendall but Simone thinks that he is the model for the shoot and she takes his coat and tries to get him into position for the shoot. He tries to explain that he is not the model for the shoot but Simone is in too much of a tizzy to care who he says he is. He actually is an employee of Enchantmentís that Kendall has been trying to lure over to her company, but Simone doesnít find that out. Now they only have to get Kendall in there and everything is going to be great. Mia shows up and Simone says that it is time to roll up the film as they have their models. She grabs Mia and pushes her into position to get the shoot started. She alerts the crew that they are ready. Mia has no idea what is going on, but she plays along anyway to help Simone out.

Kendall is up, and in her bra and skirt getting something to eat. Aidan comes out of the bathroom and his wound is terrible. He is only in a towel that he wears around his waist. There is hardly anything to eat there but Kendall has managed to scrounge up something to munch on. Aidan sits and tries to work on his bandage but Kendall offers to do it for him as she can see that he is having an awkward time fixing his bandage himself. She sits beside him and removes the bandage. He is grimacing in pain.  Kendall says she can think of worse ways that she can start her morning. He doesnít share her sentiment.

Greenlee wakes and has a morning visitor that she has been expecting. It is Trey. He says that he will do anything to make up kissing her. He is sure that she is still angry with him, but she isnít. She called him over but not to get on his case. She just wanted to explain some things to him. The kiss that he laid on her was just as much her fault as it was his.

Brooke shows up at Edmundís thinking that he is in trouble but he is just sitting on a chair thinking. He shows her a gown that Brooke thinks is beautiful. It is red and bright. That was a Valentineís present that he bought for Maria but he isnít going to give that to her anymore. Brooke watches as he throws it into the fire and it starts to burn.

Kendall thinks that Aidanís wound is sexy, even though it really is a terrible thing. She is finished with the wound, but only after dragging it out because she likes being close to him like this. She is going to take the day off and stay home to have a little fun with him if he likes. He clearly isnít in the mood to have fun and games with her. He asks about Maria and finds that she has left already. Aidan is angry with Kendall when he hears that. Why didnít Kendall wake him before she left or at least tell him as soon as Maria left? Aidan worries that Maria might not make it back there.

Chris tells Erica that he is not joking about Erica losing her company. Erica tells Nina to go out and get oriented.  They will meet with her later to talk more about her new job. The woman leaves and Chris tells Erica that she is going to have to get rid of the office furniture somehow because the company is done. Erica thinks that this has something to do with Jordan. She thinks that he is paying her back for not telling him about Jordan. Chris says that he was asked to take a physical for a job that she didnít apply for and that angers him. Turns out that Erica thought that he should take a job that she chose, so he has decided that he will decide how she should run her business. He tells her that tomorrow, she will be starting a new job at Lacyís behind the cosmetic counter. He has put an application in for her and she is in!

Trey knows that Greenlee is not responsible for the kiss that he laid on her. She tells him that she had a breakthrough with Dr. Schwartz the day before and she understands her position much better. She said that Trey isnít responsible for Leoís death.  However, Greenlee has been blaming Trey for that and she knows now that she has been wrong. Trey wishes that this wasnít necessary. Greenlee has to live her life as it is and not as she wishes that it should be. She is okay now and she understands how she should be acting and how she should be looking at Leoís death. Trey wants to know if they have a chance then to be together.

Edmund knows that Maria would have loved the gown that he bought but Maureen would hate it. Brooke feels that she is involved and so she asks what happened with the both of them. Edmund has no idea where Maria is now. He caught her climbing out a window to see Aidan and that infuriated him, so she left. That really hurt him that she didnít want to try harder to be with him and to be the woman that she used to be. Brooke tells him that she came to see Maria and find out what she was thinking. SheÖshe broke Edmundís confidence by going behind his back and that she is sorryÖ  She told Maria that Edmund knew about the email that was sent out to Aidan asking that he come and get her. Brooke thinks that she may have sent Maria running to Aidan.  She has intervened and caused things to go wrong for Edmund. Edmund thanks her for that as she may have done him a favor.

Aidan is angry that Kendall didnít tell him that Maria has left. He tells her to get his clothes so that he can find Maureen. They hear the secret knock on the door and know that Maria is returning. She enters the apartment and Aidan tells her that she is stupid, she should have told him that she was going out. Kendall finds it interesting that if she were the one to have left the apartment, Aidan would have jumped up and down and changed the locks. Kendall knows that Maria is the one that Aidan wants to be with.

Greenlee is trying to be nice to Trey and thinks that he should just accept her explanation for what happened. She tells him that she doesnít want to hook up with him. She found his kiss inappropriate and she thinks that he has made a grotesque mistake. She knows that he was trying to get together with her. She only wants him as legal counsel and nothing else. He tells her that will never happen again. He asks her to come and have omelets with him but she has to go to the office and she thanks him for stopping by.

The employee from Ericaís company phones Kendall but canít reach her. He leaves her a message telling her to get there right away. Simone grabs the man and tells him to take his shirt off. The man canít believe what he is being asked to do, but he does it. Simone would like to get going. The photographer tells Mia and her new friend to pretend to have passion. The 2 models stand together and try to get into the shoot. As the pictures are snapping, Jake walks in.  He smiles when he sees what his fiancťe is doing.

