AMC Update Friday 12/13/02

All My Children Update Friday 12/13/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Simone is crying. She can't believe Frank videotaped her brother overdosing on drugs. Frank tells her that he was going to tell her the night Mia fell. That doesn't appease her. She says he stood there and did nothing. He would have let him die just for the sake of his art. Frank says he is not the same guy he was back then. He says then all he wanted to do was win awards with his movies, videotaping the seedy side of life. He says the man he saw was not someone's brother, but was a nameless junkie. That night his life was changed. He says now he wishes he could go back and change things. Simone says he was the only one on the scene who was not high and could have helped. She grabs a pillow and hugs it to her, bows her head and cries. She doesn't know how Frank can live with himself. He says he couldn't, so he changed who he was. That's when he decided to go to medical school. Simone asks if he would have told her the truth if she had not seen the videotape. She walks away from him, telling him she doesn't know who he is anymore. He asks her if she's ever done anything she's regretted. "Yes, letting you into my life." Frank tells her that her father is trying to rip them apart. She says her father is not to blame for this, he is. She walks out on him, and he angrily destroys the videotape.

Jamie finds Joanie at her locker. She blows him of and tells him to leave her alone. He tells her he just wants to be friends, but she says he wants more than that. She says she can't be with him. Her parents won't let her and she doesn't want to be with anyone who drinks.

David is looking at the bullet hole in the wall he made after firing a gun toward Aidan. He has it covered up with a painting. Anna walks into the room. She asks him if he knows anything about a round missing from her gun. David admits that he did use her gun. He says he fired it into the air to scare two possums scrounging in their garbage outside. She tells him not to shoot her gun, and he says he will not. He suggests they have family over for Christmas. Anna says she will ask Aidan, but David tells her not to. He says Aidan always talks against him. She wants to ask him anyway and gets on the phone.

Aidan calls Maria at the Pine Cone and asks how she is. He wonders if Edmund overheard them talking about David. Maria says she covered. Kendall walks into the bar, where Aidan is working. She notices he is talking to Maria and chides him for going after a woman he can't have. She brags to him about her upcoming business venture then finally tells him she is opening a new cosmetics company with Greenlee. Aidan says he knows she's only doing it to get back at Erica. He says he thought she changed, but still all she wants is payback. Boyd the Enchantment chemist walks in, and Aidan suspects he's there so Kendall can try to steal him away from her mother's company. Aidan says he thinks she's plotting to put her mother out of business. Kendall tells him to worry about his own agenda with a woman he can't have.

Kendall sits down with Boyd. She asks him to come over to her new company, but he says he can't do that. He says Erica gave him the start in this business and he wants to be loyal to her. She asks him about the new formula he has that will revolutionize the cosmetics world. He says it's still in his head and he hasn't presented it to Erica.

At Wildwind, Edmund is on the phone telling someone to transfer funds to David Hayward. After hanging up, he finds his kids rehearsing for the Christmas pageant. Maddie asks her father if he's asked mommy to come over for Christmas. He says he hasn't yet, but he doesn't know why she wouldn't want to spend it with them. Maddie and Sam insist he ask her before she decides to spend it with someone else. They want to go ask her now, so Edmund takes them to the Pine Cone. Maria is making out her Christmas list before they arrive when she hears a knock on the door. It is Edmund and the kids, who are on their way to their pageant rehearsal. Their arms are loaded with bags of gifts. Edmund asks Maria to spend Christmas with them. Maria tells the kids that she doesn't know her plans yet, but will try to be there. Maddie looks disappointed, but they pull presents from the bags to give to her. There is a miniature Christmas tree and handmade ornaments. One is a picture of Edmund with the two kids. Maddie holds some mistletoe over her parents heads and they kiss. Sam finds Maria's Christmas list and asks why Aidan is on it. He says he doesn't want Aidan around at Christmas. Maria says if they don't want Aidan at Christmas, he won't be there. Edmund decides to leave to take the kids to their rehearsal. He appears irritated with Maria.

David goes to the Valley Inn bar looking for Aidan, who has just told Anna he would let her know about Christmas. David tells him that he better not tell Anna about him firing the gun at him because that would be a fatal mistake. They publicly argue and make threats toward each other. Later, Edmund arrives at the bar looking for Aidan. He finds David and asks if he has seen him. David says he has not.

Christmas carolers come to Maria's door at the Pine Cone. After they walk away there is a knock on her door. It is Aidan, who is in physical distress. He collapses in front of her.

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