AMC Update Wednesday 1/8/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/8/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

Edmund brings Maria to her room roughly. He is angered thinking that she has been reaching out to Aidan while has been trying to get their lives back to where they used to be. She actually knew that Aidan was in trouble for murdering a woman yet she still lied to him and snuck around. He thought that he was shocking her when he told her the news of Aidanís crimes. She didnít even bat an eyelid. She begged him before to stay at Wildwind and he will not let her go for a murderer now. He feels that she really wants to be here, so here she will stay. He would rather see her in hell first than let her go running off for a murderer. How could she do this? There are children in the houseÖher children. Doesnít she feel anything for them? He leaves the room and she hears keys in the lock. She goes to the door and finds that it is locked. She pounds on the door as she shouts to him to let her out. He accuses her of getting a murderer in the house and endangering them all. She tells him that if he would only talk to Aidan, he would know the story and see that Aidan didnít commit the murder. Edmund is finding this hard to believe as there is a $50,000 reward out for the man and police forces of several different countries are looking for him. Edmund knows that Aidan is in a lot of trouble but Maria keeps giving Aidan the benefit of the doubt and keeping him as a friend. Edmund feels that is directly affecting his ability to get Maria back to the life that they had. Maria keeps pounding on the door, but he doesnít talk to her anymore.

At the hideaway, Aidan sits in the dark. He is thinking of all that has happened. He has to get out of there. He hates endangering Maria this way but she insists that she wants to be with him. He peeks out the window to see if Maria is returning to him as she said that she would but he sees no one. She isnít there. He worries and then finally, he hears footsteps coming in his direction. He told her to knock twice before using the key so he would know that she is coming in and not panic. He waits.

JR and Laurie are together at the boathouse. He tells her that they should get out of there and go to Atlantic City for the night. He has to get away and he wants her to come with him. He assures her that they will come back in the morning. He tells her to tell her father that she is staying at a friendís house and that way he will not worry. She doesnít agree with his plan, she doesnít want to lie to her father anymore. Her father has been very hurt by her lies in the past.

Mr. Lewis has come to the Chandlers house to see Adam. He comes in like a tornado. Winifred is trying to stop him from going in to see Adam where Mr. Lewis assumes he is, in the office. Mr. Lewis accuses the maid of being just like her boss. She thinks that she is a part of the family now. He warns her that when Adam starts downsizing she will be the first to go. She isnít sure what he means by that. The man is frantic about where his daughter is. She is missing and he is sure that the girl is with JR. Winifred knows that JR would do nothing to hurt anyone but Mr. Lewis isnít convinced. Mr. Lewis is concerned about his daughter and that is all that matters to him. He pushes past Winifred and bursts into the office thinking that Adam is in there but is shocked to find Liza in there instead. She offers to help him since it is obvious that he has a problem.

Edmund tells Maria to stop pounding on the door because she is wasting her time. No one is around he says. The children are in their beds and the staff is gone. He tells her to calm down. She orders him to open the door. He tells her that he is her husband and that she needs him even though she canít see it. He is only doing what he thinks is best for her. She knows that he is upset that she is feeling something for another man but he has to deal with it. She knows that he hates her for not being Maria but he canít make her feel things that are not in her. Edmund wishes that he could hate her.

Aidan continues to wait to see who is going to enter the hideaway that Maria has taken him to. A woman enters. It is dark and hard to see. Aidan hides behind the door as the woman enters. She didnít use the code knock that he and Maria set up, so he is concerned about who this person really is. The woman is fully in the room now. Aidan comes from behind the door and puts his hand over the womanís mouth as she starts crying out from fear of who is behind her. Aidan realizes it is Kendall and makes her promise that she will not make noise if he lets her go. She promises. She is there to check the place out so that she can live there. She can see that he is hiding. She knows about the murder in England. She has been asked a lot of questions. Jackson has been asking her questions. She asks him if all this is true? She wouldnít be surprised if anyone she knew did that, if it was a crime of passion. She tries to leave, but he slams the door. ďNo!Ē She worries that he is going to do something to her.

