AMC Update Thursday 1/2/03

All My Children Update Thursday 1/2/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

Trey comes in to find Greenlee and Kendall not getting along.  Trey puts up with Kendall because she is his sister.  He finds that Greenlee seems a little jealous of that.  Greenlee and Kendall have been hitting snags at work, but they seem to be slowly working things out.

David takes in a black kid that has been hurt. He has him in the examination room and wants to know what happened to him as he has been badly hurt.  The kid seems to have been hit with a machete or something of the sort that would cut the same way.  The kid denies that anything is wrong.  David demands to know who cut the kid but the kid has nothing to say.  He finally says that he got cut by glass while leaning over the sink.  He tries to sound convincing but it isnít working on David.  His superior comes in and sees the cut. She knows that the kid has had a tetanus shot, so he should be fine she says.  She obviously has seen him there before and knows him.  David expected more from her but she tells him to sew the kid up and send him out into the world again.  It is clear that she doesnít want David getting involved in the kidís life.  If he wants to keep the secret as to how he got hurt, that is his prerogative and she will not interfere.  David wants to know why she is giving the boy a pass this way.  She doesnít have to answer his question. She simply leaves the room.  The kid demands that David stay out of his business.

Greenlee canít believe that Trey thinks that she is jealous of Kendall.  Why the hell would she be jealous of that woman of all people?  He apologizes for that.  He has offended her and he is sorry.  That wasnít what he came there for.   A woman shows up by the name of Dr. Schwartz.  Greenlee recognizes the name as the name of the woman that Liza wanted Greenlee to go and see.  She gave Greenlee a piece of paper with the womanís name on it but Greenlee tore it up.  She knows that the woman is a shrink and she has no intentions of seeing her professionally.  Liza sent her over apparently.  Greenlee had not idea that the woman was going to show up.  Greenlee sends Trey on his way not wanting him to learn of the job that this woman has.  Trey promptly leaves thinking that the woman must be someone that works with Greenleeís new company.  Greenlee tells the woman that she didnít call her, but the woman knows that Liza cares for her and so she has come on her own after hearing about Greenleeís issues.  Mrs. Schwartz is sorry for Greenleeís loss and would like to help her.  Greenlee doesnít want to cry on the womanís shoulder and tries to get rid of her but she wonít leave.  She is determined to talk to Greenlee about her problems.  The woman smells some of the fragrances there and decides that she needs a makeover and would like Greenlee to give her one.

Kendall badmouthes Erica to Boyd.  She tries to make him see that he could have more if he would only consider coming to work with her company.  Boyd has to wonder what it is that Kendall really wants.  Her calling him and asking him to come over to talk like this has to be a ploy. There must be something else that she wants.

Erica is at work when some flowers arrive.  The flowers are sealed and Erica opens the seal to read the card inside.  Her employee stands over her waiting to see who sent the flowers to her.  Such a beautiful arrangement.  She isnít very happy with what she reads but she manages to keep it to herself.  She excuses the employee who wants to know who sent the flowers.  He has to be pushed out of the office and is about to go when he asks if the flowers are from Chris.  Chris hears the question answering for both of them as he enters the office.  It wasnít he who sent the flowers to Erica.  Should he be worried as he wasnít the one that sent the flowers?

Erica assures Chris that he has nothing to worry about. The employee leaves and Chris inspects the flowers.  Erica tries to avoid telling Chris who sent the flowers by saying that some other organization has thanked her for something.  He wants to see her later that night but she may be busy.  They are interrupted so that she can learn that her appointment is there.  Lena enters and Erica introduces Chris to the woman.  He thinks that he has met the woman before but Lena assures him that he doesnít know who she is.  He leaves and Erica gets to her appointment.  Erica starts interviewing the woman who clearly wants to work with Erica.

Dr. Schwartz asks Greenlee to help her with her look.  Greenlee is not all that interested in helping the woman as she knows that the woman would like to help her with her emotional problems.  Greenlee gives the woman some cosmetics as she answers questions about Trey.  Greenlee wants to grieve by herself.  She will not mourn out loud to this woman.  Greenlee wishes that everyone would take their coping advice and stuff it.  The woman tries to help but Greenlee tells her to leave.  Dr. Schwartz can see that Greenlee doesnít trust her.  It is clear that Greenlee is angry and Dr. Schwartz would like to help.  Greenlee tells her that her husband was hurt by his mother and that bothers her.  Greenlee thinks that Leo should have told everyone to go to hell and he should have left with her.  She begged him and begged him and all of their plans were pushed aside.  She and Leo were their own family and he should have just gone away with her and not put others first. 

David is done with the kid in the examination room.  He goes to his supervisor and demands to know why she treated the kid in the room the way that she did.  The woman says that anyone could have hurt that kid.  They are only there to sew the kid up and put him out. The cops arrive asking about walking wounded.  They got a call about some gang activity and they want to know about anyone that came in with a knife wound. They are told that they need a warrant to talk to the patients there.  The cops leave after hearing that.  David tries to follow the police but is stopped by his supervisor who demands to know where he is going and stands in his way.

