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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/24/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Trey are going to Greenlee’s and before they go in, they bump into David, Frankie and Anna who also happen to be going to Greenlee’s to spread some cheer. Greenlee hears them all outside her door and she opens the door looking happy to see them with a Santa’s hat on.

Brooke comes to see Jamie at the Martins house, and she has presents for him that she would like him to have for the holidays. He is glad to see her and lets her in. Adam comes in behind her and that angers Jamie who goes running up the stairs at the sight of Adam. He still can’t get over the fact that his mother has slept with this guy. Adam explains that he was at the community center and he was attacked by the father of the girl that JR is dating. Seems that JR is going to be angry for a time over the incident. Adam hopes that he will get over this but only time will tell. Adam was hoping to see Brooke so that they could have a talk. Erica and Jackson enter the house as Brooke and Adam are talking to each other, and Erica is surprised to find Brooke and Adam together after all that has gone on between them and all the trouble that has happened in Adam’s marriage.

Ruth is cooking when Tad comes downstairs. He loves the smell of the food and is glad that he is there for dinner. She has baking spoons that Tad can lick and he proceeds to do so. There is another spoon just for Jake when he comes down. That has been a tradition in their house for years that the sons lick the bowl while their mother bakes. Jake enters and greets his mother warmly. She is glad to have him there with the rest of the family. Tad suddenly gets a scowl on his face at hearing his brother’s voice. He is still angry over the way that Jake has been treating Liza. Tad brings up Liza and how Jake has put her in jail for nothing. Tad thinks that Jake was seeking revenge by putting Liza in jail the way that he did. Jake assures him that he had no intention of doing any such thing. It is clear that the brothers are getting into an argument and Ruth doesn’t want that, especially at her dinner party.

Mia comes to see Colby but Liza opens the door and they exchange presents. Mia came there to give Colby a gift that she had under her tree. She missed the child so much and couldn’t bear to go on without seeing her over the holidays. That hurt so much. Liza asks Mia to come in but Mia is reluctant to do so. She still has no idea what Liza is thinking or how she will react to her. She ends up going in and Liza asks about how she has been feeling. Mia has been using a cane that Jake insisted that she use, but Mia assures her that she is fine otherwise. Liza wanted to see Mia to explain what happened that night that Mia had her accident, but Mia doesn’t want to hear that. She feels that she knows everything that she needs to know about her sister and the way that she feels about things that have happened in the marriage to Adam. She would like to have her family back and she tells Mia that, looking deeply into her eyes. Mia only wants her to be honest and tell her exactly how she is feeling and what she felt that night.

Maria has just remembered that Julia had a scar that seems to be healing and Edmund is happy as that seems to mean that she is getting her memory back. Maria didn’t even try to think about the scar, it just fell out of her mouth that the scar was healing. Julia knows that Maria remembered the scar as they were at a big party and a tornado struck, and Maria remembered these details herself. Edmund and Julia are thrilled that she can remember this time. Maria remembers that she was the one that saved her sister. She did the stitches and saved her. Edmund looks on approvingly. His plan seems to be working after all. Bringing Julia there was a good idea.

Jake is angry that Tad thinks that Liza should have gotten away with hurting Mia. Jake thinks that Liza should be treated as anyone else that pushes another out the window. Ruth tells her sons that they have to be the guys that Dixie loves at this time of the year. This is the holidays and she thinks that arguing over something like this at this time, isn’t appropriate. She would like them to forget about their anger for the holidays and take it up in the New Year. Jake apologizes, as does Tad and the two men hug in reconciliation. Joe comes down and finds the boys hugging and learns that they got a piece of good will on earth in their kitchen.

Mia tells Liza that Frank isn’t angry with her anymore and that he has agreed to let William stay with his family. If Liza hadn’t stood up for her to Frank, Mia would have no idea what Frank would have done. Mia thinks that Liza deserves another chance. Liza tells her that she was never angry with her. It was Adam that she was angry at. She overheard Mia talking about a baby and that made her angry as she thought that the baby was Adam. She moved to Mia that night and her heel got caught in her dress. Liza will always wonder if she was capable of hurting her sister. Mia feels that she knows what her sister is capable of.

