AMC Update Friday 12/20/02

All My Children Update Friday 12/20/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Palmer is at the Valley Inn bar waiting for Kendall. She arrives with Petey and they sit down. She tells him she needs a favor. She says Greenlee wants to launch an advertising campaign before they have a product to sell. Palmer agrees that that doesn't seem to make much sense. Kendall says it costs a lot of money to make a lip gloss, and she asks Palmer for money. He says the $1 rent a year for his building was all that he had decided to offer her. He does have something for her, though. He hands her an envelope and Kendall is thrilled. Her excitement isn't lasting as he tells her it is her Christmas bonus a week's salary for her nanny job. After Palmer leaves, Petey tells Kendall he knows a way to get his dad to pull out his checkbook. Before he tells her how, he holds out his palm for money. Kendall reaches into her envelope and hands him a bill. Petey tells her to ask Adam Chandler for money.

JR and Jamie go to the boathouse. JR is to meet Laurie there and he wanted Jamie to come along as a cover. Laurie arrives, bringing Joanie as a cover as well. Jamie and Joanie are surprised to see each other. Joanie prepares to leave because her parents don't want her to see Jamie. Laurie begs her to stay for an hour. She says she doesn't have to mention this to her parents. Joanie agrees to stay, but says she needs to be at church in an hour. Jamie starts to leave but JR urges him to stay as well. Outside the boathouse, Jamie and Joanie talk, with both saying they would not have come had they known the other was going to be there. Jamie asks her that if she thinks he's such a loser, why did she kiss him at the masquerade ball. Joanie says she did it because she liked him. But she thinks their relationship is a dead end. She says she is not used to the family situation he deals with at home. It scares her. He asks her to give him a chance. She says she did and he blew it. Jamie tells her he think she needs to make decisions for herself and not let others control her. She says she does make her own decisions. She says she wants the church in her life. It helps her. At night she prays. When Jamie asks her what for, she says she prays to fall in love and be happy. She supposes that's a turnoff for Jamie. Jamie suggests that he wants the same thing. He says he doesn't understand the church stuff, but the rest of it makes sense. He asks for another chance, and she nods her head.

Inside the boathouse, JR and Laurie are sharing a tender moment. He tells her that being with her is the only Christmas present he needs. She says the same thing. He gives her a gift. It's his class ring. She asks if this means what she thinks it means. "It means you and me forever," JR says. They kiss, and she puts the ring on a chain around her neck. The chain belonged to her mother, she says. JR's phone rings. It is Kendall. She needs to talk to him right away. JR says it's a very bad time and he'll call her back after Christmas. He hangs up on her. When Laurie asks who it was, he says it was nobody and kisses her.

Joanie and Jamie hear someone calling for JR. They go into the boathouse and warn JR that someone is calling for him. It is Kendall. She tells JR she needs to talk to him now. Joanie tells Jamie she needs to leave for church. Jamie asks if he can come along. She says her parents will be there. He says they'll walk in separately and they won't even have to sit together. They leave. Kendall tells JR that she needs to talk to his father. JR tells her he'll get back to her after Christmas, but she doesn't want to wait. When she sees he will not cooperate, she tells him that she'll wait, but he will pay. She grabs him and passionately kisses him in front of Laurie. After she leaves, JR tells Laurie to forget about Kendall because she's a psycho. He realizes their hour to be together is gone. She says she needs to go to the community center to volunteer. He asks to go with her. Before they leave, Laurie asks if he and the "psycho" are tight.

Mia and Simone meet at the Valley Inn bar. Mia says she needs Simone's help with Frank. Simone says she doesn't want to see or talk to Frank again. Mia persists. She says she doesn't want to make Simone feel guilty, but she needs her help to get Frank to back off his demands to find his son. Mia says she thinks Frank's insistence in finding the boy is an attempt to rescue him to make up for his actions in not rescuing Simone's brother during his overdose. Mia says she told Frank about their son because she thought he would feel better if he knew he helped create a life. Now she realizes thinking that way was dumb. Mia asks Simone to talk to Frank, but Simone refuses. Mia tells her that her little boy's life depends on it. Simone agrees to talk to Frank and calls him. Frank later arrives at the bar and tells Simone he is happy she called him. Simone tells him that Mia told her about his son. Frank says he thought he was there to talk about their relationship. Simone says they have no relationship. She asks Frank why he wants to find the boy. Frank says because he's his father. She asks if it has something to do with her brother, but he says it has nothing to do with that. Simone urges him not to hurt an innocent child. What kind of father would he be, she asks him. He lives in a boarding house and works 72 hours a week. She urges him to do the right thing and not to think of himself. Later, Frank knocks on Mia's door. Mia, expecting it to be Jake, is surprised to see Frank.

David arrives at home and finds Anna is not feeling well. She puts his hand on her stomach to feel the baby. He tells her he is so grateful to have her. Anna says she has a question for him. Pointing to the bullet hole in the wall, she asks who has been playing target practice in the house. David plays dumb at first. "That looks like a bullet hole. How did it get there?" he asks her. She suggests that maybe the possum he claims to have shot came back armed. Before anything more can be said, she has an attack of morning sickness and rushes into the bathroom. Thank God for hormones, David says to himself. There is a knock at the door. It is Edmund. David can't believe Edmund came to see him and says he must leave immediately before Anna spots him and learns about their secret pact. Anna walks out of the bathroom and Edmund comes in. He tells them that's he's there because of Anna's phone message wanting to talk to him. Anna tells him she wanted to ask if he knew where Aidan was. She says she hasn't been able to locate him and thought Edmund might know something because of Aidan's friendship with Maria. David says maybe Aidan went back to England. Edmund says he doesn't know and suggests she ask Maria. Anna says she'll call Maria after the holidays. After Edmund leaves, David tells Anna that he's glad Aidan won't be there for Christmas. He's a head case, he says. Anna again asks about the bullet hole in the wall and David confesses that it shot her gun into the wall at Aidan. Anna is aghast to think he shot Aidan, but David says he merely shot toward him to scare him. He tells Anna about the time Aidan tied him up and threatened him with violence if he didn't leave Anna. Anna says she cannot believe Aidan would do that. David says Aidan has a range inside of him and came back and gave a repeat performance. That's when he fired the warning shot. And now he's missing, Anna says. She asks David what he has done with him. David says he did nothing to make Aidan disappear, and doesn't know where he is. He tells her there is a lot about Aidan she doesn't know. She has no idea what he's capable of doing, he says. Anna's phone rings. "Oh, no!" she says. She tells David that it was Chris. The FBI has learned that Scotland Yard has put out a warrant for Aidan's arrest on a murder charge.

Maria is tending to Aidan in the hayloft of the barn at Wildwind. He asks where they are and Maria tells him. She says she knows how to hide, and no one will find him there. Aidan asks how she got him up in the loft, and she says she used a horse by the name of Faith to lift him up. She again asks who shot him. He says he has told her everything he knows. Someone came up behind him, robbed him and shot him. Maria says if it was a mugging there is no reason he needs to hide. Suddenly they hear a voice calling Maria's name. Edmund is in the barn. Maria manages to leave with Edmund without him knowing Aidan was there. As they walk in the house together, Edmund tells her he feels like she's hiding something from him. Maria says there is something she's hiding. She found a place in the hayloft to hide his present and she asks him not to go there. An FBI agent comes to the door and asks to talk to Edmund alone. Maria leaves and goes to the loft. As she approaches Edmund, she sees someone standing over him. She grabs a pitchfork and prepares to hit the stranger. Aidan yells at her to stop. A woman turns around and looks at Maria. It is Julia, Maria's sister.

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