AMC Update Thursday 1/9/03

All My Children Update Thursday 1/9/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Trey comes to Greenlee to tell her that he is resigning as counsel for the company. He thinks that he is too much of a reminder of Leo to Greenlee and he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore that way. She tries to work with him but he can see that she is having too hard a time of it. She looks up at him shocked at what he is saying to her. She really needs someone for Fusion.

Adam, Liza and Mr. Lewis are at the hospital to see what has happened to JR and Laurie. They got a call from the hospital to come right away and Mr. Lewis happened to be at the house with the Chandlers as he was looking for his daughter. Laurie comes out first. It is clear that she is fine, but Adam would like to know how his son is doing as he hasn’t come out of his examination room yet. Laurie can’t talk just yet. She is overwhelmed by the accident and tries to catch her breath. Mr. Lewis tries to get Adam to leave her alone as the doctor should be the one that is giving out information anyway, but Laurie speaks and tells them that they skidded on the road and that there was no other car involved in the accident. JR comes out and Adam runs to him. He hugs his son. He seems fine and that is all that Adam wanted. JR only had a couple of cuts and bruises, but he has a gash on his forehead and it is not bad. Adam and Mr. Lewis ask about the accident and what happened. JR says that he was only doing 35 mph. Mr. Lewis doesn’t believe him. JR apologizes to Mr. Lewis for having Laurie in the car and having the accident, but Mr. Lewis will hear nothing of it. JR assures him that he wouldn’t harm Laurie or put her in danger if he could help it. JR assures him that this was an accident and that there is all that there is to it. JR wouldn’t have had this happen for anything. Laurie calls to her father to get him to listen to her and stop accusing her boyfriend but Mr. Lewis has his own agenda and will not be redirected. She assures him that she is fine now. Mr. Lewis thought that he lost her too and that was what was so frightening to him.

Kendall is staying in her new apartment, even though Aidan wants her to go. She helped him by renting the apartment from Mrs. Santos so now Aidan can stay there and not worry about anyone coming in unannounced. That is not good enough, he tells her. She has to go! He owes her for helping with Mrs. Santos but she should go anyway. Kendall tells him that she should be the one living there as she can keep him as a guest and help him keep under cover. She needs a place to live and that is why she is staying. She knows that he wants her out of there but why? She figures that Maria is returning and he would like to be alone with her but that ain’t gonna happen. She can be the one that takes care of him. He tells her that the killer is looking for him and she shouldn’t be there or she might be in danger too.

Maria has been trying to escape from her room and she tries to climb out the window but Edmund arrives to pull her back in, just in time. She could have broken her neck going out of that window. How long did he think that he was going to keep her in there? She had to try to get out through the window. She would have done anything to get out of that prison that he made for her. She would have tried anything. She stops her ranting and walks closer to him. She tells him that she flashed on how she used to feel about Edmund for a moment. He looks into her eyes to see if what she is saying is true. She says that she remembered the passion they had and they have to be together. She is still mad at him for locking her in there but that really doesn’t’ t matter now, she says. She understands why he did what he did. He smiles at her coyly. He tells her that what they have is beyond what he imagined and he moves closer to her. She wants him to remember the past and make her remember that too. He sees right through her and tells her that she is an insult to the Maria that he used to know. Who the hell is she anyway? He has no idea who he was just talking to.

Laurie assures her father that she didn’t get a scratch from the accident and that this is all getting blown out of proportion. He thinks that was luck that she wasn’t hurt. Laurie tells the others that her mother died in a car crash in order to explain why her father has been acting the way that he has. Liza understands now why Mr. Lewis acts the way that he does. That must have terrified Mr. Lewis, she says. Mr. Lewis doesn’t care about their sympathy, as he thinks that people like the Chandlers don’t really care about people like him. He wants his business private from now and he makes no bones about telling that to his daughter in front of these people. Mr. Lewis would like to leave with his daughter but Adam wants her there. Mr. Lewis threatens to get JR into a lot more trouble over this. Laurie tells her father again that JR didn’t’ do anything. Mr. Lewis gets a cop and tells him that there was an accident and he needs some help. Mr. Lewis says that JR was drunk or on drugs and he was driving and could have killed his daughter.

Trey gives Greenlee all the papers that she needs to get another lawyer to continue. Everything has been organized for her. She puts the papers back in his briefcase and reminds him that no one wants him to work for them. She needs some help with this. This better not be about money as she isn’t going to pay him more. He tells her that this is necessary as she won’t have to see his face anymore. He is trying to do what is right. She is sorry that she told him that she wishes that he were dead. She expects him to get back to work now. She asks him to look over some papers and help her with some decisions. He gets to work.

Kendall tells Aidan that she could help him by being a distraction for him. He knows that she is afraid of him as she thinks that there is a chance that he is a killer. He can’t involve her. She is putting her life at risk. She reaches to touch him and he cringes and moves back from her. He bends over in pain now. He tells her that nothing is wrong and that she has done enough. She reaches over to his shirt and finds the wound underneath. “What happened to you?”