Adam tells Erica and Jackson that he will keep being married to Liza and that Brooke is just his friend. Ruth and Joe come out of the kitchen to greet their guests. Jackson and Erica have brought part of the meal and they go into the kitchen to put it down.

Tad goes over to Adam and Adam tells him that he had a misunderstanding with JR earlier.

Kendall enters Greenlee’s apartment with fruitcake and Greenlee finds that funny. David and Anna enter and then Greenlee’s mother comes in. Greenlee runs off with her mother to show her the tree. The other guests find that Greenlee is happy and they think that they too should be happy for her get together.

Maria remembers a lot. She remembers stitching her sister up after the tornado. Julia knows that more of Maria’s past is going to come back to her. Maria has new hope that more will come to her. The agent comes in with the kids and the kids say that they think that they have found Santa. They were out for a walk and they believe that they have found Santa. Maria and Julia look at each other afraid of what the children have really found out there. They have been hiding Aidan and they worry that he might have been found.

Hiding out, Aidan has been waiting for Maria to return but she hasn’t. He is worried that he is going to be found out and his wound is getting worse. Blood is actually coming out through the bandage. He knows that he has to get out of there.

Kendall asks Anna if Aidan is going to come by to Greenlee’s party but Anna doubts it.

Greenlee gets another visitor. It is JR crashing her party. She lets him in and Kendall comes over to him asking if he has tracked her down for another Christmas gift. That is not the reason that he is there. He is worried that he will have to spend Christmas with him. Kendall thinks that JR should go to the Martins instead of being with them at Greenlee’s or with his dad. She knows that he has been missing his mom, but she thinks that he should get it together. She tells him that she is going to take him out of there and they get their coats and live the apartment together under the eyes of everyone else.

Jackson shows up at the Martins and he manages to get Erica to call a truce. Bianca loves seeing them getting along better.

Jake tells Jackson that he would like to make sure that the charges against Liza sticks. Jackson reminds him that they are there for a party and they clink glasses.

Mia remembers that Liza had been so suspicious of her all along. Liza didn’t know that she could be capable of such extraordinary measures. Mia knows that Liza loves her. Liza protected her child and that means everything to Mia. Liza is her sister and she knows that Liza wouldn’t ever do anything deliberate to hurt her. Mia is going to call Jackson and tell him that he has no case. The two sisters hug and Mia assures her that this is finally over.

Edmund is surprised to hear that Santa is in their hayloft and he starts heading out to go see who they are talking about. Julia stops Edmund telling him that she would like to talk to him some more about their lives. Maria offers to be the one that goes out with the kids to see Santa in the hayloft.

Julia tells Edmund that she knows that he is wishing that he would get his wife back. She is sure that Maria is going to love him more than anyone then. Edmund wonders what she means by ‘anyone’.

The kids bring Maria to the loft and she tells the kids that nothing is there. She makes the kids head back to the main house to get some cookies and milk. She says that she will wait in the hayloft for Santa and she will check thinks out. After the kids are gone, Maria heads to the ladder and climbs it to find Aidan there waiting for her. He tells her that he is fine. He feels like he is going to faint though. Maria looks at his bandages and she knows that there is cause to worry. She sets about changing the bandage on his stomach and stopping the bleeding.

Aidan is not happy that Maria has to put up with this for Christmas Eve. She doesn’t mind. She has a gift for him and she hands it to him. It is a little drawstring bag. He thanks her for that and tells her that she is little angel. She leans over him and kisses his cheek. Merry Christmas Aidan… She heads back down the ladder, looking back at him once before she is gone.

Julia tells Edmund that she didn’t mean to be talking about any other man getting in the way of his relationship, she says that she was only talking about ‘Maureen’. She only wants to be with her family and play with the kids. Edmund holds Julia close to him. He has missed her too.

Mrs. Santos comes to see Edmund and finds the agent opening the door. She finds that very strange. Julia is standing behind Edmund who moves so that Mrs. Santos can see that her other daughter is there. The two women run to each other.

Kendall and JR are at the door of the Martins and JR convinces Kendall to come in with him. He takes her hand and leads her into the party. Everyone stops at the sight of JR entering with Kendall in tow. Kendall looks around and finds that her mother is there staring at her. Kendall realizes that she may not be welcomed there.

