AMC Update Tuesday 1/7/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/7/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

Anna is waiting for the doctor to come and tell her that the baby is all right. She was at David’s work and she suddenly felt bad. She has been doing a lot at work but thought that would be okay.  Lots of pregnant women work at the same time and are just fine. Anna hasn’t felt the baby moving for a while and that has her crazy with fear for its safety. David is sure that the baby will be all right. He told her that this would happen if she didn’t take things easy but she didn’t listen to him. He doesn’t want her beating herself up right now. She has to stay calm for the baby. She thought that she was invincible. She pretends to be because she is frightened. Now she wishes that she had taken things a little bit easier. He assures her that there is nothing to be frightened of yet. She hasn’t felt the baby move since that morning. He is a doctor, he has to know what that means. Anna thinks that if she is responsible for this, she will not forgive herself.

JR comes to see his father. He was summoned by the great Adam Chandler and has come to see what the panic is all about. Adam has learned that JR has been failing his classes. He was contacted by the school guidance counselor and so has become very concerned about the way that JR has been handling things at school. He has only been doing well in gym. That is a joke as far as Adam is concerned. Adam thinks that he has been ruining his life again and he would like to see that stop.

Edmund is at SOS when Jamie shows up. Jamie sees the man but ignores him and is only there to pick up an order for food. Edmund knows that the kid doesn't want to talk to him but he goes over to him anyway and strikes up a conversation. Edmund wants to buy him something to eat, but Jamie wants nothing from him. He would prefer that Edmund just stay away from him. The guy was going to be his stepfather and now that is never going to happen, so there is no need to talk to the guy now. Edmund tells Jamie that he has apologized to Brooke for his behavior and now he would like to apologize to Jamie. He should have been more concerned about the boy’s feelings when he dumped his mother.

Aidan would like to leave town but Maria is trying to convince him to stay. Aidan has been trying his best to keep Maria out of this, but she will not stay out. She insists on helping him with his problems. The man looking for Aidan is around and looking for him, so Aidan has to hide to keep alive. Maria has a place that Aidan can stay. She has the key for the place and she is sure that he will be safe there and that no one will find him. She leaves to get her car and return for him. She goes running to the door. He thanks her for her help.

As Maria is leaving the house, she bumps into Brooke who wants to talk to her right away. Maria tells her that this isn’t a good time. She tells the woman that she is on her way out. Brooke will not be pushed away; she pushes her way into the house so that they can talk. Maria reluctantly returns into the house.

Brooke can see that Maria is frazzled. She wonders what is up with the woman. Brooke wonders if Maria’s coming back after she goes out that day. She can see that the woman is in a rush to go somewhere. Maybe she has a meeting with Aidan. Brooke even asks her that. Maria tells her that this has absolutely nothing to do with her. Brooke tells Maria that she loves Edmund and she probably always will. She risked losing him and she feels that Maria doesn’t get it. Why is she being so stupid? Edmund loves her and she is throwing it away for what? Aidan listens from the other room as Brooke talks to Maria and tries to make her see a kind of sense in all of this. Brooke asks Maria if she was the one that sent Aidan a message asking him to come and get her. Maria panics when she hears that. They have obviously found out about the note but they have it all wrong. She knows that Edmund must be terribly hurt by the message that he found. Brooke tells her to either stay and be with Edmund or not come back as Edmund is being hurt far more than he should be over her if she doesn’t want him.

Edmund and Jamie discuss the way that Edmund has been handling things with Brooke. Edmund treated Brooke like something that he scraped off his shoe. Edmund agrees. Jamie knows that this is between he and his mother and he wants nothing to do with their affair. Edmund asks about Brooke’s private live which hasn’t been private. Edmund knows that Brooke has been lonely and he cares. Brooke is an amazing woman and she made Edmund happy. Jamie tells him that he is never going to be near Brooke again.

David assures Anna again that everything is going to be fine. Anna’s doctor shows up and is surprised to find David there. There is a restraining order out against him. Anna tells the doctor that the baby isn’t moving. The doctor assures her that babies do that all the time. She is in her 6th month and her blood pressure is fine. They will do another ultrasound and make sure that things are as they should be. He should be able to see what is up with the baby. The doctor leaves to get the ultrasound equipment to look at the baby. David hugs his precious wife.