Maria is upset that Edmund has locked her in there. Edmund thought that she was happy at Wildwind. She tells Edmund that she wants her life back. Edmund doesnít believe her. She hears everything that he is saying and she thinks that he is out of his mind. He is not going to let her ruin their lives this way. She is his wife and he feels that she belongs with him. He is going to make her remember the life that they had together. She isnít going to let him make her remember. She tells him that Maria is gone and nothing that he does is going to bring Maria back.

JR wants to get out of town for a while. Laurie canít lie to her dad now. He trusts her. He tried to be good for her. JRís phone rings and JR sees from the number that someone from home is calling. He wants to throw the phone away but Laurie wonít let him. The phone stops ringing. She can tell that this has to do with his dad. JR tells her that Adam got a letter from school and found out about JRís grades. JR told his father to shove it and Harvard. JR thinks that he will never get into Harvard now. Adam will have to buy JR in. JR would like to go to PVU instead. Laurie thinks that is stupid. Going to Harvard will open doors for him but he wants to be here where she is.

Liza is with Mr. Lewis and she leaves a message for JR to call her. She tells Mr. Lewis that JR is busy and didnít answer his phone. Liza tells him that it is foolish to think the worst for no reason. She offers Mr. Lewis a drink of Scotch, but he doesn't want that. Mr. Lewis is sure that Laurie is with JR as she has been lying to him. This isnít the first time that this has happened to him with Laurie. Liza wouldnít think that this is funny if it were her daughter. Laurie is 17 like JR. Liza remembers not making things easy for her parents either. Mr. Lewis asks about her life. She tells him that she grew up in an average home, nothing like her house now. Mr. Lewis wants to know how she could stand being married to Adam. Liza doesnít think that he has any right to say these things about her husband. He thinks that JR and Laurie together is a dead end. He is sure that his daughter is going to get her heart broken. Where is JR? Where is Laurie? He accuses Liza of covering up for JR. Adam enters the room and he sees Mr. Lewis there. ďWhat the hell are you doing in my house?Ē he asks Laurieís father. How dare this man come into his home and shout at his wife. Liza tells Mr. Lewis that she is sorry that she canít help him. Mr. Lewis apologizes to Liza for his outburst. Liza aks the man sit down. Adam is clearly against that idea. Adam says that Laurie isnít there as he would throw her out too if she were there. Adam blames her for his son failing in school. Mr. Lewis says that Laurie is the best student there is. Adam hopes that JR is lucky enough to get away from Laurie and save himself. Adam thinks that the man is just mad that he has lost his job at Chandler. Both fathers think the otherís child is a loser. Liza has had enough of this and she shouts at both men to stop this.

Laurie canít believe that JR is staying in town because of her. He would like to be close to her but she would be more flattered if he had decent grades and went to Harvard. She doesnít want him to blow anything because of her. Harvard means nothing to him compared to her. She would like him to prove it by bringing up his grades. He has to. He will be a senior then. He agrees to that plan. She kisses him and he welcomes that. He has to finish 2 finals and a paper. The paper is on the 2000 election. There are tons of stuff on that on the Internet. She should be going to Harvard. She can get financial aid. He has seen the forms. Her dad didnít fill out the forms. He doesnít want to put Ďcustodianí on the forms. She tells him that if he gets in at Harvard, she will do her best to get there too. She warns him not to waste what he has as that would be awful. She has to go now. She only left the house to borrow a book from a friend. JR offers to drive her home. He will drop her off at the house a block before her house. That will give them 15 more minutes to be together.

Aidan will not let Kendall leave thinking that he is a killer. She has made love to him and she should know him. She tells him that she wasnít really paying attention to anything. He finds her to be a coward. She shouldnít think that he would really kill a person. She believes him and knows that he wouldnít really kill anyone or harm her. She waited for him to call her. They did have a connection and she could have helped him. He didn't want to get her involved in this. She sees what he is saying as she is trying to start a new life with the company and this wouldnít fit in with things. She agrees not to tell anyone about him. He walks her to the door. He doesnít know how long he is going to be there. She can tell that he is waiting for someone. Why is he there at Mateoís house? Is this something that has to do with Maria? She figures it all out herself. She canít believe that he could talk to Maria and not her. There are footsteps and Aidan runs to the back room to hide. Mrs. Santos enters and turns on the light asking Kendall who she was talking to.

