AMC Update Tuesday 12/31/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/31/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


Tad and JR are talking about Laurie and her relationship with her father. JR is determined to go over there and talk to the man, but Tad wants him think about what he is doing first. JR explains that Mr. Lewis thinks that because his name is Chandler, he isnít thought to be good enough for Laurie.

Laurie apologizes to her father for being angry with him for embarrassing her earlier. She was to meet him and she took off and he found her later. She wants her father to trust her and the decisions that she makes, but he has a hard time with that. She ran from her father but he is mad at her no matter what she does it seems. He only wants to keep her safe but he has to learn to let up on her. When he was young, giving a girl a class ring was something nice but he suspects that JR has something else in mind for his daughter. Mr. Lewis canít help thinking that. He doesnít trust JR. Laurie knows that JR wouldnít do anything that she didnít want him to and she is trying to make her father see that. Her father would like to behave better but he has trouble with that when it comes to his daughter. That is the reason that her brother and sister didnít come home for Christmas. He is too overbearing and they canít stand that. Laurieís mother took care of her and she was a great mother to Laurie and the other kids. He wishes that she was there now, so that she could help him with this. She knew how to fix things up and make things right. She has the right words to fix the bad feelings while her husband doesnít. Mr. Lewis doesn't know that right words and he wished that he did so that he could have a good relationship with his daughter. She hugs her father as she tries to understand him and the way that he is. She understands she thinks.

Simone, Kendall and Greenlee are at work and Kendall wants to know who will be in charge of the expense account. She has to buy herself some clothes but Greenlee doesnít want to foot the bill. Kendall wants to use Lizaís money for the new clothes, but Greenlee will not give her anything that she didnít earn. The girls all start arguing over money. Kendall thinks that she does earn her keep and should be entitled to some money. Liza walks in and tells the girls that they are not to act this way. She and Mia have shown up and canít believe that the girls are fighting this way especially after Liza has invested her money in them. She wants them to act as professionals or they will be replaced. Just because they came up with this idea, doesnít mean that they can go off half-cocked with her money. She will make the best of her investment that she can.

Maria is worried about Aidan again. He has taken a big chance coming to see Maureen but he feels that he had to. He would like to tell her everything but he finds that too difficult. She knows that he has been lying to her and she feels that she deserves the truth from him for all the help that she has given him. He is still hurting from his wound. She feels that he has taken advantage of her and she says that she is going to call Anna since he isnít able to tell her everything that she needs to know. She is tired of lying to everyone. She has taken chances for him and she only did that because he has been helping her all along with her issues. She compares him to David and he hates that. He is not as bad as David. He tells her that he isnít a killer and he wants her to believe him. She wants to know everything then. He doesnít want to cause her more problems and that is why he hasnít told her everything that she wants to know. He loved Fiona and he spent a lot of time with her. She was married and they were having an affair. Her husband was this big, powerful man and she feared him. She loved to tempt Aidan and he was a victim of her wiles. He tried to walk away from her but she made it hard. When he tried to leave her, she made him come back to give her a goodbye kiss. She told him that he always knew what she liked. That was the last thing that she said to him. He couldnít work as he knew that she was waiting for him. He returned to surprise her andÖ She was lying on the bed still. He could see that something was wrong with her. He called to her but she didnít answer. He saw that she was died and he cried over her body. He saw writing on the wall. It said, ďYouíre nextĒ. He went to the wall and erased the writing. All he can think about now is that he was next.

Mr. Lewis tells Laurie that it is time for new beginnings. She wants to clean up but he would like to take her out. She would like to cook for him and she gets the recipe box that her mother cooked out of. She checks the ingredients. She finds booze in the cupboard and is unhappy. He wants her to be happy but she canít do that. She heads to the door, thinking that he wonít care where she is as he will be drunk in a couple of hours anyway.

Tad tries to explain to JR that Mr. Lewis is going through something as his wife has died and he needs to deal with that. JR wants to deal with this himself. There is a knock at the door and it is Laurie.