David was going to talk to the cops.  He has figured it out now.  His supervisor says that it isnít their business what the boy was up to.  She wants the boy to be safe.  If people see that they are not safe there, they will not come to the hospital.  David disagrees with the way that she wants to run the hospital.  David is told that his shift is over and that he can leave, but David is angry and will leave when he is ready. 

Greenlee will not be lumped into the category of acting like a textbook, she says, and Dr. Schwartz understands that.  Greenlee loved Leo very much and there are no words to describe what she had with Leo.  She loved everything about him.  Greenlee tells the woman that for her, Leo was the fullness of her heartÖeverything was simple then.  It was the first time in her life that she was complete.  She has lost a lot. She has lost everything.  Leo meant the world to her.  He is better than the best piece of art.  He canít be compared.  She loved looking in his eyes and talking about their day and that is something that she will never forget.  ForeverÖand ever. They could have had it together.  All he had to do was put them first and he didnít and she will never forgive him for that.  Never!

Kendall is still talking about Erica to Boyd and she thinks that the man should get more than he is getting with Erica.  She says that his potential is incredible.  He can have his own product with Kendall.  She would like to make a deal with him, but he has just signed a new contract with Erica.  Boyd actually showed up to meet Kendall for another reason.  Something more personal.  He would like to go out with Kendall and he actually asks her out.  Is she interested?

Erica has finished her interview with Lena and ends the interview.  Erica has to run as there are matters that she has to take care of.  Lena is about to leave, but she drops her purse and Erica leaves her alone in the office to get her things together.  Bianca arrives and meets the woman.  They shake hands and talk about the interview.  Lena thinks that she has a good chance at getting a job there.  Bianca hopes that Lena gets the job.  Bianca drops off her papers and leaves the office after wishing Lena good luck.

Chris returns with a bigger arrangement of flowers.  He didnít have to do that but he wanted to.  He wants her to remember that the bigger flowers are from him.  He kisses her.  He has a meeting and leaves as Ericaís assistant comes in.  The man looks appreciatively after Chris as he leaves.  After Chris is gone, the assistant tells her that her dress has arrived.  It is clear that Erica  is keeping a secret.  The assistant would like to know why Erica is keeping secrets from Chris but the she will not tell him why. She demands that the man go and get her dress for her and that is all.

Kendall tells Boyd that she is available for a date butÖ  he can see that Kendall only wants to be his boss and not his girlfriend.  She is interested in the one product that he has come up with for Erica.  He wants to give her a good time but she isnít that interested.  The luncheon seems to be over even though they havenít eaten.  She promises to meet him again.

Dr. Schwartz has Greenlee talking and would like to talk some more.  Greenlee knows that she canít change her life.  She should make the time but she wonít.  She should resolve her anger and resentment.  Greenlee doesnít have time for that.  Dr. Schwartz tells her that she should call some time.  Greenlee gives the woman some free cosmetics and sends her on her way.  Dr. Schwartz knows that their time together wasnít wasted.  She leaves and Trey re-enters.  She wants everyone to stop pushing her.  Trey is there yammering on and on about nothing, while Leo is just gone.  Greenlee asks him to just leave her alone.  She wants to be alone.  Trey turns and walks out.  Greenlee looks at the empty doorway feeling sorry for herself.

David gives the boy a prescription for his wound but the boy will not take it from him.  David tells the kid that he can have some samples of medication for free.  He gives the kid some instructions about how to take the medicine and he helps him put on his vest.  The teenager wants to know why David is there.  He is sure that David must have done something wrong to end up working there.  Only two types work there and David isnít either of those types.  David reminds the kid to change his dressing and to keep his wound clean.  If he gets ill again, he might end up getting found out this time. 

Anna shows up at the hospital and David's boss sees her. She goes to David asking him why he called his wife who is the Chief of Police.  The young boy who has been hurt overhears David talking to his boss and panics.  Maybe the hospital has told on him.  He moves over to the doctorís instruments to find something sharp.

Kendall returns, telling Greenlee that she failed.  Greenlee thinks thatís too bad.  Kendall can see that something is wrong with Greenlee.  Greenlee gives up.  Kendall thinks that Greenlee should be happy that Kendall failed, but Greenlee doesnít have energy for that. She gives Kendall something to do and Kendall runs off to do it.  Once alone, Greenlee gets out a number and dials.  She calls Dr. Schwartz, telling her that she does need help.

Erica is ready for her meeting now. She is dressed and the man that has sent her the flowers answers the door.  He is glad to see her and he ushers her into his room.

The boy listens as he hears David talking to his wife.  He has a scalpel and rushes out of the room past David to grab Anna, holding her by the neck with the scalpel near her head.  He orders everyone there to stay back and leave him alone.  David stands by watching as the boy holds the knife to his pregnant wifeís head.

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