AMC Update Monday 12/9/02

All My Children Update Monday 12/9/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita


Greenlee meets Trey at a restaurant to talk about her business plan. Greenlee is excited and Trey is excited for her. He tells her he has a secret weapon to help Greenlee get the factory she wants. He says he got someone involved in this deal because she is close to the building's owner, Palmer Cortlandt. Greenlee wonders who Trey is talking about. After he says she's part of the family, she guesses that he's referring to his "psycho sister." Trey tells Greenlee that Kendall offered to help. Greenlee asks him if he told Kendall what the building was for. Trey says he did, and that she thinks it's a great idea. Greenlee calls him an idiot, telling him of course she thinks it's a good idea. She walks out of the restaurant and Trey follows.

Kendall is at the Valley Inn lounge with Petey. They are waiting for Palmer. Petey manages to con Kendall out of three movie rentals and a pizza just as Palmer arrives. Kendall says she has a big favor to ask of him. She tells him how valued she was at her last cosmetics job and has a talent for the business. She says she wants his building to start her own cosmetics company. They come to a deal and Kendall excuses herself. Greenlee and Trey walk in and Greenlee tells Palmer she needs to talk to him. She says she wants to buy his building. Palmer tells her he just gave it away. When Greenlee asks who to, Kendall approaches and says "to me." Kendall tells Greenlee that Palmer is leasing her the building for $1 a year. She shows Greenlee the napkin on which the deal was written. When Greenlee questions a contract made on a napkin, Kendall says they also shook on the deal. Palmer says the napkin states that Kendall must show a profit in three years. Greenlee laughs and tells Kendall she will fail. She reminds her she was fired from her last job. Kendall tells Greenlee she was fired too. Kendall tells Greenlee she was a valued employee. She helped Boyd Larabie in coming up with the company's hottest selling lipstick shade, Mostly Mocha. Just as he prepares to leave, Palmer suggests that Greenlee and Kendall join forces and work together. Greenlee says she would rather stick her finger in a light socket. "So who's stopping you," Kendall states. Trey urges both women to sit down and to talk about working together. He says Kendall has the building but Greenlee has the capital. He leaves them both to talk. While Kendall seems open to the idea, Greenlee is resistant. She says they would kill each other. Kendall says they are smarter than that. After thinking about it, Greenlee tells Kendall that she wants the corner office. They walk out, arguing about whose idea it was to start this new company.

Mia asks Liza if she pushed her out the window. Liza tells her it was an accident after she tripped on her dress. Mia asks why she didn't say that before. Jake suspects this has something to do with Liza thinking that Mia was sleeping with Adam. "You're trying to kill your own sister," he tells her. Tad says Liza never meant to do any harm. Jake says Liza started getting angry at Mia months ago when she told him she thought Mia was sleeping with Adam. Liza confesses that there were a lot of signals that led her to believe that. Mia wonders why Liza would think such a thing. Did she ever trust her, she wonders. Liza says she would never try to kill her. Mia says she doesn't know what to believe. Liza tells Mia she loves her, but when she went to the attic and heard Mia on the phone, she thought Mia was talking to Adam and laughing at her. Mia says she wants to go back to her room, and Jake takes her back. Liza asks Tad how things could have gone so wrong. Tad tells her to give Mia some time and she will realize she was not trying to hurt her. Liza suggests to Tad that maybe deep down she was trying to kill Mia. Tad says he would never believe she would do that. Mia is back in bed, staring into space. Jake urges her to think about their relationship. Mia tells him all she ever wanted was to feel like she belonged. She says she thought Liza accepted her. Jake tells her he'll take care of her. He goes back to confront Liza and tells her that she must stay away from Mia. He'll see to it that she does. Later, police arrive and arrest Liza for attempted murder. They put her in handcuffs and read her her rights.

Aidan is threatening to inject David with the same drug David used on Maria that erased her memory. Aidan rips David's shirt to find a place on his arm to inject the drug. A struggling David asks Aidan why this matters to him. Aidan says it shouldn't matter to David, because in a few minutes David Hayward will be gone. Before he injects it, Aidan says David needs to have an alias. He proposes the name Dan Harris and he'll work as an exterminator. He says working with vermin will be an appropriate occupation for him. David begs Aidan to let him help Maria get her memory back. He says Maria doesn't want him to do this. Aidan tells David that he took everything away from Maria and now he's going to do the same to him. Just then Maria walks in and asks Aidan what he's doing. Aidan says he's trying to give David the same drug he gave her. David tells Maria to "get this attack dog off me." Instead, Maria asks Aidan to let her give him the drug. As Maria struggles to keep David still, she asks Aidan to hold his arm. David is fighting all the way, telling Maria that the drug saved her life. Maria comes close to injecting David, then says she can't do it. Aidan tells her to let him do it, but she says if they do, they will not be able to live with themselves. She says if she does this to David, she'll become like David. Maria tells Aidan to untie David, and he does. Aidan grabs the drug and hands it to Maria, telling David that they will use it against him so he'll never be a doctor again. David knocks the drug out of Maria's hands but Aidan grabs it during a struggle with David and tosses it to her. Maria and Aidan start to leave but David grabs a gun and tells them to freeze.

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