AMC Update Friday 1/3/03

All My Children Update Friday 1/3/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita  

Laurie and Joanie are at BJ's Restaurant talking about their favorite topic - the men in their lives. Laurie tells her friend that even though her father has promised to give her space, she's not even mentioning JR around him. She says it was the worst night of her life when her father dragged her out of the Chandler Mansion when he found her with JR. Joanie says maybe this is for the best because JR is just making her life more difficult. Laurie gets defensive and turns the tables. What about her and Jamie, she asks? Jamie thinks Joanie really likes him, Laurie says. Is she just leading him on? Just then JR and Jamie walk into BJ's and spot the girls. JR asks if Laurie wants to go for a ride. She asks if Joanie can come, but he doesn't want to do that. Joanie assumes JR knows that she told Laurie's father they were at the Chandler Mansion together. She says she didn't mean to rat on them but she couldn't lie. Laurie is appalled. Does this mean her father would have left and not found them together had Joanie not tattled? Joanie repeats that she could not lie. Laurie notes, though, that she could lie to her by not telling her this. Laurie calls her friend a hypocrite and walks out. Jamie says he'll talk to Laurie, and goes after her. JR tells Joanie that she's not getting off this easy. JR asks her if her church thinks it's OK if she sells out her best friend? Joanie says she doesn't think it's right that she and JR are sneaking around together. JR tells her she needs to be a better friend to Laurie. Meanwhile, Jamie is trying to calm Laurie down. Laurie says she thinks Joanie was trying to get her in trouble. Jamie says Joanie didn't blab on purpose her father put her on the spot. He says Joanie has strong beliefs and she shouldn't ask her to lie. Laurie agrees to go back to Joanie and apologize. Joanie also apologizes.

Kendall is meeting Chris at the Valley Inn bar. She wants to know what he wants and he says it's official business. When was the last time she saw Aidan Devane Kendall says she doesn't monitor Aidan's comings and goings so why is he asking her. Chris knows Kendall has filled in for Aidan on his job and the two of them spent a lot of time together in her room. Kendall asks Chris if he's been spying on her. Chris says there are video cameras in the hallways and it's not hard to track someone's movements. Chris wants her to answer one simple question: has she seen him since Christmas. He threatens to arrest her if she doesn't answer his questions. Kendall simply wants to know why Aidan is being sought. Has he robbed a bank, stolen a car, killed someone? By the look on Chris's face, Kendall knows something is up. "Oh my God, did he kill someone?" She says Aidan would not hurt anyone. Chris tells her if she sees him, don't be alone with him. He says a warrant has been issued for his arrest. He refuses to give Kendall details. As they leave the bar, Bianca approaches. She's there to meet Chris for lunch. As he and Bianca begin talking, Kendall reminds Chris that she's still there. He can't just drop this bomb and leave it there. Chris tells her that she was a dead end and she should just leave. Aggravated, Kendall storms out.

Erica's friend Jordan Roberts is complimenting everything about her as they dine in his room at the Valley Inn. He recalls the last time he saw her. It was on his yacht and she was with her husband. He can't remember his name. Dimitri, Erica reminds him. And they're not married anymore, she adds. Jordan says after learning she was married, he was a broken man. "But you're not married now," he said. "No, I'm not," Erica says. They toast to "old friends and new possibilities," Jordan says. Erica asks if they can discuss those new possibilities. She needs his help with Chris. She says he has extensive experience and he would be the perfect choice to head his security team. Jordan says when he got Chris's resume, he wasn't aware of Erica's connection to him. Erica says she didn't mean to mislead him she and Chris are engaged. Jordan seems embarrassed about all the flirting he has been doing with Erica. Erica tells him not to worry a woman never tires of hearing flattery, she says. Jordan asks if Chris knows about her desire to have him leave active FBI duty and take a security job such as this. Erica assures Jordan that Chris will want this job. Erica and Jordan go to the Valley Inn bar, where Erica asks him again about the job for Chris. He tells Erica that the job belongs to Chris if he wants it. "He'll want it. I'll see to that," she says. As they say goodbye, Jordan kisses her hand. From the lobby, Chris and Bianca witness this. Bianca asks Chris who that man is, but he says he doesn't know. Chris says he suddenly doesn't want to have lunch and wants to leave. He says he doesn't want to interrupt Erica's "emergency meeting." Bianca approaches her mother, who introduces her to Jordan. Jordan tells Erica her daughter is stunning. After he leaves, Bianca asks "what is wrong with you?" Why is she flirting with another man in public? She tells her Chris saw everything and walked out. What was there to see, Erica asks?. Jordan was an old friend and their meeting was strictly business. She says they were talking about future employment for Chris as head of Jordan's security team. Bianca says they're talking about a job that Chris probably won't want. She says Erica will be lucky if Chris ever talks to her again. Erica says if he walks out on her without talking to her first, that's his problem, not her's.