Anna gets her ultrasound and the baby’s heart is beating fine but there is something else that the doctor is concerned about. It is the size of the baby’s heart. The doctor leaves to get some more information. Anna panics. David tells her that they will know more when the ultrasound has been looked at closer.

Adam would like an explanation for things at JR’s school. JR has been getting straight F’s after his being a straight A student. JR knows that school is all that Adam cares about. JR knows that if it weren’t for him being Adam’s son, he wouldn’t be getting this attention. JR knows that this is about his father looking good to others. Adam explains to JR that college for him was an impossible dream. JR knows that he may not be able to live up to his father’s expectations. JR doesn't think that he is bright and intuitive. Adam will not allow that. JR is disrespecting his father and he knows it. He tells Adam that he is not Adam Jr. and JR will not have it. He doesn't want to take over when Adam gives up his business. He tells Adam to take his money and his Ivy League connections and shove them.

Brooke asks Maria again about the email message. Brooke cares for Edmund and his happiness. Maria worries about her life. Her life should be counting too. She wants to choose what she wants. If she does love Aidan that should please Brooke as that would leave the path clear for Brooke. Brooke tells her that there is a story in the wraps about Aidan who is a fugitive of murder. Brooke can tell that Maria knows already about the murder and she can't believe that Maria may run off with Aidan. Brooke knows that she shouldn’t be there, but she is taking a chance for Edmund. She doesn’t want him hurt, he deserves better than that. Brooke leaves and Maria sits on the couch. Aidan comes into the room and sees her sitting there. He calls to her to see that she is all right. She wants to leave right now. She has to get him safe from there right now. He offers to take the address from her and get to the hideout himself, but she demands to take him there. They leave.

Jamie tells Edmund in no uncertain terms to stay away from him and he walks from the bar. Edmund’s man comes in to report to him. He knows that there is an award for getting to Aidan first. The amount is for $50,000. Edmund is finding this hard to believe. The man tells him that Aidan is wanted to killing a woman.

Edmund comes home looking for Maria. Stella the maid tells him that Maria isn't there and her car is not in the garage.

Maria gets Aidan to the safe house. They close all the drapes and then she turns on the lights. The furniture is covered with sheets and there isn’t a lot of food. There is only canned food. It is cold in there. He rubs her shoulders. He is sorry that he has brought her into all this. She feels that she has to choose and he hates that. He knows that Edmund has seen the email and has misunderstood it. Maria will tell Edmund that there has been a misunderstanding. Now, she has to go and talk to Edmund. What is she going to tell him? She has no idea. She just can’t stand the thought of Edmund being tortured because of her. Aidan tells her to go. He can’t promise her that he will be there when she gets back. He tells her to just go.

The doctor returns to Anna and David to tell them that the baby maybe suffering from on aortic problem. They have to keep Anna there. If the ailment is untreated, they may have to do surgery on the baby. They have to also run a battery of tests. That is the protocol. David will get another cardiac surgeon to help. He is in Zurich. David is on probation but they will work something out. Anna may have to go there but she will not go without David.

Adam doesn’t understand why someone like JR is failing so badly. These grades…JR’s attitude and anger…maybe he needs counseling. JR would just like Adam to back off. It seems that JR has outgrown his father. Adam tries to tell JR about himself when he was young. JR doesn’t want to hear this. Adam can see that this has to do with Laurie. Adam couldn’t even remember her. He couldn’t even remember her name. Adam thinks that the boy is in love and out of his mind. Adam has been there. If she is the reason that JR is sabotaging his life…that might be why JR is purposely screwing up, so that he can stay at home. JR wants to go out. Adam forbids it. JR doesn’t care. Adam decides to call security. Stuart walks in and hears the tail end of the conversation. He sees that Adam is going to call security to keep JR in the house. Stuart shouts at his brother to put the phone down. Adam ignores him. Stuart shouts at him, “NOW!”

