AMC Update Monday 1/6/03

All My Children Update Monday 1/6/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa


David and Anna are still at the Front Street Clinic following the threat on Anna's life by Reggie. David wants to make sure she is OK.  She says she's fine. She asks why Reggie was there. David tells her that for some reason, Reggie was given special protection after being stabbed. Janelle approaches them and tells Anna that she did an excellent job in talking Reggie into giving up the scissors he held at her throat. David again berates Janelle for not calling police after Reggie was stabbed. He says he will have no part in her protection of gang members. After some bickering with David, Janelle walks away. Anna turns to her and asks her about Luis, the apparent gang member who threatened her. Janelle says she gets threatened all the time at the clinic. Anna says she wants to help her, but Janelle says she doesn't want or need police presence at the clinic. Even so, Anna calls Derek and asks him to send some squad cars over with plainclothes officers. She also asks him to see if he can find a record on Luis. David grabs the phone out of her hand and tells her this has to stop. She can't keep putting her life and their baby's life in danger, he says. He urges her to just do desk duty until the baby is born. Anna says David will not stop worrying about their child even after she is born. There will be worries throughout their daughter's life, she says. And when the girl is old enough to live her life as she pleases, David will not be able to control her. "The same thing goes for you," David says. "Yeah," she replies. "I know what my body can take." Anna gets up and doubles over in pain. David puts her in a wheelchair and hurries her into an examination room. He tells her she is too stressed out because of her job. She insists she is all right. Janelle interrupts and tells David he's needed right away. After he leaves, Anna feels her stomach. "Oh my God," she says to herself. Later, when David returns, she tells him something is wrong with the baby. The baby is not moving.

Maggie meets Bianca at a restaurant. Maggie wants them to do something tonight and suggests seeing a chick flick. Bianca asks Maggie is she's asking her out on a date. Bianca wants to know where their relationship is headed and what does Maggie want from her. Maggie says she wants them to talk every day, see bad movies together and paint each other's nails. Bianca, fidgety and upset, spills a drink on the table. Bianca is upset because her mother is destroying her relationship with Chris something she does well. Bianca believes destroying her relationships is something she does well also. She says her problem is she doesn't ask for what she wants. Maggie asks her what she wants. Bianca tells her she already knows. Maggie tells Bianca she likes her. Bianca wants to know how much. She urges Maggie to tell her how she feels about her. She needs to know what they are to each other. Maggie says all she wanted was to hang out with her. That's not enough for Bianca. She stands up and loudly asks whether Maggie is asking her for a date. She says she's tired of hiding. Moments later, Bianca sits down and apologizes. Maggie quietly tells her that she wants to talk to her about this, but not here. They need to go someplace private. They go to the boathouse, where Maggie attempts to explain how she feels about Bianca. She says she has never felt safer, happier or closer to anyone more than Bianca. She says she's never felt such intense feelings. She honestly loves Bianca, she says. Bianca wonders whether she means as a friend. Maggie gets up and walks, but Bianca tells her not to walk away. She says she loves her too and won't ditch her. Maggie looks at her and says "I'm into guys." Bianca quietly says OK. Maggie says she's sorry and she'll support her. Bianca says she'll die if anyone else tells her they'll support her. Maggie asks Bianca what she wants. Bianca says she wants romance, a lover. "Sorry it can't be me," Maggie says. "I'm sorry too," Bianca says, walking away.

Aidan ducks behind a corner just as Edmund walks downstairs and sees Maria. Maria is visibly nervous as Edmund asks her what she's doing. She tries to play it cool and he asks her if she wants to go to his office so he can finish the magazine. She says she can't because she has thank you notes to write for the Christmas gifts she received. Edmund tells her they'll have a quiet dinner when he returns. She goes upstairs and Edmund looks at the laptop computer screen. He finds the email message that says, "come and get me." Angrily he leaves and goes to his office. Once there, he is tossing things around and angrily raises his voice at an intern who asks him for guidance. Brooke walks in just in time to hear him yelling at the intern. She calmly answers the intern's question and tells Edmund he needs to get a grip. As Edmund throws his coat across the room, he tells Brooke he's frustrated with something at work. Brooke tells him she knows his problem isn't with work; it's with Maria. She says he's been messed up because of Maria. Edmund realizes Brooke is right and agrees with her. He starts lamenting to her about Maria. He says when she starts to remember something, a switch comes on and she backs off. He tells her how one minute they are kissing each other and the next minute she's tearing herself away. Brooke, clearly uncomfortable with the conversation, tries to steer it back to work. But Edmund continues. He says he can tell when Maria is lying and she's been lying a lot lately, especially about Aidan. Brooke asks if he thinks they're romantically involved. Edmund says he doesn't know, but he tells her about the email he received. He thinks it was from Maria asking Aidan to come and get her. Edmund says she trusts Aidan more than she trusts him. He says he thought they were soul mates, and now she's just sneaking around his house. He says she's not giving him what he needs. Edmund suddenly realizes that he shouldn't be talking to Brooke about this and she agrees. She says he has told her more information than she needs. Edmund asks Brooke what's been going on with her. She begins to bluntly list all the troubles in her life, beginning with the recent affair with Adam to problems with her son. She tells Edmund that he used to be a compassionate man and care about a lot of things, but now he doesn't care about anything other than Maria. She says he just wants her to comfort him about his troubles with Maria but she will no longer be a nursemaid to his obsession with Maria. She storms out of the office.

Back at Wildwind, Maria is angrily asking Aidan why he used Edmund's computer to send an email. He won't answer, saying only he needs another computer because he has to send this email. He says it's a matter of life or death. She demands to know who he is sending it to, but he won't say. She refuses to tell him if there's another computer in the house. She says she's been protecting him for weeks but she's ready to call the police. She gets on the phone but he stops her. He says he's just trying to keep her safe. She demands to know safe from what. Is it the man who shot him? Aidan confesses that the man who killed Fiona is in Pine Valley looking for him. He says he wants to send an email so that it looks like he is somewhere else far away. He says if he doesn't kill the man first, he will be killed. And she is in danger because she is protecting him. Edmund says he then plans to leave Pine Valley. He tells Maria he needs to leave her alone because he is standing in her way of reuniting with Edmund. Maria says she can't just let him go. She's already part of him. She starts to say more but stops. He asks her what she was going to say. She tells him just to accept that she wants him around and to don't ask her to say more. He agrees to stay.

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