AMC Update Thursday 12/26/02

All My Children Update Thursday 12/26/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita
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Laurie tells Kendall that she wants her to know that JR isn’t available. Kendall can see that the girl is frantic thinking that JR is with her.  She is afraid that she might not get a chance at him as Kendall is older and more experienced. Kendall thinks that it is cute that Laurie is jealous. She tells Laurie that JR is a great kisser and that only makes Laurie wants to dive under the table. Kendall knows that Laurie turned down JR’s gift and she thinks that Laurie is crazy to do it. Laurie only did that because her father wouldn’t let her keep the gift that JR so thoughtfully gave her. Kendall tells her that she better smarten up and not take a long time to do it. She thinks that Laurie making her stop seeing a guy that she wants to be with is not an excuse for giving up someone like JR. She walks off.  Laurie is scared that JR and Kendall may have been having sex. Jonie thinks that if that is what JR is all about, then Laurie doesn’t need him in her life. Laurie’s father comes into the picture thinking that Laurie should give up on JR as he is sure to be bad news for her. He totally agrees with Jonie on this one.

Jamie and JR talk about Jamie’s girl. Jonie is great but she has a lot of hang-ups and if Jamie is to be with her, he is going to have to change a lot of things about himself. He has been making sacrifices for Jonie but he isn't going to force it. JR thinks that he can help by getting Jonie and Jamie in situations where they accidentally get together, through no effort on their parts. JR wants to find a way to get the girls over without them being caught in the crossfire. The doorbell goes off and JR answers to Kendall who smiles like the Cheshire cat.

Edmund and Anna talk about Maria and how she remembered something from the past. Anna is glad to hear the good news about Maria. Edmund tells her that Maria remembered something about her sister from very long ago and with no prompting. She seems to be remembering being Maria and that makes Edmund more than happy. Anna knows that Edmund wants her to remember more about her past life and not about the time that she spent with Aidan but you can’t have everything that you wish for now can you? Edmund just thinks that Maria remembers more about Aidan than she should and that is not helping he or his family one bit. Anna is worried about Aidan and where he is and asks Edmund about that. Edmund insinuates that Maria’s problems are more about Anna’s husband and nephew than she thinks and ‘no’, he has no idea where her nephew is.

Maria and Aidan are in the hayloft and he kissed her, saying, ‘Fiona’. She wants to know what that was all about. That was a very serious kiss he planted on her. He kissed her with passion and that has never happened before. She figures it out finally. He wasn’t kissing her. He thought that he was kissing someone else.

Maria asks who Fiona is as that was the name that Aidan called out after he kissed her. Aidan tries to hide what is really going on with him. Maria wants to know everything. Aidan only tells her that he will not do that again. There is no mystery, he tells her, and he would just like to keep that private. He thinks that Maria is a good doctor though and wants to talk about his wound and how she has helped him. She finds that he is great at ducking questions but she presses him anyway. She asks him who shot him. He will not involve her in this and he will not say who that person was. She feels that she is already involved in this anyway, so knowing who shot him isn’t going to be a big deal. This was all her idea but he thinks that it was a good one to hide him there. Maria sees that Anna’s car is outside and she runs off to see what Anna wants.

Edmund tells Anna that he is glad that Aidan is gone as he would like his wife to be on the right track for a while. Anna can’t believe the way that Edmund is talking. Edmund thinks that Aidan should be involved in his own family’s life and not his. He thinks that Maria is Maureen and Edmund doesn't want that anymore. Edmund hates that people keep saying that Maria cares more for another man. He is not going to let anyone take Maria down another road. Anna heads to the door to leave but faints at the door. Edmund runs to her.

Kendall has come to see Adam but he is not there. Kendall wanted money from Adam so that she could invest it for him. JR doesn’t understand. Who the hell is she going to get to invest in her company? She wants to go after cosmetics like her mother works with. JR thinks that his mother will be glad to give her money for her company. Kendall didn’t think of that but she thinks that is a good idea now. She tells JR that Laurie was jealous of them earlier. Laurie was playing hard to get and Kendall only got a rise in her. She is sure that JR will get her. JR will help her with the money for investment if she helps he and Jamie with something.

Mr. Lewis gives Laurie a necklace that belonged to her mother. Laurie loves that he has been that thoughtful to do that. He says that he had to spend some money to get the necklace fixed but it was worth it. She wonders where the ring is that JR wanted to give her. Mr. Lewis says that he gave the ring back to the guy.

Liza and Colby sit and talk for a while. Liza tells her that her father will be able to tuck her into bed every night as soon as he returns. She unhappily goes to put on her pajamas. There is a knock at the door and it is Mia. She is smiling and she has a gift for her sister. She already gave her a gift but now Mia has given her a barbell that will remind her of her strength. Liza feels that she doesn’t deserve this.

