AMC Update Tuesday 12/10/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/10/02

By Shana
Pictures by Juanita

Hayleyís show starts. She has a live audience for a special primetime show. Mateo watches in the back.  Her guest is an actress from "The Sopranos" who talks about her book and her eating disorder.

Liza sits in jail. The guard tries to get her to eat. Adam runs in. He asks why she wouldnít call. She tells him he has her where she wants her.

David tells Maria to give him the vial and threatens Aiden's life. Mia calls his bluff.

Hayley keeps interviewing the girl on her show.

Adam asks why they arrested Liza. Liza tells him she pushed Mia out the window. Adam points out that she just tripped. Liza tells him itís her fault anyway because she wanted to punish Mia for the affair she thought she was having with Adam.

David shoots but it misses Aiden. David tells her he needs access to his research and he can help her get her memory bac, but otherwise he canít help. He waits for her answer. David makes Aiden turn around. David tells her to put the vial on the table. David lets out that he has good funding. He knows why her memory was defective, and how he can fix it, but he needs his freedom. Maria steps forward and puts the vial on the table. She tells him he wins. David says, ďNo, you win.Ē and they leave. David walks around, nervous and with great relief.

Liza tells Adam how she thought Mia was talking to Adam about being pregnant. Adam canít believe it. Liza keeps telling him how she knew he was having an affair, and how she knows it was Brooke. Liza says she was angry, she saw her dressed like her daughter. She went up to the attic and started to go for her. And when she tripped she tried to stop. And she pushed her. Liza starts to cry. Adam tells her it wasnít intentional. She says in her heart she wanted to hurt Mia. Liza tells him that he has everything he needs to get full custody over Colby. She kneels down to him and begs him not to take her girl from her.

Maria and Aiden sit in the car. Aiden asks if she wants to talk. She tells him ďIf youíre so anxious to talk, why you donít tell me what the hell you thought you were going to accomplish back there.Ē

Hayley talks about the girlís book on her show and how she wrote the book.

Mateo wants to sell SOS. Hayley overhears him talking on the phone about it and acts like she didnít.  Moments later, they talk about Mateo not meeting the actress. Mateo says he will later. Hayley says he will if he isnít stabbing her in the back.

Maria tells Aiden his solutions arenít good. He tells her that whatever is necessary, he will do.

Liza wonít get up until Adam promises he wonít take Colby. He tells her she doesnít have to worry about that. Adam tells her what he wants and loves more then anything is his family. Adam tells her to listen and asks if she followed Mia to kill her.

Mateo says that she and her show should be seen everywhere and he wants to move to LA. Hayley doesnít want to force him. She tells him to sleep on it, but he doesnít say he will. He wants what she wants. They kiss and make up.

Maria tells Aiden that she doesnít need a guardian. Aiden tells her he noticed she can take care of herself. He tells her he wanted her in his life then, and he still does.

Davidís attorney says to wait and the charges against him will probably go away. The best he could possibly hope for is a suspended sentence. David tells him to call DA and make the deal; he wants to go ahead and make a plea bargain so he can get on with his life with Anna.

Adam tells Liza she is too devoted to Mia. He thinks there was something else going on in her head. Adam asks her to tell the truth or he will take Colby. Liza tells him it was all about him and that she wanted to kill him. She says she loved him that much. The thought of him with anyone else killed her.

Hayley and Mateo open up some wine to celebrate. Mateo reminisces about SOS. There is a flashback of the first day they opened SOS. He asks her to dance. They walk out onto the floor, and dance to "I Love the Way".

Davidís lawyer comes back; he tells him depending on Jacksonís choice, then he has his deal. He has 500 hours of Community Service. David argues, but he gives in. David tells his lawyer to finalize the deal. He talks to himself about what he is going to have to do about Jake.

Maria tells Aiden she canít take that in right then. He says he will try and keep out of her way. She tells him she is sorry for dragging him in to all of that with David. He gets out of the car. Maria sits, watching him.

Adam canít believe Liza loves him after everything he has done. She says she has tried to stop loving him, but she couldnít stop. She turns away, crying. She tells him thatís it, thereís nothing else left to say. She tells him he wins. She lowers her head.

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