AMC Update Friday 12/27/02

All My Children Update Friday 12/27/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Mia tells Jake she wants to postpone their scheduled Valentine's Day wedding. She says she needs more time to pull herself back together. She says her near death made her think about who she is and who she wants to be. Jake doesn't understand. He says two weeks ago getting married to him was plenty for her. What has changed? Mia says if he doesn't understand, maybe they shouldn't get married at all. When he asks her if she wants out, she says no. She says the fact that she cheated death twice makes her think she'll cheat herself if she doesn't find out who she is. She wants to wait till spring. A few more months won't hurt, she says. Jake disagrees. He says he wants to marry her as soon as possible. Mia says if they love each other, why should it matter if they wait a few more months. Jake says normally when people almost die, they pull closer to the people they love -- they don't push them away. He thinks she is making an excuse and that she is having doubts about marrying him. Mia says she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She admits what she's asking for is selfish but they'll be happier in the long run. Jake agrees to give her time. His is paged and leaves the bar for the hospital.

Joanie and Jamie are at JR's house. When he tells her that everyone is gone except Laurie and JR, Joanie is nervous about being there with him. She's also nervous about Laurie and JR being together. Jamie tells her to let them live their lives as they want. He convinces her to stay there and hang out together. Laurie tells JR she is ready to be with him. He tells her he's crazy about her. She takes his hand and asks to go upstairs with him. In his room, JR gives Laurie back his class ring. She puts in on the chain around her neck and says she'll never take it off. She says from now on, she's doing what she wants, despite what her father thinks. JR asks if this is about her dad. Laurie says the reason for them being together doesn't matter, but JR says it does matter if she wants to be with him just to spite her father. He says he wants to wait till it's right. Laurie is angry and says she's out of there. Downstairs, Joanie and Jamie are holding hands when Joanie is startled by a loud knock at the door. It is Laurie's father. He tells Jamie he's looking for Laurie but Jamie says she isn't there. Mr. Lewis says Laurie has never disobeyed him until she took up with Adam Chandler's kid. Jamie asks Mr. Lewis to leave, saying he'll tell Laurie he's looking for her if they see her. Mr. Lewis starts to look around and asks Joanie if she knows where Laurie is. She says she's not sure. He demands to know where she is, and Joanie says Laurie is upstairs. Just then, Laurie and JR walk downstairs. Laurie is telling JR he's great. She then sees her father, who angrily pushes JR to the floor and grabs Laurie. "You come near my daughter again I'll kill you," he tells JR. They leave, and JR wants to go after Laurie. Joanie stops him, saying Laurie can take care of herself. Jamie looks angrily at Joanie for telling Mr. Lewis Laurie was there. She asks him not to tell Laurie and JR that she told.

Greenlee meets Simone at the bar. They are waiting for Kendall, who has some news about their cosmetics company. Erica and Bianca walk in and are wondering why Greenlee and Simone would be together. They see Kendall walk in with Liza and join Greenlee and Simone. Erica comments that it's quite a coven together. Bianca wonders what the four women are up to. Erica says she suspects it's a business venture. Kendall tells Greenlee and Simone that Liza is considering joining them in their venture. Kendall tells Liza that she believes they need to come up with a product line first but Greenlee says she thinks a mass marketing campaign is the first thing to do. Simone agrees with Greenlee, and Kendall tells her she's just sucking up to Greenlee because of past guilt. Liza confesses she doesn't know anything about the cosmetics business, but Kendall tells her she's business savvy. Kendall says she wants her help to create the hottest cosmetics company in the country. Bianca and Erica walk up to them just in time to her Kendall's comment. Bianca tells Kendall that there's no way they can compete with Enchantment. Liza tells Erica that the women have a viable business idea. Erica makes some snide comments, and warns Liza to watch her backside working with Kendall and Greenlee. Erica asks Liza why she would want to get into business with some little girls playing makeup, and throws in a few insults about Liza faking a brain tumor to win back her husband. Liza tells the group that she realizes the cosmetics industry is where she needs to be. Erica pats Greenlee on the head, sarcastically wishes her good luck and walks away. Liza says she got Erica going, and she's definitely plans to join them in business. As they drink to their partnership, Liza calls Mia over, and she joins them. Liza promptly tells Mia she's hired as a company representative, and Mia accepts. Liza says they need to make their product unique to make people want to buy it. She asks for the ideas that have been proposed, but no one says anything. Greenlee says they need to come up with an idea by tomorrow because that is their deadline for incorporating. Liza says they need to meet at the factor and will be living and breathing this company 24/7.

Maria can't believe Edmund is telling her to leave. Edmund tells her she played the role of mother perfectly but now she wants to bail again. She says she's not trying to bail. But Edmund angrily tells her to leave until she's ready to be a real mother to her children and a wife to him. She rushes over to him and kisses him passionately. Edmund asks if it was a mercy kiss, but she says it was not. She apologizes and says she doesn't blame him for wanting her to leave. He deserves better treatment than what he's getting from her. She turns to pack but he tells her she can stay as long as she needs to.

Anna is halfway up the ladder to the hayloft when she feels sick. She goes back down. Aidan peaks down at her. A hired hand walks in and sees Anna is sick. He rushes to the house and tells Edmund and Maria that a doctor is needed in the barn. They rush to the barn and find Anna, who has been lying down. Maria asks her why she's in the barn. Anna says she went for a walk to get some air, then started feeling sick so went into the barn. Edmund leaves, and Anna gets up and walks to the other side of the barn. Maria tells her she made a quick recovery. Anna tells Maria that if Aidan contacts her she needs to let her know. She says Aidan's life is on the line. When Maria asks why, Anna tells her that Aidan is wanted for murder. He was involved in a domestic dispute and got romantically involved with another man's wife. Now she's dead and Aidan is the main suspect, she says. There are witnesses to Aidan's affair with Fiona Sinclair, Anna says. Maria recalls when Aidan grabbed her and kissed her, he called her Fiona. Anna says that the longer Aidan is gone, the more guilty he looks. Maria says the fact that he has disappeared doesn't mean he's guilty. She asks Anna if she thinks he's guilty. Anna says she wants to find him to help clear him. Anna asks if Maria is sure she hasn't heard from Aidan. Maria says she has not. After Anna leaves, Aidan appears from the hayloft. Maria is angry that he hasn't told her everything. She hears Edmund call her and walks out.

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