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All My Children Update Tuesday 1/14/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
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Greenlee calls Mrs. Schwartz over to her house to talk.  Greenlee tells her that something happened and she is angry. Mrs. Schwartz is not a mind reader and has no idea why she has been called there. Greenlee canít believe that she is paying for this service. She expects the woman to have more insight than this. Greenlee reminds her of Trey, who is Leoís brother and she says that he kissed her. The doctor is glad to hear that. ďIt is about time.Ē Greenlee is shocked at her reaction.

Maggie meets her friend at school. The girl also is taking classes similar to Maggieís. She has to pass a certain class or she is out of pre-med, Maggie learns. That is very scary to someone who really wants to be a doctor. An oriental kid comes into the class and Maggie learns that the kid shouldnít be in that class. He should be teaching it. The boy is sitting at the back of the class and he keeps to himself, looking at no one. The teacher comes in and tells the students to look at the kids on both sides of them. All the students turn their heads from side to side. By the time that the class is over, the teacher reports, one of those seats will be empty.

JR and Laurie see that Adam and Liza are at the movies where they are. JR and Laurie have gone out to be together at the movies and Jamie and Jonie have come with them, but they decide to sit farther away. JR and Laurie hide from his parents and manage to stay hidden for a time. Adam is making a spectacle talking to Jamie who he has recognized there. He wants to know what Jamie is doing there. JR and Laurie try to leave and sneak out behind Adam, but Adam sees them trying to get out and he calls to his son. Adam wants to know what the hell JR is doing there.

Adam knows that JR should be at his interview at Harvard instead of being at the movies with Laurie. He would like to know why JR isnít where he should be. JR sits down again and Laurie sits with him wondering what is going on. Liza tries to get them to go outside to talk. The other patrons of the movie are trying to watch their show and they canít do it with people talking in front of them and the screen. Adam tries again coaxing his son out of there and finally, JR shouts at him that he is not going to the interview and that he is not going to Harvard.

Mia is alone and she remembers Liza saying that her whole life has been about being Mrs. Adam Chandler. She didnít remember who she was before she was married. She said that when you are married to a strong driven man, you can lose yourself sometimes. Lizaís sense of self is gone and she wants it back. Mia doesnít want to be like that. Jake shows up to have coffee with Mia. She tells him that she loved the house that they looked at but the house was pretty big for 2 people. He made a point of finding it for them as they are going to start a new life together now. Jake is finding the place now so that they can have a place ready when they are married. They can get it ready by June, he decides, and they wonít have to move when they have kids. He seems to have it all figured out for them. He only asked her to lunch she reminds him, not to make a life decision. She wasnít expecting any of this. He surprised her with the house at lunch. Marian took them to see the house but Mia wishes that he had asked her first before involving others.

Trey comes to see David at work and they learn that Reggie, the boy with the knife earlier, needs some help.

Mrs. Schwartz thinks that it is about time that someone kissed Greenlee. Greenlee thinks that Trey crossed the line with kissing her. Why does he do that? He is everywhere that she is and he is always in her way. He is Leoís brother and she finds that scandalous that he would approach her that way. The point is that he had no right to do that, and Greenlee thinks that Trey disrespected her boundaries and Leoís memories. Greenlee says that she isnít interested in Trey and he knows that. He is Trey and that is the reason. She finds him yucky! Trey says that he understands but then he kisses her. That shows that he doesnít understand her at all, or her situation. He tries to be there for her but forget it, it doesnít work out that way. Greenlee thinks that he is doing this out of guilt. Mrs. Schwartz thought that Vanessa was the one that killed Leo, so why should Trey be feeling guilty? Trey might feel guilty because he should have saved Leo and he didnít, Greenlee ponders. Greenlee thinks that she owes him nothing though. If he is feeling bad, then he will have to deal with it. She knows that he is putting the moves on her but that is all going to stop. Then David comes along and defended him. Greenlee thinks that the brothers are trying to bond as brothers. David might feel responsible for Leoís death too. Greenlee thinks that everyone needed Leo too much and that is why he is dead. Greenlee thinks again that David might not be responsible. Greenlee wants the brothers to know that they are nothing like Leo and she wants them to leave her alone. Mrs. Schwartz thinks that they are not stopping their behavior, as Greenlee doesnít want them to.

David is at work thinking that they should send Reggie home. Reggie will not let David near him. There is no one to take care of Reggie now. His mother is not around. Reggie enters the room and Davidís boss suggests that Reggie stay at her house. The other alternative is custody for juveniles. Reggie will not go there. David tries to examine him again but Reggie will not let anyone touch him. Reggie leaves and Trey offers to go after the kid and get him to see things differently.

The teacher explains to Maggieís class what is expected of them. Maggie has to find a partner for the class to do work, but everyone seems to be taken. Everyone that she goes up to already gets someone to work with. The oriental kid is the only one that has no partner and when Maggie notices that, the boy turns and walks out of the class.

Adam is ranting now at the movie. He will not leave until JR sees reason. The movie is over now and the others have left. Adam reminds his son that he isnít Harvard material yet. JR thinks that his father has been fixing things with his checks anyway. Adam wants the boy to be successful and he has to work hard to get that. Adam is trying to give the boy an opportunity that he never had. Adam finds that the boy should be more grateful as his father hasnít been that way in the past. JR knows the whole story. He knows that Adam can do anything that he wants. He is not like his father and he doesnít want to be like him. Adam is the last person that he wants to be like.