Maria is in the hayloft looking for Aidan, who is not there. As she looks around, Edmund comes up the ladder into the loft and tells her he knows her secret. He knows she's been spending a lot of time in the loft and that she's not there to ride horses. He says he knows she and her sister used to go there to talk. He asks Maria if going there has brought back memories. Maria, relieved to see that Edmund isn't talking about Aidan, tells him that she hasn't remembered a lot. She gets nervous after seeing a bloody tissue on the floor. Edmund tells her he can tell by the look on her face that she's hiding something from him. She sits down and covers the tissue with her hand and tells Edmund she's not hiding anything. She just doesn't want to disappoint him. Of all the memories that have returned, none of them have anything to do with him, she says. Edmund says he's grateful that she's trying. She asks what if she never remembers him. Edmund says they'll just have to make new memories. They kiss, and he tells her that this is the spot where they first made love. She wishes she could remember it. He suggests that they make this night unforgettable. Maria says she can't as she's still not ready.

Aidan has broken into Wildwind. Sneaking around inside, he spots a laptop computer. He turns it on and begins typing something. He hears a noise and hides. Maddie has come downstairs. She sees the computer and starts playing on it. Soon it is making a beeping noise. "Uh oh," she says, and runs back upstairs. Aidan goes back to the computer and gets the beeping noise to stop. He hears someone coming and hides again. Edmund and Maria walk in. Edmund notices his laptop has been moved and turned on. Thinking it might have been the kids, he goes upstairs to ask them. Maria notices there is a message on the screen that says "come and get me." She turns and sees Aidan, who motions for her not to say anything. Just then Edmund starts walking downstairs.

Reggie is holding scissors to Anna's throat as David, Dr. Janelle Anderson and other workers at the Front Street Clinic watch helplessly. Anna is trying to calm him down, but he says he's going to cut her if he's not allowed to get out of there. She's a cop, she'll throw him in jail, Reggie cries. Anna tells him she's not there on official business. She asks him to let her go, telling him he doesn't want to harm her baby. Another young man walks into the clinic and a gun is seen sticking out of his waistband. Suddenly two police officers burst in, see what's going on and draw their guns on Reggie. Reggie becomes more panicked, thinking he's been set up and he's going to jail. Anna yells at the officers to lower their weapons and they do, but David runs between them and the cops raise their guns again. The cops push David out of the way. Anna tells Reggie that if he puts the scissors down, she'll make sure a judge knows that this wasn't his fault. He reluctantly lowers the scissors and the cops grab him and cuff him. Anna tells them not to hurt him and make sure he's treated fairly. The other man with the gun nods at Reggie as he's hauled away. David wants to check Anna out to make sure she's OK, but she says she doesn't need that. She tells him he was very brave for getting in front of officers with guns. The other man with the gun starts to leave but he is confronted by Dr. Anderson, who tells him she thinks he knows how Reggie got stabbed. The young man tells Janelle to get out of his way or he'll take her down along with the clinic. He storms out. David asks Janelle if the man threatened her. "He thinks he's tough," she says, walking away.

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