Maria still can’t tell Aidan what she is going to say to Edmund. Aidan hates how he has put Maureen in this position. She tells him that she is right where she wants to be. She moves closer to him but he tells her to go again. She will lock the door behind her. He wants her to knock before coming in later. She wants him to rest. He tells her to take care. They rest their foreheads together. She walks to the door. He tells her that if she comes back and he isn't there, he wants her to know that he will remember what she has done for him. She tells him to wait for her, she will be back.

David and Anna are talking about her going to Zurich by herself to see the doctor. That is the best hope that they have for their daughter. She will be far away and David can consult with the doctor from home. He hates this more than she does. He wants to be there for her and she wants him to be there for her. What can he do? Stowaway? He will be arrested and put in jail. He doesn’t want to see his daughter for the first time behind glass. David wants to be there with her when she gives birth. She wants to hear her curse him out for knocking her up… He wants to hold their daughter in his arms but he can’t do that if he is behind bars. Why is this happening? They are going to get through this. She knows that he is right. They have to do what is best for the baby. She will fly to Zurich and she will see Dr. Hoffman. She will do whatever is recommended. David will be there with her in spirit. He kisses her face. There is going to be someone there with her to hold her hand. He goes to the phone and makes a call saying that he has someone with him that needs her help. He has called Robin and Anna jumps on the phone to talk to her firstborn.

Adam explains to Stuart that JR is wasting his life. He is flunking out of school because he thinks that he is in love. Stuart laughs at that, that was what they used to call the twins when they were younger. They used to be late for school and they used to cut across some old woman’s lawn and she used to yell at them to get off the lawn, “… you trash…” Adam just wants his son to be better than him. Stuart knows that but JR is good enough, just the way that he is.

JR comes to the boathouse and finds Laurie there. She can see that something is wrong. He tells her that nothing is wrong.

Maria comes home and finds Edmund on the phone. She calls to him telling him that she is home. He hurries off the phone and walks to her. He grabs her shoulders and pulls her to him roughly. She lets him hug her.  He really seems to need that somehow.

Edmund thought that Maria was gone for good. She brings up the email that ‘I sent to Aidan…” She tells him that the email was much more than he thinks. He would like to know everything. She tells him that it is complicated and …She says that Aidan needed her. Edmund did too but this was different. She can’t explain. He knows how she feels about him and she never intended to hurt him. She hates the way that he looks at her. Edmund thinks that she has no idea where he is. Edmund tells her that Aidan killed a woman. She tells him that Aidan didn’t kill anyone. Edmund can see that Maria has had more contact with Aidan than he thought. She has been living in his house with him and she has been sending emails to a murderer. He doesn’t get it. He tells her that he gets it. He gets it loud and clear. He grabs both her arms and drags her up the stairs. She protests but there is nothing that she can do against his force on her.

Anna finishes her call with her daughter and turns to her husband. David called Robin while Anna was having her sonogram. That was a good call. Robin will help but David is sorry that he can’t be the one to help her. They have to make the best of it. She loves him. He loves her too. He loves both his girls.

Adam tells Stuart that this problem that JR has involves Laurie. This isn’t Romeo and Juliet. Stuart thinks that he does understand. JR’s mother has died and now if he has found someone that he loves and who can love him back, then what difference does it make what school he goes to? His future is at stake but he still has to make it through every night. Every night matters and every day. Maybe JR knows something that Adam doesn’t.

Laurie is cold in the boathouse. JR sounded a mess when he called her. JR hates having to sneak around. Laurie can deal with her father. Her mother thought her husband was a kaleidoscope. Laurie likes that he is unpredictable sometimes.

Edmund brings Maria up to her room. He tells her that this is where she said that she wanted to be. Now she wants to run off with a murderer. He tells her that he will see her in hell first. He runs out of the room after throwing her on the bed and he closes the door. She gets up and that is when she hears the noise at the door. Edmund is locking the door! She can’t believe it. What does he think that he is doing? Has he flipped? Edmund has the door firmly locked now from the outside. He leans against the door and listens to her call out for him to free her. “EDMUND! EDMUND! OPEN UP THE DOOR!”

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