Ruth wishes Kendall a Merry Christmas and goes to get JR and Kendall something to drink. Adam comes up to talk to JR, but JR will have nothing to do with him and he walks off. Adam thanks Kendall for bringing JR there. Kendall thinks that it is important for families to share the holidays. Erica overhears her talking and is stunned by the young woman’s words.

Tad goes into the kitchen and talks to JR. He tells him that Adam really does love him. JR tries to talk about Dixie but can’t. Tad knows what he is going through as he misses Dixie too. JR apologizes for making fun of the decorations. At least they still have each other. Tad has promised to be there for JR before and he has let the boy down. Tad will keep trying and JR will give him another chance. Tad goes to the boy and hugs him a Merry Christmas.

Mia, Marian, Liza and Colby arrive at the Martins for the party. Adam is glad to see his family all there.

Tad comes out of the kitchen and finds Liza there. He is surprised to see her and what to know what has been going on. Mia has forgiven her. Adam goes to Mia and hugs her, thanking her. Tad goes to Mia too and thanks her for letting Liza go. There is magic in Christmas after all.

Jake talks to Mia about the charges for her crime and he can’t understand why Mia would do this. She begs him not to fight her on this. They hug. Jake then goes to Liza and wishes her a Merry Christmas. She thanks him for that and they hug. Tad is happy to see that.

Tad heads out to the front porch and looks up at the sky. “…Dixie, I don’t’ know if it makes sense to wish upon a star…but I will make a wish for you…I wish that somehow, someway, your son gets all the happiness that you want him to have…” He sees a flash in the sky after speaking. It is a shooting star. Brooke comes out and finds Tad talking to the stars.

Mrs. Santos thinks that she is the luckiest mother in the world to have both her girls back. Edmund takes Mrs. Santos off for a moment and Maria thanks Julia for covering for her. Julia remembers Maria covering for her a long time ago too. Maria was the one that set the example for the whole family in the past. Maria feels horrible keeping things from Edmund. Julia suspects that there is something going on with Aidan. Maria thinks that she owes him a lot for helping her out.

Greenlee’s party is going along will until her mother offers her champagne which she flatly refuses. Trey comes to Greenlee knowing that the champagne was the same type at her engagement. She nods her head in confirmation of what he has said.

Maria explains that Aidan has always been there for her and she cares about him. Julia can see that there is more going on with Maria and Aidan. Maria feels funny baring her soul to Julia. She doesn’t remember her sister but she feels that she knows her. That is the first time that she has met someone that she feels that she can connect to. She doesn’t feel that way about Edmund. Julia knows that the love that Edmund and Maria had doesn’t go away that easily. Julia knows that if Maria doesn’t remember her totally, they will always be sisters. They hug in agreement.

Greenlee thought that she could have this party and keep herself together but she can’t even look at a bottle of champagne without thinking about Leo. Once the champagne is over, it will be gone. Trey reminds her that the champagne doesn’t represent Leo. Leo celebrated everyday and so Greenlee should do the same. She finds that he is right. She goes back to her party to propose a toast. The glasses are filled. “…To Leo…” They clink glasses and drink.

Brooke loved the way that Dixie and Tad used to wish on a star. Brooke knows that Dixie isn’t gone. She can see her in JR, and Adam. Tad knows that JR is in trouble and that the boy needs his mother so much. Brooke is sure that Brooke can take care of JR just fine.

At the Martins, Bianca starts the singing. “Silent Night…” soon everyone is singing along. Brooke and Tad re-enter the party and join in the singing. Jamie stands beside his mother proudly. Colby is the youngest but the brightest of the singers.

At Edmund’s house, the kids are running around the house as the adults try to catch them. The kids end up sitting with their grandmother as she shows them ornaments form the tree.

Aidan who is alone in the hayloft, looks at the tiny present that Maria has given him. It is a little angel and he holds it and looks at it in detail.

Greenlee gets a moment alone and she takes her champagne and a picture of Leo to a corner so that she can look at it and think about him.

Bianca and Erica talk quietly as they watch Kendall and JR wondering what that is all about.

Adam sits with Colby and Liza. They are really a family again. The parents shower their child with kisses as she sits between them.

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