Edmund helps Anna sit down. She asks him for some water and he runs off to get that for her. That is when Maria comes in. Anna explains that she is having morning sickness. She is glad to see Maria as she wants to talk bout Aidan. Maria hopes that Anna didn’t talk to Edmund about Aidan as that would put him in more danger. That peaks Anna’s interest. What is Maria talking about? Maria tries to cover seeing that she is showing her hand too much but Anna is on the warpath and will not be pushed off it.

Anna makes her understand that she is very worried because Aidan has run off. Maria pretends that she knows nothing. She says that she has been busy and hasn’t had time to think about Aidan. Anna goes back to the idea that Aidan is in danger, but Edmund comes back with water for Anna and he too says that Anna is worried bout Aidan. Maria says that she hasn’t been in touch with Aidan. Edmund thought that Maria went for a ride but Maria says that she wasn’t dressed to ride so she changed her mind. Anna seems to have picked up something. She leaves right away. Edmund asks Maria why she has been lying about Aidan. Why?

Liza thinks that Mia is wrong to think that she is strong. Mia tells her that she managed to keep Chandler Enterprises afloat in spite of her problems. Liza was wrapped up in being Mrs. Adam Chandler and she forgot who she was before she got married. That shouldn’t change who she is but that is what has happened. She has lost herself. Mia thinks that she is wrong. Liza says her sense of self is gone and she wants that back.

Mr. Lewis says that he was out of line and has been using her as a wife to do things around the house and he shouldn’t have done that. He tells her again that as her father, he would like her to stay away from the Chandler kid. He tells her to say goodbye to Jonie and come out to the car to meet him. He leaves and Laurie tells Joni that she should listen to her father. Kendall comes back to tell Jonie and Laurie that JR is waiting for her. Jonie thinks that Laurie’s dad is going to catch her for sure. Kendall tells Laurie that she should go and be with JR as her father is going to think the worst of her no matter what she does. Laurie decides to head out and meet JR as Kendall has suggested and to act against her dad's wishes.

Mia thinks that Liza is acting like a wimp. She was the one that put the company on the map and then she took over Chandler Enterprises. Mia can’t do anything like Liza has in the past year. Mia tells her that she is a force to be reckoned with. She always will be that, so she should just be herself again. She should do it for Colby. She needs to see that her mother isn’t just eye candy. The phone rings and it is JR calling asking for a favor. He would like a couple of minutes of her time.

Kendall is driving Laurie and Jonie to JR and Jamie. Kendall assures the girls that no one is going to find out that the girls have taken off. Laurie knows that her father is going to be angry. She has a choice of going back to daddy or showing her father that she is a grown woman. She has to stand up for herself. Jonie says that Laurie should go back but Laurie will not. She feels that her father doesn’t have the right to control her life. He is going to try anyway, so she might as well be with JR.

Edmund confronts Maria about telling the truth. Edmund thinks that he knows her, but Maria tells him that he knows Maria and not her. He calls her a liar but she defends that. He finds that this is the first time that she has lied to him about Aidan. Edmund tells her that she could have been thrown in jail with Aidan. What bothers Edmund is that Maria has gotten herself involved with Aidan. Edmund is hurt only that she has lied to him. Maria admits that she cares for Aidan but she thinks that Edmund doesn’t care about that as Edmund only wants her to care about him and the kids. He denies that. She knows that what she is saying is true. She has come there and tried to play Maria and the mother of the kids and she did all the rest of it. She knows that he is waiting for her to give him his miracle. She has to live with the disappointment on everyone’s faces. What more does he want from her? He tells her that he wants nothing else from her. Not a damn thing.

Anna goes to the hayloft and looks around. She sees the ladder leading up to the top of the hayloft where Aidan is sitting injured. He waits patiently to see what is going to happen next.

Kendall comes over to see JR and the kids and she learns that she has an appointment with Liza the next day.

Jamie is surprised to see Jonie there. Jonie says that she is only there to make sure that Laurie doesn’t screw up. Jamie is sure that Laurie isn’t going to screw up as JR is not going to let that happen.

JR has Laurie alone and he wants to be with her alone. He got some DVDs for them but she would like to really be with him that night. She throws her arms around him.

Mr. Lewis comes back into the club looking for his daughter and he learns that some girls went out the back.

Mia comes to SOS to see Jake and he knows that she has a mystery for him. She has something to say to him about the wedding. He tells her that they have to get going if they are to get married by Valentine’s Day. She tells him that she has to cancel as she can’t go through with the wedding.

Kendall comes to see Liza who thought that she would meet with Kendall in the morning. Kendall is sure that Liza will want to talk other that night. They need a savvy business woman that can get things going for their cosmetics company.

Edmund has heard what Maria has said. She has stayed there for Christmas and she played with the kids. Christmas is over now and he tells her that she doesn’t have to play the role anymore. He wants her to leave and the sooner the better.

Anna tries to climb up the ladder but can’t. She gets dizzy and stoops. Aidan looks over and sees Anna at the bottom of the ladder. He rolls over to hide again. Anna makes another attempt at climbing the ladder. She makes it farther this time. One rung…two rungs…three.

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