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All My Children Update Monday 1/13/03

By Lori
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Greenlee pulls away from Trey's kiss and wipes her mouth. "Oh my God," Trey says, realizing what he has just done. "Greenlee, I'm so sorry." She says nothing and runs out of the boathouse. Trey sits down dejectedly as David walks in. David says he just saw Greenlee running away. What did Trey do? Trey admits to David that he kissed her. David is appalled. The boathouse is where Greenlee feels close to Leo. He asks Trey what he was thinking. Trey admits he wasn't thinking. "How could I be so stupid," he says, adding he never meant to kiss her. David asks Trey point blank whether he's falling in love with Greenlee. Trey says he loved Leo and would never do anything to disrespect his widow. David tells him he shattered the trust Greenlee had in Leo's family. Trey acknowledges he made a mess of things. He says he will apologize to Greenlee, but David says to wait and give her some time. David tells Trey the reason he came to the boathouse looking for him was to ask him if he would represent someone for free. Trey says he's working full time as Fusion Cosmetics legal counsel, but maybe he could represent someone. David tells him there's a kid who needs his help. Trey agrees to help the kid, and David tells him to contact Janelle Anderson at the clinic to get the details. Trey says he'll visit the DA about the case. Suddenly Greenlee is back. "You're still here," she says to Trey. Trey tells her not to worry because he's leaving. He walks out. Greenlee tells David she came back because she forgot her purse. David reaches out to her but she recoils. "You want some too," she asks him. He tries to calm her down. He says Trey is sorry but he's grieving over Leo too. Greenlee opens her coat and angrily thrusts her body toward David. "Is this what you want?" she asks. David says what he wants is for her to get some help. "What am I doing?" Greenlee asks herself. She tells David he's right, she needs help. She's not going to get it here, though, she says before running out.

Trey goes to Jack's office to talk about Reggie's case. He says he wants access to Reggie's file and a letter from him giving him access to Reggie in the jail. Janelle storms in and tells Jack that Reggie is missing. There is no record of him being processed in, she says. Jack gets on the phone then walks out of his office. She tells Trey that Jack has no compassion for the troubled kids she's trying to help. He doesn't know what they need. She knows which ones sing like angels and which ones want to go to college. Trey asks her what she knows about Reggie. She says she knows that he has no one who cares about him. Trey says he'll do everything he can to help him. Jack returns and tells them that Reggie was mistakenly transferred to a prison. Janelle is appalled. He's only 15, she protests. Jack tells Trey he'll arrange for him to have access to Reggie in the prison and Trey is on his way there. Janelle says she wants to go because Reggie will want to see a familiar face.

Jamie and Joni go to the movies. Joni is somewhat uncomfortable because the theater is so bare. She told her parents that they were meeting a group of people there. Laurie walks in and Jamie asks her what she's doing there. She says she's supposed to meet JR, who is not there yet. She apologizes for crashing their date, but Jamie and Joni say in unison that they are not on a date.

JR is at home and is preparing to leave when Adam stops him. Adam says he's glad JR is making an effort. The alumni interview will go a long way toward him getting into Harvard, he says. JR promises he will make up for his failed courses. Adam tells him that he's hired a tutor three times a week. JR says he doesn't need a tutor and walks away. Adam goes into the next room where Liza and the counselor are waiting. "Is there anyone you don't need to control?" the counselor asks. She tells him that he loves with an iron grip. His relationships would benefit if he gives people more freedom. She encourages either Liza or Adam to plan a date. The other must go along with the plan. Liza says she would like to plan the date. Adam immediately begins offering suggestions as to what they could do. The counselor shuts him up by asking if Liza asked for his suggestions. Liza tells him that she wants them to do something they've never done before, something fun. Adam agrees to go along.


JR arrives at the movie theater to meet Laurie. They kiss, and he tells Jamie and Joni to pretend like they're not there. JR and Laurie sit down and continue kissing. Joni is watching them in disbelief. "How can they do that here, in front of God and everyone?" she asks. Trivia questions start to flash on-screen, and Jamie is answering them right. Joni tells him she's impressed. He puts his arm around her and moves in for a kiss. She halts it by shoving a box of candy in his face. "Want some candy?" she asks. Laurie asks JR about how his interview for Harvard went, but he tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. She says they don't need to talk, and they continue kissing. Adam and Liza walk into the theater after the movie has started and take a seat in the back row. Adam is clearly uncomfortable in this setting.  He can't believe they are going to watch a teenage horror flick.  He tells Liza they could be watching a private screening at home. He takes a bite of popcorn and immediately spits it out, bothering the couple seated in front of them. Adam tells Liza this is not his idea of a romantic date. Not realizing she is looking at JR and Laurie, Liza spots the young couple in front of them kissing. She nuzzles close to Adam and he tries puts his arm around her. He stops and is disgusted after his hand touches some gum on the back of the seat. Liza tells Adam to look at the kissing couple. Adam's cell phone rings and the couple in front of them are angry Jamie yells back for the person with the cell phone to turn it off. As he turns around, he realizes he is yelling at Adam Chandler. "If it isn't young Jamie Martin," Adam says. JR turns around and sees his father and Liza. He tries to sink down in his chair.

Greenlee is back at home and someone comes to the door. It is the counselor. Greenlee tells her that she thinks she's losing her mind. "Good," the counselor replies.

As he's just about to board, Aidan sees Kendall and Maria at the bus station. He walks over to them, and they tell him they want him to leave with them. He says he needs to get on the bus to get away from here. Derek passes near and Kendall grabs Aidan and kisses him. Derek sees Maria and greets her like a long-lost friend. She asks if she knows him. Derek tells her that he's been following her story in the newspaper. They continue to talk as Kendall keeps kissing Aidan so police don't see him. Derek tells Maria he's heading up a joint investigation with the feds. Maria asks if he can tell the bad guys just by looking at them. Meanwhile, Kendall continues to try to hide Aidan from the cops swarming all over the place. She says the cops aren't looking for a guy with a girlfriend; they're looking for someone who's alone. She wonders why Maria is not getting rid of Derek. Maria asks Derek who they are looking for. Derek shows her the wanted poster with Aidan's picture. Maria acts like she doesn't know who he is. Derek says he knows Maria knows Aidan and has helped him in the past. It is natural to think the reason she is at the bus station now is to help him again. Maria apologizes for lying but tells him she doesn't know anything. She says she came to the station to check the bus schedules to see if she could figure out where he might go. She asks if he wants to check them with her. Kendall stops kissing Aidan and urges him to go back to the condo. He says he needs to get on the bus. He turns around, spots a woman and suddenly he is frozen in fear. Kendall asks what happened, but he won't say. In his mind, he recalls running into this woman and her shooting him. Maria approaches them and tells them they should leave. Aidan agrees and goes with them. The mystery woman approaches a stranger in the station, shows a picture of Maria and asks if she's seen her. The stranger says she just saw her, and just went that way with her boyfriend, pointing in the direction the trio left.

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