Dr. Schwartz thinks that Greenlee likes the attention that she is getting. Greenlee tells the doctor that Vanessa threatened her and not Leo. She needed Greenlee to get to Leo. Vanessa wanted to run away with Leo. Leo wasnít going to do that. Vanessa never meant to kill Leo., She loved him very much. Leo loved Greenlee too, but Vanessa wanted to kill her for that. Leoís life wasnít in danger until he heard Greenleeís voice that day. How did he know to find Greenlee? Greenlee called him and that was why he came that day. Greenlee thinks that Leo came because he wanted to save her. He came and there was no one there to save him. Greenlee sees the truth for the first time. She realizes that she was the one that was to die that night, and not Leo. He saved her life that night. She starts to cry over what she has just realized.

Jamie hates that Adam is harping on JR. Jamie feels that JR needs someone on his side. Jamie will not let Adam talk to JR this way. Jonie gets upset at the way that Jamie talks to his father and she leaves. Jamie runs after her. Adam turns to Laurie wondering if she is pregnant. JR is upset that his father would say such a thing. Liza apologizes to Laurie for Adamís outburst. Laurie goes running out, thinking that she would never do a thing like that on purpose. JR tries to follow her but Adam grabs JRís arm telling him that this isnít finished.

Jake tells Mia that he is working really hard to get things together for them. Mia thinks that they should slow down and talk about what they want. Do they want a condo instead? Do they want to live in the country? She might have ideas on what she wants to do. He tells her that she can stay home and he can work. He gets upset with her over her stalling techniques. He leaves seeing that she isnít on the same page as he right now.

Class is over now. Mr. Chin, the student that has run out returns and decides that he will be working on the lab projects himself. The teacher tells him that the class has an even number of students and that he will work with a partner. The teacher knows that Maggie has no partner and she sets the two of them up as a team.

Trey finds Reggie in an alley. Trey tells him that if he runs, he is going to end up in big trouble. Reggie settles down for a minute to listen to Trey. Trey leads the boy out of there. Reggie is still hurt and bleeding. Reggie is sure that he is fine. Trey tells Reggie that he needs to get the wound checked out. Reggie sits instead of walking. Trey lays it out for Reggie. The smart thing would be for Reggie to come with Trey. Trey used to be the same way as this kid. Reggie finds that hard to believe. Trey knows the kid and has been in his shoes many times.

Greenlee knows that she has been blaming Vanessa for everything that has happened. She even blamed Leo but she is the one that should have been hit first. She shouldnít have made the phone call. Leo was her husband and he shouldnít have been there. Greenlee knows now that she should have died that day. Dr. Schwartz wonders why she thinks that her life shouldnít be spared as it has been. Greenlee says that Leo was different and he knew how to live. She has done nothing and she only takes up space. She should be dead. Dr. Schwartz thinks that there is only one thing more that Greenlee needs to do if she really thinks that she should be dead.

Maggie greets her new lab partner and she gives him her phone number. The boy wants to work alone. He refuses to take her number and tries to leave. Maggie stops him and makes him take her number. He tells her that he will call her.

Trey got bounced around too in his lifetime. Reggie isnít impressed with Trey and isnít afraid of him. Trey knows that the boy isnít going to listen him but he is going to make him see Janelle. If she tells him that he is to see the doctor, then he will see the doctor and Trey isnít going to take no for an answer.

Dr. Schwartz opens the window and gets a chair telling Greenlee to get up on it. Greenlee tries to protest but the doctor doesnít care. She pushes Greenlee up there and suddenly Greenlee is feeling stupid. Greenlee said that she should be dead. The doctor tells her to go ahead and jump.

Laurie is at the boathouse and she remembers the hurtful words that Adam said to her about getting pregnant. She hears a voice and Jamie shows up. He knows that she is feeling hurt. He is looking for Jonie but she isnít there. Jamie wants to know what happened after he left. There was more yelling apparently. Adam is a jerk and does stuff like this all the time. This time, things were different for Laurie. She knows that he is a control freak, but what happened at the movies wasnít Adamís fault, it was hers.

Adam knows that JR is right that he is not the same as his father. Adam tells the boy that he will be studying every afternoon or else. JR is not afraid of the 'what else'. Liza returns and JR canít believe that she went back to him. He is sick. Adam was the one that started this but JR is going to be the one to end it. JR tries to walk out, but Adam grabs him again and JR pushes him off sending Adam flying into the theatre seats

David understands where Reggie is coming from. Janelle wonders if Trey can get through to the boy. Trey returns with Reggie who walks timidly through the door. He announces the Reggie is ready to see the doctor now.

Maggie thinks that Henry is going to call her. Her friend warns her that Henry isnít going to call. She warns Maggie to be careful.

The doctor is waiting for Greenlee to jump, but Greenlee doesnít want to jump. She tries to make her way back in the room and off the chair and she falls almost pitching herself out the window. Real fear comes to her face. The doctor announces that time is up and she gets her coat and leaves Greenlee standing in confusion at the window.

Laurie is sure that she is the reason that JR is having trouble with his dad. Jamie tells her that she is crazy as any guy would be lucky to have her. She finds him sweet. Jamie offers to walk her home and she accepts.

JR pushed Adam down and Liza helped him up. Adam turns to JR to talk some more but the boy just runs off. Adam sits defeated again. ďOh my GodÖwhat have I done?Ē

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