AMC Update Wednesday 12/18/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 12/18/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Jake walks into the loft carrying roses. Mia sits on the couch with her head down. Jake asks what is wrong. She replies “Life is what is wrong.” Jake asks if Frank came back. She tells Jake that Frank didn’t get what he wanted the night before, so he came back. Jake tells her they aren’t going to let Frank do anything stupid. Mia says she doesn’t think Frank is out to hurt anyone. Jake tells her that’s exactly why he wants Liza to pay for what she did. Mia gets slightly confused, and asks what Liza had to do with any of it. He says it the whole ‘I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’ defense. Mia’s tone changes “Jake…” Jake does the same to her. Jake tells her there are reckless people out everyday, ruining other people’s lives. Then their saying ‘Oops, I didn’t mean to, and then getting away with it. He believes it’s a bunch of bull. Mia says it depends on your view. She thinks Frank wants to punish her. Jake tells her she didn’t do anything wrong, but Liza on the other hand needs to face the consequences.

Liza is on the phone when there’s a knock at the door. She goes to answer, its Frank. She lets him in. She asks if the visit is about Mia, and the accident at the party. He tells her no. She tells him to go ahead, and say what he wanted. He gives a false laugh. “You knew all about it didn’t you?” Liza’s expression changes to a questioning look. She asks what he means. He replies “You knew all about keeping my son from me.”

Maria, and Mateo walk by the bar in SOS, talking about the situation that she came to say goodbye still. She tells him she wouldn’t miss it, and no matter what he is her brother. He shows her a picture of her, himself, and Julia; their other sister. He tells her how she called her Shrimpy. Haley comes over a few moments later. They talk about Maria coming to visit, and vice versa. Haley goes off to get coffee. She talks to her dad, she tells him she is breaking off the move to LA.

Mateo’s mom comes over to talk; Maria is reminded of the pageant. She leaves quickly.

Edmund goes knocking on Maria’s hotel room door. Aidan is there getting dressed. He stays quiet. Edmund walks off a few moments later.

Liza tells Frank he should talk to Mia. He says that he did, and that’s why he is there. He turns to face Liza who walked around him towards he other side of the room. He asks Liza why she didn't help him. She tells him that she was her sister, she confided in her. He makes a comment, “You think all fathers don’t love their children?” She tells him she thinks some fathers love their children more then anything in the world. He comes to conclusions that she thinks he wasn’t one of them. He asks what makes it ok to keep his child from him. Liza tells Frank she didn’t believe it was her place to give him that information. He again comes to another conclusion that it was all Mia’s idea. He asks if Liza told Mia that she should maybe go talk to Frank about it. Liza tells Frank that she respected Mia’s choice. Frank says he can’t respect Mia’s choice. He has a son he has never met, and that’s all he can think about. He says that Mia should have come, and talked to him about it. Liza tells Frank that Mia had a responsibility to the baby to give him the best life possible. Frank says it was just the coward’s way out. Liza gets upset; she tells him Mia is no coward.

Jake tells Mia she can’t let Liza get away with what she did. He tells her it was attempted murder. Mia says it wasn’t. She asks what all this is really about. She says that he is upset about Colby because she was torn from him by Liza. Mia says she doesn’t know what he wants to accomplish. He tells her justice. Mia says Liza just tripped. Jake says she would say she flew if it kept her out of court. He says that Mia’s problem is that the sister she wanted to love her has hurt her.

Mateo walks with Chris. Mateo tells Chris being away from his mom on Christmas is going to be hard. Chris says the surprise should help her keep her mind off thing. Mateo asks if it was hard work. Chris says it’s the season for miracles. Mateo starts to apologize for ever doubting him. Chris tells him not to worry about it. Mateo thanks him on behalf of his family. He says he saved his life.

Haley says she couldn’t break Mateo from his family. Isabella takes Haley to the side. Haley tells her that she isn’t going to make him move. Isabella tells her that wherever Mateo goes with her is home.

Maria runs to her hotel door. She drops the keys. Edmund walks ups. He tells her he’s been waiting for her.  He smiles “Come on lets go in.” Maria looks up at him nervously.

Liza tells Frank that Mia wanted their son to have the best possible start in life, and no matter what he thinks it was a smart choice, and a brave choice. He says he won’t sympathize with Mia. Liza tells him that Mia had to deal with the fact that someone else was taking care of her child. She tells him that he will be a great father one day. He replies that he already is a father. He walks out the door, slamming it behind him.

Mia says that Jake is right. She doesn’t think it was possible so she puts herself in Liza’s place. Jake says she tried to lie, and that makes it even more hateful. Mia says she is ok. Jake says he is glad for that.  She tells him that she is going to need his strength.


Isabella tells Haley that Mateo was always staring, but stopped at her. Haley asks if she really believe it. Isabella tells her she brought her something. She gives her a mother daughter necklace, and tells her she is as much as her daughter as Maria, and the others. They hug sweetly.

Maria tells Edmund she will meet him. He tells her the pageant is cancelled. He asks her to pick up a bite to eat the go shopping. He opens the door for her. She says she can explain quickly. The room is empty. Aidan is already gone. Edmund looks at Maria… “Explain what?”

Maria says she can explain why the place is such a mess. Edmund says she seems nervous. She tells him to bag BJ’s, and that she will meet him at the house so they can stay with the kids. Edmund leaves. She tries t call Aidan but gets no answer. She runs out, and gets in her car. A hand grabs her mouth, and pulls her down.

Mateo asks how Isabella is holding up. She asks how he feels about the move. He says he feels great. They hug. She tells him to never lose sight of what’s important. She tells him Mateo’s dad would be so proud of him. Haley comes over. Isabella tells them to stay in love. She goes, and gets Lorenzo. Haley and Mateo start to leave. A sweet flash back with the song "I Love the way" plays.

Maria says she can explain why the place is such a mess. Edmund says she seems nervous. She tells him to bag BJ’s, and that she will meet him at the house so they can stay with the kids. Edmund leaves. She tries to call Aidan but gets no answer. She runs out, and gets in her car. A hand grabs her mouth, and pulls her down.

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