Maria apologizes to Edmund through the door telling him that she shouldnít have said that Maria will not come back. Edmund will always think of her as Maria. He is going to have to keep her in the room. He will make her stay there until Aidan is picked up by the police. He walks from the door and Maria calls to him but no one is there. She has to think of something to do. She takes off her coat and throws it on the bed. She is really in a pickle now. She sees the phone and the table near the bed and she picks it up and dials.

Kendall tells Mrs. Santos that she was testing for echoes and so she was talking out loud to see how the echo is there. Mrs. Santosís phone rings and she goes to the phone in the house to see who is calling. Aidan hears the phone and can guess that it is probably Maria calling for him. Maria is on the other end of the phone and she panics when she hears her motherís voice on the other end of the line. What is she doing there and what has happened to Aidan?

Mrs. Santos hangs up thinking that the person on the line had the wrong number. Mrs. Santos continues her interview for the apartment with Kendall. Mrs. Santos warns her that Maria might want to move into the apartment. She would like to see her daughter with Edmund but that might not happen. Kendall fully agrees that Maria belongs with Edmund. Any fool can see that.

Maria tries to make another call, but the phone has been cut off. That is Edmundís doing, she can tell. She shouts out that he is not going to get away with this. She throws the phone at the door.

Edmund is downstairs now and he looks at a picture of he and Maria together. He can hear her pounding on the door and shouting at him. He goes to the bottom of the stairs and listens to her. He will not let her out. Not now. He goes back into the main room and closes the door so that he wonít hear her shouting at him. He puts on some classical music and sits by the fire. What is going to happen now? What will become of he and Maria?

Liza tries to get Adam and Mr. Lewis to calm down. She would like Adam to apologize but he wonít. Mr. Lewis is only concerned about his daughter. Mr. Lewis thinks that the best thing for his daughter is to stay away from JR. The phone rings and Liza answers that they will be right there at PVH. There has been a car accident and Mr. Lewis was right. Laurie was with JR when it happened. Mr. Lewis turns and runs out the door to see what has happened with his daughter and that bum. Adam and Liza run behind him.

Maria keeps pounding on the door. How could he do this to her? Edmund appears and opens the door. He tells her to go to Aidan. If that is what she wants, she can go. She goes to him and hugs him close to her. She tells him that he is all that she ever wanted. She tells him that if she wants him to stay she will. She might not remember Ďusí, but she doesnít want to risk losing him. They kiss and embrace as never before. Then, his face becomes Aidanís, and he is kissing Maria

It has all been a dream and Edmund wakes up suddenly from the dream. He is still holding the picture of he and Maria.  He walks to the fire and throws the picture in.

Maria is in her room pacing back and forth. She has no idea what she is going to do now. She looks around the room. She sees the window and wonders if maybe she can get out after all. She gets up and goes to the bed to remove the sheetsÖ

Mr. Lewis arrives asking about his daughter Laurie. Adam is there and he tells the nurse that he is Adam Chandler and he wants information now. The nurse hops to it. Adam tried to warn JR to stay away from that cheap little skirt. Mr. Lewis goes to Adam and grabs him by the collar telling him that if anything has happened to his daughter, Adam is going to pay for it with his life.

Laurie appears and calls for her father. Mr. Lewis goes to her and sees that she is crying. Adam asks about JR. Where is he? She says nothing for the moment.

Kendall continues her tour of the apartment with Mrs. Santos. Kendall is sure to guide the tour herself, so that Aidan wonít be found out. Kendall loves the place and she wants to take the place that night. She says that she has been kicked out of her room at the Inn and has nowhere to stay. Mrs. Santos makes the deal and Kendall offers to get the check right away. Mrs. Santos tells her to wait on the check as Maria has to be told. Mrs. Santos will return with a lease some other time, along with the keys. The woman leaves and Aidan comes out happy that Kendall didnít give him away. He is not happy with her and he tells her to get out. Kendall knows that he is waiting for Maria. But Kendall is sure that Maria isnít coming back. She is sure that Maria is with Edmund where she belongs and she is never coming back.

Maria is putting her plan of going out the window into action. She moves as quickly as she can to get out of there. As she is working, she hears someone behind her and turns to find Edmund standing behind her with the door open.

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