AMC Update Wednesday 12/11/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 12/11/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


David and his lawyer prepare to go into court. They expect to make a plea so he just gets a fine and community service. Jack is there so David asks him to put Anna back as police chief. Jack gripes but doesn't have a problem with it. David wants Anna to work behind a desk until the pregnancy is over. Jack can't guarantee that. David says Anna will put their baby's safety first. David and his lawyer say goodbye outside afterwards. Jack warns David that he'd better keep clean.

Anna goes shopping for maternity clothes at Myrtle's with Maggie. Anna is in a flowery maternity outfit that does not suit her. She feels fat and ugly. Maggie and Anna each go into a different fitting room. A woman comes up and sees their purses unattended so she goes to steal from them. She hears them coming out so she hides with their wallets in another fitting room. Maggie and Anna talk about the baby. Maggie wonders if Anna should take up a hobby to occupy her time until the baby is born. She mentions a hobby called "bedazzling". Anna notices the open purse and someone in the fitting room, so she grabs the woman and takes the wallets back. The woman thinks Anna is just your average pregnant woman, which Anna doesn't take too kindly to. She seems to enjoy twisting the woman's arm to keep her subdued. Maggie goes to get Myrtle to call the police. Later, Myrtle thanks Anna for getting rid of the thief. Maggie teases Anna about hating not being a cop. Anna gets a phone call getting her job back. Maggie is surprised. Anna says it was because of David.

David is working on the baby cradle when Anna comes in and kisses him for what he did (plea bargaining so she could get her job back). She is concerned about his career but he tells her not to worry. She jokes that he saved her from months of bedazzling. They kiss and hit the bed. Afterwards, the phone rings. Anna gets called to a crime scene (a carjacking). David is not happy that she's going to be out in the field with a badge and gun. She assures him the baby will be fine and rushes off.

Laurie goes to her mom's grave and chats with her about how much she misses her. She says her father gave away their Christmas decorations and how angry he is all the time since she died. She talks about J.R. and how her dad doesn't like him. J.R. comes up behind her and listens. She talks about how much she likes J.R. and then notices him. She is embarrassed and says her mom's dead, so now he knows. He asks her why she didn't tell him that her mom died. It's just easier, she says. She explains that she was the new kid and didn't want people to pity her. (like nowadays it would matter, so few kids have two parents!) She felt funny saying that her mom was dead, when his died. She says she does have an older brother and sister but they moved out after her mom died. J.R. says her dad is lucky to have her there. He asks her how she talks to her mom; he asks how you can stop the hurting long enough to do it. She says it's hard because you have to admit she's really gone. She tells him how she talks to her mom, by imagining what she'd say. J.R. is very understanding and sweet. They form more of a bond because of their shared loss. He says that she's the first person he felt comfortable with after his mom died; now he knows why. He kisses her hand but she pulls it away. She says they can't work. He counters that it can. He kisses her. They are making out when she pulls away. She says he can't because of her dad. Her dad needs her and she can't just forget about him. He says he needs her, too. He promises he'll make it work and they hug.

Jake kisses Mia, who is ready to go home. Tad comes in and hears that she's leaving. He asks to see Jake for a minute. Tad and he go outside, and Tad asks him what the Hell is wrong with him; how could he have Liza arrested. They argue. Jake says he's just protecting Mia from Liza. He claims it's not revenge. Tad tells him to make sure he can live with sending a friend to prison; then he storms off. Marian and Stuart arrive and wonder why both guys are rushing off. Mia tells them that she thought Liza loved her; how could she have pushed her out of the window? Marian begs her not to blame Liza. Mia gets angry at them both for not telling her the truth about what Liza did. Mia doesn't seem to want to hear from them that it was an accident. Marian laments what has happened due to her lying; Mia learns that Liza is in jail. She's shocked and her first thought is for poor Colby.

Adam visits Liza in her cell again. Liza asks him to forget that she said she loves him. She begs him to let her keep seeing Colby. Adam says he wants more than her gratitude. She says he's won so what more could he want. He says he wants her. She's shocked. He says, "God help us, I love you, too". He says he couldn't say it last night because the guard wanted him to leave. He tells her how he feels. Liza is unsure about whether to believe it or not. He assures her that his love is real, even if he'd forgotten that. He apologizes for making her think he was fooling around with Mia, and for Brooke. He tells her that he wants to get her out now so they can be together. Liza says just because she loves him doesn't mean they can be together. They bicker. She can't take their relationship any more, she says. He says he's never felt closer to her and he knows she feels the same. She says they should think about Colby and how things might hurt her. She says it's not going to work because they both always want to win and are out for blood. Adam suggests counseling, much to her shock. Anything, he says, to give them another chance. She doesn't think he will really work at it, but he convinces her that he will try. She agrees. Adam is ecstatic. Tad comes in and he is suspicious of Adam's good mood. Adam pats him on the back and wishes him a Merry Christmas before he leaves (LOL). Tad asks what's up with him but then looks at her face and says, "Oh, God, he got to you again, didn't he?" He can't believe that Liza is going back for more punishment. Liza gets a bit testy. Tad tells her that Jake is out for revenge and that's why she's in jail. Liza doesn't blame Jake; she doesn't want her stupidity to ruin Tad and Jake's relationship the way it has hers and Mia's. Tad tells her not to worry about that and gives her a little pep talk; then he leaves. Next Brooke visits. She says she's probably the last person Liza wants to see.

Adam walks in just after Mia finds out about Liza being in jail. He says Colby will be fine when her mom gets out of jail and goes home, where she belongs. He tells them where he's been and says accusingly that Liza should be with her child. He asks Mia to call the D.A. and get the charges dropped. Mia says she can't because she doesn't remember what happened, so she can't be sure it's an accident. Adam says he believes it was an accident and tells them that he and Liza realized they love each other still. Mia thinks they are both warped. Adam says it is Jake's fault that Liza is in jail. Jake comes in right then, so Mia asks if that's true. Jake says yes, and jail is where Liza belongs. Mia asks why he didn't tell her. He says he was waiting until she was stronger. Jake orders them all out as Adam asks Mia to talk to Jake. Stuart kisses her, saying he knows she'll do the right thing. Mia doesn't know what to do. She doesn't think Liza should be in jail. Jake just wants to protect her. She wants to leave but says she can't deal with Stuart and Marian. Jake says he'll take her home with him. She's happy. They hug. 


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