AMC Update Thursday 12/5/02

All My Children Update Thursday 12/5/02

By Shana
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Boo

JR skipped school, going to Kendall to get her advice on his gift for Laurie. Kendall takes it the wrong way. She thinks he is giving the MP3 player to her. She rants on and on. Looking at the back of the player, she sees ‘Laurie's Music’. She looks at JR and figures it out. JR tells her about Laurie not accepting the gift. Kendall tries to reassure him. She tells him that Laurie probably likes him, but she wants him to make things a little more personal, and not just whipping out daddy’s credit card. JR tells her she is great then leaves. Meanwhile, Laurie's dad comes up to her. He tells her how he knows JR is Adam Chandler Junior. Laurie gets mad at him and leaves. Later, JR returns to the school. He sees Laurie’s dad holding her arm. JR tells him to leave Laurie alone and he walks off. Laurie looks upset. JR gives her a CD he made of all of her favorite music. Laurie likes it, but she says she can’t accept it. JR can’t figure out why. She tells him he can’t be her boyfriend. JR thinks its because of the janitor, and that the janitor is her boyfriend. Laurie tells him that the janitor is her dad. She leaves as JR stands in shock.

Liza keeps telling Mia she is so sorry. Stuart comes in and wants to talk to Liza. He wants to talk to her. They go outside, and as Stuart is about to ask if she pushed Mia, Marion walks up. Marion tells Liza that Stuart wanted to take Colby to the children's museum. Liza says that will be fine. When Liza leaves, Marion tells Stuart to leave it alone for Liza and Colby. Stuart finally agrees.

Jake, and Tad sit talking about Mia. Jake is very hurt; he looks up at Tad. “I'm losing her, I'm losing her, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Tad disagrees with him. Jake tells Tad that he didn’t want to rush into the marriage, but now time is the one thing they don’t have. Tad tells Jake to go to Mia and spend every little minute they have together. Take every minute as a chance to show how he feels. “Trust me, that’s something you will kill for when there’s nothing more you can do.” They hug. Tad teases him. “Don’t hug me. Go hug her.”

Jake goes to sit with Mia. He tells her how much he loves her and begs her to please come back to him. She wakes up and tells him she loves him too. He asks her to marry him tonight. Mia gets worried and thinks there’s something wrong with her. He assures her there isn’t. He grabs the phone and calls for Dr. Rodriguez. Jake looks at her then calls for the Chaplin. He wants to marry her right then.

Tad runs into Liza. They start talking about Mia. Tad can’t figure out what happened, either. Liza gets a guilty look on her face. Tad looks at Liza closely. “Liza? What happened to Mia the night of the ball?”

Greenlee talks to Trey about her new plan. She is planning a cosmetics empire of her own. She offers Trey a permanent place on her team if he finds out about the Gray Stone building and who buys it. He agrees and leaves quickly. Greenlee calls her banker just to find out that she doesn't have enough money. She hangs up the phone and dials another number. A while later, her mother is there. Greenlee tells her mother her plan, but her mother won’t give her the money she needs. She tells her to ask her grandparents, but Greenlee can’t. Greenlee hands her mother's purse to her. “Goodbye.” she says bitterly. Greenlee’s mother leaves without another word.

Trey meets Kendall and tells her he cant join her for lunch. She asks why, so he tells her Greenlee has a new plan that she could have been a part of. Kendall tries to get him to tell her, but he won't. She convinces him when she tells him she doesn’t have the money. Trey tells her Greenlee’s plan, as Pete watches from a distance. Pete walks up after Trey tells Kendall he wants to find out about Gray Stone building. “I know who owns Gray Stone, but it will cost you.” Trey starts to give him money. Kendall stops him. “No, If he knows about Gray Stone, then the person who owns it is his father.” Trey looks at Kendall “Palmer? I’ll call him now.” Kendall stops and offers to talk to Palmer if he will put in a good word for her to Greenlee. He doesn’t promise anything, but he says he will say something. Kendall leaves with Pete. “Your up to something?” Kendall looks at Pete with a ‘Maybe so’ look.

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