Maria asks Aidan what he did after he found Fiona dead. He tells her that he got out of there as the cops would have blamed him for Fionaís dead. Maria wants to know who Fionaís husband was. Aidan canít tell her that. He wishes that he could but he canít tell her. She guesses that the man that shot him is the husband. The man must have followed Aidan to town. He wants her to trust him. Their talk is interrupted as there is a knock at the door. ďMariaÖAre you awake?Ē

Maria hides Aidan so that Edmund doesnít see him. She answers the door and asks if Maria has any plans for the evening. She hasnít any. He would like to set up a romantic dinner for two and Maria tells him that she would like that. All that she has to do is show up. He is really looking forward to the ball as that proved to be a special time for them. Edmund leaves and Aidan comes out. Maria wants him to stay there until he recovers. He thought that she wanted to wash her hands of him but she wants to help. She tells him to get rest while she goes to the stables. She understands now why Aidan rescued her. He couldnít help Fiona and so he helped her.

Simon tells Liza that they can work as professionals. Kendall tells Liza that she canít get rid of them anyway. Liza tells them that she has come across a warehouse of inventory. She has all the paperwork on the inventory. A company went bankrupt and they can take it over. Liza tells them that they are going to get a shipment from Shanghai and they now have something to sell. Greenlee worked overnight to finish some papers that need to go to the lawyers. Simone will work on the advertisement. Kendall will work on the logo. Liza thinks that Greenlee should take a break for a few minutes. She can see that Greenlee has been overworking herself. Greenlee thinks that this is good for her as she has nothing to go home to. She leaves Liza as she has work to do.

JR tells Laurie that she should give her father some slack. Laurie tells him that losing his mother has been hard on her father. JR says that losing a spouse is harder than they think. Mr. Lewis is always hurting and feels that no one loves him but Laurie. She feels that she should go home. She canít spend New Years with him as she feel that her dad will be too lonely without her. JR takes her hand and leads her in the countdown to New Years Eve. They tell each other Happy New Year and kiss. He has music playing and he dims the lights to make things nice for her.

Edmund is waiting for Maria to come down. He is waiting for her so that they can spend sometime together. She arrives wearing a beautiful red gown. They are going out together. He has a surprise for her.

Laurie returns home to find some beer cans crushed up. Mr. Lewis comes out of the back room telling his daughter that he has emptied the beer cans and will be ringing in the New Year with decaf. He is going to try really hard this time. He knows that her mother is looking down on them and he is going to do it this time.

JR is with Tad who has found a picture of Dixie on the net. That will help to cheer him up. Tad asks about Laurie. JR tells him that things have gone okay. Tad is glad to hear that. JR thanks his dad for calming him down before. JR thinks that Tad could go over and talk to Mr. Lewis about him and smooth things over. JR and Tad continue looking at pictures of Tad and Dixie. They were really good together.

Edmund takes Maria to the barn. He flicks a light and decorations light up. She is surprised that he has done this. She loves it. He rubs her shoulders and seats her at a table for two. The barn has a lot of memories for them. That is where they first made love. Aidan is in the hayloft listening to them talkÖ

The girls are all getting their plans together for the new company. It is really happening and they should celebrate. Mia is going to meet Jake, so she wonít be celebrating with them. They decide to meet later and they all leave. All except Greenlee who is suddenly sad. She starts crying by herself. Liza returns and finds Greenlee crying and sad. She comes over to the girl and holds her as she cries.

Greenlee says that she is okay and just needs a little sleep. She is ready for the big job ahead of her. Liza knows that whatever she wants, Leo isnít going to comeback. Greenlee needs something else to think about. Liza suggests that Greenlee talk to a shrink. Liza thinks that she needs a sounding board. Liza writes down the therapist that she uses. The woman is really smart and helps a lot. Greenlee thanks her for that. Liza leaves her alone now and Greenlee has to think what to do. She looks at the number and then crumples up the paper.

JR gets a call from Laurie. She tells him that her dad is doing well for now. JR is glad to hear that. Mr. Lewis has dumped his beer and is looking for jobs in the paper. It is almost midnight and she was thinking about JR. her father comes to get her to watch the ball drop. She hangs up hurriedly.

Maria knows that Aidan is listening to she and Edmund talk and she suggests that they go to the Crystal Ball after all. Edmund has a gift for her and she opens the velvet box to find a necklace inside. She thinks that it is beautiful. Every year he has a keepsake made for the ball and this year, that is what it is. She canít believe that he has been having this ball in her memory. She was just as lonely as he was. That is over now. He wants to toast the future. It is almost time for the New Year and he kisses her. Aidan watches as the pain throbs in his abdomen. ďHappy New YearĒ.

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