AMC Update Friday 1/10/03

All My Children Update Friday 1/10/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita  

Bianca and Maggie run into each other at the university, where they are registering for classes. It is awkward between them since their last meeting when they discussed their relationship. After some small talk about class registration, Maggie asks Bianca if she's mad at her. Bianca says she's not mad, she's relieved. She says she knows now that they are just friends. She says she has a knack for falling for the unobtainable girls. Maggie says she feels like she hurt her, but Bianca says she helped her move on. She's more worried about Maggie and all the pre-med classes she's going to be taking. That will leave her little time for dating. They are interrupted by a girl named Julie, who asks Bianca if she's going tonight. Julie says they got the DJ that Bianca recommended. Bianca says, then, she'll go. Julie says she'll save her a dance. Bianca explains to Maggie that there is a dance sponsored by the gay student organization. Maggie tells Bianca she just wants her to be happy. Bianca says she will be happy.

David tells Janelle that Anna has increased police presence in the Front Street Clinic neighborhood. Janelle is not happy to hear that. She says she's been wants the clinic to be a place where gang members are not afraid to come to. She's been working for months to get Reggie out of gang life. What chance does he have now that he's in jail? Greenlee comes in to visit David. David is glad to see her and gives her a hug. He says she shouldn't be there alone because it's not a safe place. Greenlee is not worried. David tells her that Anna is in Zurich because they detected a heart problem with the baby. Greenlee is concerned. She tells David it must be terrible to be without her. The baby is lucky to have him, she adds, getting teary-eyed. Trey walks in and is in a happy mood. His suspension was lifted and he can practice law again. Greenlee angrily accuses him of shoving good news in her face. He doesn't understand her reaction. He says now he'll be able to be the legal counsel for Fusion Cosmetics. He says it's only fair. Greenlee snaps back that Leo is "stone cold dead. How fair is that?" Trey says he thought she would be relieved she would not have to find another lawyer. She says she'd be relieved to have Leo back. Trey reminds her that they are family. Greenlee says David is her family. Her relationship with Trey ended when Leo died. She tells him to stay away from her. She's had enough of this "family reunion." She runs out and Trey follows her. David tries to stop him, but Trey says she needs to know she's not alone. Janelle approaches David. Telling him it may be none of her business, she asks how long ago his brother died. About three months ago, David answers. Janelle says it appears that Greenlee needs help. Later, she apologizes for butting in. She asks about Anna, and David tells her about the problem with the baby's heart. He says the heart condition was detected only because Reggie took Anna hostage. He asks if Reggie has bailed out of jail. Janelle says with a missing father and a junkie for a mother, he has no way to be bailed out. She says the public defender has no time to work on his case. David suggests that Trey might take his case at no charge. Janelle is grateful for his help.

Greenlee goes to the boathouse, where she looks up and talks to Leo. She says she wants to talk to him but all she gets is his interfering brothers. Just then Trey approaches her. Greenlee tells him to leave her alone. She doesn't need anything from him. Trey tells her what she needs is a serious attitude adjustment. He says she still sees him as Leo's con artist brother and won't give him a chance. Greenlee says he had a chance and now Leo's dead. Trey says he's tired of her hating him because he saved her and not Leo. He says it is their mother that killed Leo, not him. Trey grabs Greenlee by the arms. "Don't you see what you mean to me?" he asks her. He kisses her.

Kendall walks into her new living room. Maria and Aidan are not there. Maria walks in from outside and tells her that Aidan is missing. Kendall says maybe he simply went out for some fresh air. But Maria is worried. His life is in danger, she says. The person who shot him is still looking for him. This worries Kendall. They decide to go look for him at the bus depot. They argue over whose car to take, then decide to take Kendall's. Before long, they have a flat tire. Kendall starts to call for a tow truck but Maria says they don't want to be seen by anyone because they are aiding a fugitive wanted for murder. Maria says she'll change the flat tire. She asks for a wrench and a jack, but Kendall doesn't know the first thing about changing a tire. As Maria is changing the tire, Kendall eggs her on about being Aidan's lover. Maria says she is not his lover, they are just friends. Kendall takes the opportunity to make sure Maria knows that she and Aidan were lovers. Kendall says she can't believe someone as tender a lover as Aidan could kill someone. Soon, Maria has the spare tire on and they try to leave, but now the car won't start. Maria gets out, looks under the hood and fixes the problem. They are on their way to the bus terminal.

Aidan is at the bus terminal wearing a winter hat and sunglasses. The place is crawling with cops distributing wanted fliers with Aidan's picture. They post fliers on the wall and ask people around them if they've seen Aidan. No one has. Despite their efforts, police do not notice Aidan. A woman approaches Aidan and tells him she's been looking for him. After looking at him, she says "You're not Mark." Aidan says he is not Mark, sorry. She says she's not sorry. She attempts to flirt with him but she sees he's not interested and she leaves. Aidan prepares to leave on a bus when Maria and Kendall arrive. Kendall sees him and calls his name.

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