AMC Update Friday 12/6/02

All My Children Update Friday 12/6/02

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR follows Laurie into a restaurant, telling her he doesn't want to give up on her. She insists she doesn't want to hang with him. She can't believe he thought she would be involved with the school custodian, who turns out to be her father. Her father sneaks in and conceals himself, listening to their conversation. JR asks her for another chance, but Laurie says it isn't working. JR tells her he thinks she still likes him. Maybe, she says, but that's not the issue. He asks her if it's her dad. Her dad approaches them and says he wants to talk to JR. Over her objections, he makes Laurie leave. The father tells JR that his father ruined his life. He used to work for Chandler Enterprises but Adam downsized the company and eliminated his division. JR tells him he'll talk to his father to try to get him his job back. The father says he doesn't want help from Chandler's drug-addicted son. He tells him there's no way he's going to date his daughter. JR leaves and finds Laurie at the park. Laurie tells him that her father thinks he's a bad influence. J says he doesn't care what her father thinks. He's not giving up on her.

Maria is talking to Jack at the Valley Inn bar. Jack tells her that he doesn't have enough evidence to prosecute David. He suggests Maria sue him for malpractice and she would be sure to win. She wonders how that would harm him because his insurance company would pay a claim. Jack says the insurance company would drop him after paying the claim, and David would be forced to leave his practice without insurance. Maria likes the idea, until Jack tells her that the lawsuit would be hard on her family. Her children likely would have to give depositions. Maria says she can't put her family through that, even though she wants badly to get back at David. Jack tells her he'll stay on top of the criminal case, and leaves the bar. Aidan approaches Maria and sees she is in distress over David. Aidan says there are other ways to get justice. When Maria questions him, he won't tell her what he's talking about. Maria leaves, and Aidan tells a co-worker to cover for him. He has someplace to go.

Edmund goes to see David, who says he was expecting him. After all, he's the only one who can give him back his wife. Edmund asks David for information about his antidote that could give Maria back her memory. He wants to know how it works and wants proof it will work. David says that would require lab research and would cost millions. Edmund says he'll give David an unlimited budget if he provides him with the information. He says he's hired experts to look at the research and figure out how it works. They have signed agreements not to steal the research. Edmund says Maria must not know anything about this or the deal is off. They shake on it, and David hands Edmund a disc containing his research. Later, David is working at his computer when he hears a noise. He opens the door and looks around. Suddenly he is kicked in the face. He falls down and wakes up tied up. As his blurred vision becomes clearer, he sees Aidan staring at him. Aidan tells him it's time he got a taste of his own medicine. He has a syringe. "Don't worry, you won't remember a thing," he tells him.

Jake is on the phone at Mia's bed looking for someone who will marry them tonight. Mia tells Jake to slow down. She says she doesn't want to do this. Jake asks her if she wants to call it off. Mia says she wants to marry him, just not from a hospital bed. Her hospital gown isn't her idea of a wedding dress, she says. Besides, she wants their families to be present. Jake understands, and says she'll have the wedding she wants. She talks about her plan for physical therapy and asks Jake to write it down. He is not writing, saying they can do that later. He wants to know how she fell out the window. Mia says she doesn't know. She's been trying to piece it together but she keeps drawing a blank. All she remembers is talking to him on her cell phone, then waking up in the hospital. Jake is determined to find out. Mia says it had to have been a freak accident where she lost her balance. But Jake says she is too coordinated and athletic to have lost her balance. Jake changes the subject, saying he doesn't want to bring her down. He asks about setting a wedding date. She says she wants to be able to walk first. He tells her she can walk and she's being taken out of intensive care. He urges her to go with him on a walk around the hospital.

Tad is asking Liza how Mia fell, but Liza doesn't want to talk about it. Tad asks her where she was when Mia fell. She says she was right where everyone else was. Tad says that was right after Jamie revealed his mother's affair with Adam. Liza says she was there and watched Jamie as he cried about it. Tad says Jamie didn't shed a tear. Liza says she wasn't paying attention. She was upset. Tad wonders if she was feeling upset before or after Mia fell. Liza says she doesn't like what he's implying. She goes into the chapel, but Tad follows her. Liza asks him to leave her alone. Tad asks if she was trying to get even with Mia. He urges her to tell him the truth, reminding her that they are best friends and he will stand by her. Liza tearfully admits she pushed Mia, but says it was an accident. She says was trying to turn Mia around when she tripped on her dress and caused Mia to fall. She says she just wanted to confront her and throw her out of the family because she thought she was having an affair with Adam. She tells Tad if he doesn't believe her, no one will. Tad says he believes her, but she must tell the truth. He says if she doesn't report the accident Adam could have ammunition to take Colby away from her. Liza tells him he is right. She needs to call the police. She says she doesn't want to be the one to tell Mia she caused her to fall. She doesn't see Jake and Mia have walked into the room and heard her.

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