Erica tries to explain to Chris how important Jordan is. He spits money and he embodies power. That is why she wants Chris to work for the man. Chrisís experience speaks for itself. Chris suspects that Erica had to push the man some way but Erica says that Chris could do this himself if he wanted to. Chris hates that she has been leading the man on to get the job. Erica thinks that he is just jealous because he saw her with the man. Bianca told her that. Chris is mad at her as he has a career. Erica would like to offer him better. Chris thinks that the job as Head of Security is not what he wants. Chris thinks that the man has been flirting with Erica, but she only wanted to make a good deal for him. He thinks that this cheapens her. He reminds her that he could be interviewing some babe and maybe he is not getting what he needsÖ. maybe he leans in and flirts with the woman to get what he needs. How would she feel about that? Nina is outside the office but she is listening to their conversation.

Edmund explains what has been happening with Maria and Aidan. The whole time, she has been stringing Edmund along so that she could find some place to run off to with Aidan. Edmund thinks that he should have listened to her when she said that she wasnít who she used to be. Edmund doesnít want to be with her anymore. Brooke tells him that he has to go after her.

Kendall decides to go to the store and get something for them to eat. She opens the door but Aidan stops her slamming the door. He doesnít want Kendall to go anywhere. Maria thinks that they still have to make appearances in town or people will get suspicious. Aidan doesnít agree. He thinks that going out there is going to bring danger to all of them.

Mia and her model mate are trying to feign passion, but it isnít working. The man is upset that Kendall has asked him over there and hasnít showed up and he leaves in a huff. Greenlee shows up and learns the Kendall isnít there. Greenlee is going to kill her.

Jake greets his fiancťe and while they are hugging and kissing, the photographer watches them intently.

Greenlee and Simone see Jake and Mia together and Greenlee decides that she can save the shoot after all.

Aidan has something to tell the girls that he hasnít before. Aidan tells them that he has seen the shooter and he thinks that he hasnít been seen but there is a picture of Maureen out there. They know that if they get to Maureen, they will be able to get to Aidan. Kendall realizes that they may be killed if they are caught by these people. Aidan thinks that the girls have to stay in town but they have to go someplace where he isnít to stay safe. Aidan really thinks that Maria should go back to Wildwind.

Brooke thought that she could be happy with Edmund but now she knows that he has to be with Maria. Edmund disagrees. Maria is there but Edmund canít get her out. He tried to be kind and generous but that didnít work. Edmund can go howling around the mansion but that will not change anything. Maria is a part of his life as his children are. Brooke tells him that he is going to be with her and she knows that he is feeling that inside. He feels that he canít feel that way anymore. Brooke knows that Maria is his heart and if he doesnít go after her, he will never really be truly alive again.

Nina is listening at Ericaís office door when Kendallís friend shows up, the one that Kendall has been trying to get to work for Fusion. The man tries to bring Nina into the office but she recoils from his touch. She doesnít want to be caught listening by Erica.

Greenlee wants Jake to help with the photo shoot but later he will have to go back to the hospital. Greenlee and Simone are pleased.

Jake wants to know if Mia is going to be working here for real. She was going to tell him about this but she didnít have a chance. He wonders when she was going to get around to telling him about this.

Brooke knows that Edmund would do anything to get Maria back. He tells her that he already has sold his soul. He says that he entered a deal with David to get Maria back. David has been tinkering around with a formula that may get her memory back. Brooke thinks that he has to go for it. Edmund canít believe that she is pushing so hard for this. She only wants him to be happy.

Aidan and Maria ask Kendall to leave the room for a while so that they can talk. Maria can see that Kendall is crazy about Aidan. He wants her to forget about Kendall. Aidan thinks that Maria should go back to Edmund. She says that she canít do that. Edmund locked her in her bedroom and then he caught her trying to climb out the window. She knows that she hurt the man and she crushed his dream of ever getting her back. She couldnít tell him about Aidan, that would cause him to call the cops. Edmund is sure the Maria has betrayed him. Aidan is sorry for this. Maria knows that she will never be able to go back to Edmund now.

Nina explains to Kendallís friend that she has been hanging around Ericaís office to get some answers to some questions. She is warned that she should leave and come back another time. Boyd introduces himself as Ericaís chemist. Nina is happy to meet him; he is the one that can help her with all the products in the line. Boyd offers to show her around. She feels that she has been lucky to bump into this man. They walk off together.

Erica doesnít like that Chris has been giving her ultimatums. Erica is a person that goes after things that she wants. She is smart and she knows what men what and she wouldnít give out things that she doesnít want to when dealing with men. Chris will not have her running his life and she degrading herself. It is his way or the highway. ďYou got it babe.Ē He turns and leaves and she throws her pencil holder at the door after him.

Jake wants to know more about this job that Mia is after. She wanted to be a physical therapist but has changed his mind. He is the last one to find out that she had a change of job. She has called off the wedding and now she has changed her job and Jake thinks that she should have discussed that with him.

Edmund only has Davidís ego to go on that he can restore Mariaís memory. Brooke knows that David can work miracles as he saved her daughterís life. Brooke doesnít care about Davidís ego. What is Mariaís memory worth to him anyway? Edmund has to really think about that question. He goes to the phone and calls David. He calls in to check with the man on the formula that he is creating. Edmund turns to Brooke to tell her that David thinks that he has found something that can help. Turns out that it could happen that Maria get her memory back.

Aidan is sorry that Maria canít get back with Edmund. He offers to go and talk to Edmund for her. Maria says that more has happened. She pretended to come on to Edmund and they got into a fight. Aidan thinks that eventually, Edmund will cool off. Maria knows that will not happen. She doesnít want him to think that this is his fault. He feels so guilty though. They seem to be stuck with each other. Kendall comes out of the back and listens to them talk. Aidan says that he was the one that has been in the way. Maria tells him that she tried to be with Edmund but there was nothing there that he could build a life on. Maria tells him that because of all this, she is free. Kendall watches as Aidan holds her in his arms and comforts her.

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