AMC Update Thursday 12/12/02

All My Children Update Thursday 12/12/02

By Shana
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Boo

Brooke asks Liza is it's ok that she is there. She wants to talk. Liza doesnít expect the visit, but she won't make her leave. Brooke says she should be in the cell; Liza agrees with her.

Simone and Frank sit talking; he wants to tell her something but is paged. She sits eating treats. Her dad comes to visit. He tells her that Frank is even worse then he thought.

David wants Anna not to go back to active duty until the baby is born. Edmund comes over to talk about the deal. David says the deal is off and tells him about Maria and Aiden coming over.

Aiden returns, and Maria is pleased to see him. She wanted to pay him back. He wonít accept it. He doesnít believe the reason she wanted him there so badly. She was worried he went after David. And he says he did. She tells him she cares about him and doesnít want him to get hurt.

Edmund doesnít believe David. David tells him to tell Maria to back off. They talk about the attack. Edmund says he will talk to Maria. Edmund tells him to quit being a coward. David tells him to get the money.

Aiden apologizes but won't promise to stay away from David. Maria says she isnít going to tell Edmund.

Brooke tells Liza she is sorry. Liza asks what she was thinking. Brooke says she wasnít thinking. She says she has no excuse. Liza says Brooke just felt lonely. She says she can deal with anything but guilt. She tells her that she convinced herself she wasnít hurting anyone. Liza tells her about having so much trouble with Adam. They connect, but Liza breaks it. Brooke says she didnít expect her to forgive her. Liza says the damage is done, but the absolute kicker to all of it is she understands why she would jump into bed with Adam.

Simone tells her dad to give it up. He says he wants to keep her safe. He tells her that he hired a private investigator. He says the investigator uncovered something and that she will hate Frank when she finds out. Simone says she wonít believe him. He gives her a tape and tells her to watch.

Liza tells Brooke to move onÖthey make up.

Aiden tells Maria if she needs him, she is there.

Simone sees the tape. It's when her brother died. She doesnít know what it has to do with Frank. He tells her he was the one taping it. She canít believe it.

Maria sees Edmund later; she doesnít talk about the night before. Edmund tells her he doesnít know who she is anymore.

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