Edmund can tell that Maria was playing with him just now. Would she let him make love to her to get out of there? She slaps his face. She tells him that she is sorry but she says that a lot these days. She reminds him that he was the one that locked her in her room. What was she supposed to think of that? She never signed on for that abuse. She feels that he never gave a damn about her. He has been trying to live a fairytale. He has made mistakes. He has trusted her and has held out for hope for too long. He has an ideal in his mind that no one could fullfil. Why can’t he take her at her word? She tells Edmund that she only wants to help Aidan for a while and come back. He thinks that he shouldn’t trust her. He congratulates her as she has finally shattered his hopes. She is absolutely nothing like the woman that he loved…nothing.

Edmund tells Maria that she is Maureen and a creation of David’s. She is the face of someone that he used to love. Maria has her eyes open too. She thought that he was a man that she could have gotten to know. He feels that he was a hot prospect until a murderer came along. He tells her to take what she wants and to get out of his house.

Operating a vehicle at an unsafe speed is the charge that will be laid against JR. Derek knows that JR was shaken after the accident, but he did a breathalyser and that didn’t show anything, so a drug test will not be needed. Mr. Lewis thinks that Adam has paid for this. He wants his daughter to see how these people, operate. Adam thinks that Laurie was the one that distracted JR and caused the accident. Mr. Lewis says that his daughter wouldn’t ‘distract’ in the manner that Adam is insinuating. Adam almost gets punched in the mouth over that. This is not over for Mr. Lewis. Liza would like this to be dropped. Adam thinks that Mr. Lewis needs anger management. Derek puts an end to the arguing and wishes everyone a safe drive.

Maria shows up and finds Kendall there with Aidan. Kendall announces that she has rented the place. Maria didn’t know that Isabella was going to rent the place. Maria isn’t going to be staying with Edmund anymore. This is enough for Aidan. He is going to leave there. This is getting to be too much. Maria checks Aidan’s wound and sees that he is bleeding again. She warns him that if he leaves, she will call the cops herself.

Greenlee is running on empty and Trey tells her that she needs some sleep. She can wait till the morning. He is sure that the next day will be good as he will find out then if his suspension is over. That will make him more valuable to her. Greenlee can’t go to sleep now as she has too much work to do. Trey knows what’s gone on with him and his past. The reason why he took Trey’s name was so that he could keep him alive. Trey offers to walk her to her car but she isn’t going yet. He says goodnight and gets his stuff to go.

The Chandlers are home and Adam wants to talk to JR…

Mr. Lewis is trying to get Laurie to talk to him…

Adam told JR to stay away from Doug Lewis…

Mr. Lewis tells Laurie to stay away from JR…

Adam thinks that Laurie is going to ruin JR’s future…

Mr. Lewis thinks that the Chandlers don’t respect her. She tells him that JR is nice to her. Mr. Lewis thinks that JR will use her after he gets what he wants. Laurie wants her father to get in touch with what has happened. He has lost his job and that doesn’t mean that JR is a bad person. Laurie thinks that JR is honest and she thought that was the kind of guy that her father wanted for her.

Adam knows that JR has things in common with Laurie but that will get him nowhere in the real world. Laurie might take after her father and that would clearly be trouble. Adam wants JR to have another life. The bottom line is that Laurie will never have the advantages that JR does. She is smart and a lovely girl but Adam makes that out to be a sin. JR thinks that he is sacrificing nothing. Laurie understands who JR is and what he wants in life.

Laurie tells her father that she is not 6 years old and her mother would trust her to live her own life.

Adam knows that JR left before because Adam drove him out of his own home.

Mr. Lewis thinks that he drove Laurie out of her own home and she almost got herself killed. Laurie says again that the accident was caused by the weather. She knows that her father is doing the best for her that he thinks he can.

Adam knows that he and JR will never see eye to eye on Harvard but Adam still loves him unconditionally. Liza asks that Adam walk her to the gatehouse. She and Adam leave.

Kendall tells Maria that the FBI is involved in this now as Jackson has been questioning her about Aidan. Aidan agrees to stay until he can make his mistake. Aidan tells the girls that they can go now. Maria and Kendall decide that they are staying with Aidan. He has no choice in the matter. It has been decided. Kendall points out that there is one bed and a couch, so how are they going to split up to get sleep? They all look back and forth at each other…

Laurie calls JR. She had to hear his voice. Her father is impossible. She didn’t yell with her father very loud. She is glad that they slid on the ice. Her father has been more like her dad recently. When he saw that she was alright, he started freaking out again. Laurie is sure that their mothers would have been able to handle the situation differently. It is time to say goodnight. JR says that when they slid on the ice, he really saw that he could have lost her that day. He would have killed himself if anything had happened to her. She makes him think if she had been driving. She knows that he wouldn’t have wanted her to kill herself. They will see each other the next day he hopes.

Edmund returns to Maria’s room and finds her things gone and what is left, he throws out the window. He finds more things in her drawers and dumps that out the window too. That should be the end of her now.

Maria thinks that Kendall should be staying somewhere else. She has no place else to go. Maria will take the chair and that will be that. Kendall will get the bed and Aidan will have the couch. Kendall leaves and Aidan moves over to the couch. Aidan wants to know what happened with Edmund. He knows that Maria has been having contact with Aidan. Things got pretty ugly. She doesn’t want Edmund to find out that he was staying at the stable though. That is fine with him. Maria turns out the light telling Aidan that she is just where she wants to be. They say goodnight and Kendall happens to have been listening to their conversation and hears that Maria is right where she wants to be.

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